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UP FRONT News April 7, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Human rights powerhouse Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, pastor of the House of the Lord Church (of which I am perhaps the only white Jewish member) in Brooklyn, circulates a flier headlined “14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism”, as identified by Dr. Lawrence Britts. The list includes “Powerful and Continuing Nationalism”, “Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights”, “Controlled Mass Media” and “Rampant Cronyism and Corruption.”

Although the underlying psychological dynamic of fascism is implied in Dr. Britt’s list, by not assigning that dynamic a special, distinct, category, he, in effect, makes an omission with potentially lethal – in the most literal sense – consequences, certainly here in N.Y.C., U.S.A. That omission is that the fundamental strategic principle underlying fascist behavior, whether in politics, the arts (where fascists are hyper-active) or numerous professions and occupations, is the use of the Lie.

Adolf Hitler, the de facto intergenerational mentor to the likes of Lyndon H. LaRouche, the convicted felon (convicted on airtight evidence of LaRouche’s direct involvement in credit card fraud; he did about seven years in federal lockups in Massachusetts and Rochester, Minn.) using a “left” anti-Bush/Cheney rap to run for president and to infiltrate progressive networks, and his principal ideological disciples, psycho-psychotherapist “Dr.” Fred Newman, and the racist “Blazi” (that’s UP FRONT News jargon for black nazi, a phenomenon of rising proportions in racially charged America., Lenora Fulani, a Saddam sympathizer who has blamed Jews on mass for the murder of people of color. Her association with the ultimate self-hating Jew Newman is perhaps Lyndon’s and Lenora’s most transparent camouflage maneuver.

Lyndon LaRouche, is perhaps the only man in history who has been able to collaborate simultaneously with rabidly anti-white black extremists and with the KKK (Read the very difficult to find “Nazis Without Swastikas: The Biography of Lyndon LaRouche”, by investigative journalist Dennis King. (Some months ago, Mr. King told me he is now working on a book about Fulani. This guy better watch his back – and his front. Those interested in learning still more about a true-to-life very potent fascist presence in America and via the camouflage known as the N.Y.S. Independence Party, might want to check out the website

LaRouche is the author of numerous works suggesting that he was born to rule America (and thereby the world), contending also that the only true culture worth preserving is that emanating from that land we call Germany, with its corollary that only German classical music is worthy of saving and that American creations such as rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, blues, and what we call “country” are debased forms of musical expression. A visitor to his current hometown of Leesburg, Va. (where he reportedly lives in a paranoically guarded compound not unlike a combination of Adolf Hitler’s two most well-known residences, the Alpine Berchdesgarten and the very subterranean neighborhood described by Dante in the “Inferno” section of his saga in poetry, “The Divine Comedy”) can visit LaRouche’s store in town. When I was there quite a number of years ago, it was known as The Beethoven Shop, which, to the observer, closely resembles of very upscale music and crafts shop in perhaps the West Village or Tribeca. (If Beethoven were to get wind of this, I suspect he might choose to remain deaf and dead.)

Although LaRouche, whose cult of personality (his) newspaper, The Federalist, is generally handed out by a handful of generally student-aged dupes (Hitler and Hitler Youth, LaRouche has Youth for LaRouche) at points of political activity and protests everywhere, seduces unknowing readers by a super-militant rap much of which he has directed against Dick Cheney. (I believe it is LaRouche who first used the word “chicken-hawk” to quite correctly characterize de facto draft-dodging “you-do-the-fighting-that-I-send-you-to-while-I-watch-you-die” doe of Bush and Cheney.) This fascist maneuver (LaRouche regularly labels Bush a “fascist”) is pure Hitler tactics. During the Weimar republic elections in which Hitler was a candidate, some of his most fiery, insulting rhetoric was directed against the conservative land barons (“Junkers”), who, in fact helped finance his way to power as the perceived only bulwark against Jewish Communism.

As far as the focus on Cheney is concerned, from the fascist standpoint, it makes sense. Cheney, many Americans are coming to realize, is the fascist in the Bush Bunch. He believes in a controlled press, he has no apparent problem with the use of torture against suspects, regardless of their nationality, he believes in the Hitler principle of survival of the fittest, he hates the poor – and he lies like Satan. There is every reason to believe that Dick Cheney – the man who reportedly ordered the execution of a series of simulated hijackings over the skies of the northeastern quadrant of the U.S. on the morning of September 11, 2001, a development that confused the radars and delayed scrambling time which in turn allowed the hijacked planes the necessary time to get from Boston to Lower Manhattan – is cooking up something with LaRouche. And, while I consider Acting President (he never won the first time, so his “re-election” against fall-guy Kerry is a sham) George W. Bush to be an absolutely awful, greedy, dishonest, anti-poor, “religious” quack, I do want him to live out his term. Should something untoward occur, among my first suspects would be the man who is one (reportedly defective) heartbeat away from the Presidency. (Although I often qualify that suggestion with the question of how a man could have so many heart attacks when he doesn’t even have a heart).

