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UP FRONT News June 9, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss

Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Continuing one of the most intense camouflage acts since the birth of neo-fascist “leftist” Lyndon LaRouche, carpet bagging U.S. Senator Hillary (“The Pillory”) Clinton recently sought to once again portray herself as a progressive by criticizing the Bush Administration on a couple of relatively safe liberal issues, i.e. Bush’s federal court nominees – some of whom are a bit to the right of Francisco Franco – and his environmental policies, many of which essentially steal from God and give to the corporations. (In my view, Bush/Cheney/Rove, if given the chance, would privatize the air.)

The Pillory of course made no mention of the fact that, when she is not running her mouth in front of some liberal women’s’ group, she is engaging in political sex with, among others, Donald Trump, and the Red Fascist government of Communist China, which continues its now over one half century Genocide in Occupied Tibet. Sen. Clinton has known for at least one year – and probably, in light of her reported marriage to George W. Bush’s predecessor – much longer, that the sadists who rule China are in the practice of continuing the Mao Zedong policies of racist oppression, mass murder, hard core ethnic cleansing, destruction of the environment, ET. Al. in Tibet, a nation which, as steadily increasing numbers of UP FRONT News readers are finding out, got its unique pacifism from a long ago resident named Jesus.

Clinton’s main concern with practices in China has to do with that government’s monetary and censorship policies, which might have the affect of cutting into her profits, a development which would challenge her insatiable lust for money. Her ultra-crass materialism was clearly demonstrated some months ago when she expressed her annoyance at the Communist authorities when their censors made some adjustments in her ego-tripping book about how wonderful she is.

The Pillory was, some time ago, according to a very inside the government source, given the opportunity to act as a Senate sponsor of the now almost – but not quite – moribund Bringing America Home Act, originally introduced into the House of Representatives in 2003 by Congress member Julia Carson, (D.-Indiana). When I asked the congressional aide responsible for the bill’s legislative man about an approach to Clinton, he told me of her rebuff and editorialized as follows, “Some people talk but do not act.” The Bringing America Home Act, which aside from enemies like Clinton has to deal with the treacherous maneuvers of a LaRouche/Fulani-style “left” infiltrator named Lynn Lewis, the dictator of a sham group known as Picture the Homeless, is perhaps the most important piece of housing legislation since the enactment of the Section 8 program, which provides subsidies for the low income tenant.

It would, for one thing, save Section 8 from recurrent bankruptcy by providing a solid funding stream; it would decriminalize certain activities that reactionary police departments use to harass the homeless; it would create a national housing trust fund; it would provide major funding for housing deprived populations including veterans and AIDS victims, among other provisions. The bill has about 40 House co-sponsors, all from what I somewhat whimsically refer to as the Trotskyite wing of the Democratic Party, and not one Republican and not one U.S. Senator. Ms. Clinton, who prefers to toady up to the likes of “The Donald” and the developers of the Corcoran Group, qualifies as a de facto cause of homelessness.

When it comes to war in Iraq that conflict is more appropriately labeled the Bush/Clinton War. Even when, during the last rig job known as a presidential election campaign, John Kerry began timidly voicing some reservations about Bush’s Bloodlust, Sen. Clinton backed Bush all the way. This phony has blithely repeatedly authorized billions of dollars in funding for the War and can’t get it together to support real legislation to help the homeless.

And when it comes to the oppressive, civil liberties-hostile Patriot Act, Ms. Clinton jumped into the Bush bed again.

And, as far as providing constituent services are concerned, take it from me, an American citizen of New York State, who has experience with this totalitarian personality. As soon as she found out that it was this publisher of UP FRONT News who had been hassling her wandering husband about the Genocide in Tibet, to the point where, quite apparently on the direct orders of Warren Christopher, I was arrested at the Christopher for Secretary of State Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing room on the day before Clinton’s inauguration, she abruptly terminated her assistance to me with an emergency Social Security problem and, obviously using the FBI, had me investigated. The investigator, one “Mr. Zimmerman”, told me that “Ms. Clinton has asked me to take all your calls”, wound up his telephone interrogation of me with the warning. “You better not call here again.”

The re-election of this fascistic Eva Peron wannabe could well lead to a Pillory Presidency.

It could almost make you consider Lenora Fulani.

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