Hitler created the concept of the “Fifth Column.” Fascists, during the Spanish Civil War, successfully emulated partisan of the left and infiltrated their ranks, becoming a critical piece in Fransisco Franco’s victory, became the Fifth Column. The domestic leaders are, of course, LaRouche, Fulani, and Newman. They are aided and abetted by a sleazy army of smaller organisms who function as de facto collaborators. They include such New York pseudo-progressives as Gerald Kann (of Long island City, Queens, one of many crypto-fascists in the Green Party), his violence prone lying scum-buddy George Tatevosyan (who, aided and abetted by Kann, assaulted me to prevent my attending a Ralph Nader news conference in N.Y.C. in April, 2004), Brooklynite Masada Disenhouse, who totally paralyzed any meaningful effort to mobilize major community support for Ralph Nader in 1996 and 2000 while masquerading as the CEO of the NYC Nader campaign, Cathy Sadell is a spawning of the N.Y.S. Independence Party, the personal stomping ground of Lenora Fulani, who uses it to sidle up to folks including Michael Bloomberg, who looked as if he were about to throw up when an enterprising NY Post reporter made the most out of serendipitous photo-op and shot them together, the picture appearing in the December 7, 2004 edition of the World’s Worst Newspaper.

Ralph Nader a true man of the small “d” democratic left and the one man in that sector of the political spectrum who – had he now allowed himself to be immobilized by the “left” fascists, could have mounted a credible electoral threat – certainly in 2000 and 2004 – has been the main focus of LaRouche infiltration, mostly via the tattered Green Party. Considering its racial makeup by the way, and the sources of power within the Party, it should really be called the White Party. And that, considering the hatred LaRouche has for people of color – who most certainly include the Jews – a White Green Party is a veritable pasture for fascism. Black people such as Fulani are nothing more than fascist fodder to further isolate the Jews.

After The Scream eliminated the excitable Howard Dean from the presidential picture, the only other progressive Democratic Party hopeful (regardless of the truly hopeless nature of his campaign) was U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich, the vegan, peacenik from the non-vegan not always peaceful precincts of Cleveland. Sure enough, the cryptos found their way in. By setting up a group in N.Y.C. called Friends of Kucinich, provocatively acronymed FOK, they maneuvered a totally hysteria-driven phony named Charlene Barker, and her smooth-talking Hollywood-pretty Swedish Massage Therapy colleague German-born and raised Staten Island resident Ellen Jaedicke into positions of campaign power analogous to those usurped by Disenhouse, Kann, Tatevosyan and Sadell in the Nader campaign. FOK Co-chair jaedicke was unable to give a straight answer to a question as simple as when is the next therapy appointment (she openly advertised her services at political meetings), let along properly handle an FOK approved letter composed by me to Mr. Kucinich asking him to do more to back the critically needed but dying Bringing America Home Act than add his name to the list of sponsors and then do nothing. When it became necessary, because of the double and triple messages communicated by Ms. Jaedicke, to access Ms. Barker, she completely lost it over the phone and handled information-only phone call by screaming an insult into the phone and hanging up. She then threw me out of the group, with Jaedicke in true Teutonic fashion saying that the action was wrong but that she would do nothing to change it. I have since learned that FOK is evidently using Mr. Kucinich’s name without his authorization. A very high official in his Washington office told me that the only group authorized to use the Congressman’s name is a “Kucinich for Congress” group based in Cleveland. That city, which I hope to visit soon, especially to experience the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, built in Alan Freed’s native city, has been victimized by sports-related bad press and major pollution problems as “the mistake by the Lake” (Erie). Kucinich now has a much, much bigger “mistake” to undo. Charlene (“Is Her Bark Worse Than Her Bite?”) Barker prates about veganism but evidently sees no conflict in being employed by Ernst & Young, one of the world’s most predatory corporations, one which makes its mega-millions by, among other political atrocities, advising corporate executives (“Sprint”) on how to evade millions in taxes (the “Sprint” guy got nailed) and ripping off major contracts from impoverished nations ruled by corrupt governments, such as the one recently reported in The Times between Ernst & Young and Indonesia, to study the effects of the tsunami. Why doesn’t Ernst & Young just work pro bono, since that money could definitely be more appropriately used by the victims.

In a coming issue, I will describe the violent lengths to which LaRouche – whose ties to terrorists and drug traffickers are a matter of record – has gone to silence UP FRONT News.

LaRouche & Co. The gig is up. Consider yourself “outed!”

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