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UP FRONT News September 20, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham


She fooled Ralph Nader. She fooled Al Sharpton. She fooled Jesse Jackson. She fooled Michael Bloomberg. She fooled Patrick Buchanan. She fooled Paul Zulkowitz. She fooled Charles Schumer. She tried to fool Rev. Herbert Daughtry. She tried to fool Rev. Timothy Mitchell. She tried to fool city Councilman Charles Barron. And she`s tried to fool millions of people into thinking that she is a black revolutionary and now a neo-fascist.

But she didn`t fool investigative reporters Dennis King (author of “Lyndhon LaRouche and the New American Fascism” and the website and she didn’t fool me.

For several decades the racist Lenora Fulani, spawned by the LaRouche/Dr. Fred Newman-created New Alliance Party, has been, by using the rhetoric of the Marxist “left”, blended with black nationalism, convincing thousands of disaffected Americans that she is some kind of populist revolutionary of color. The protégé of self-hating racist Jew psycho-psychotherapist Newman, Fulani has played a major neo-fascist role in causing dissension among progressive forces in the U.S., through the skillful application of the Adolph Hitler-conceived and Lyndon LaRouche-americanized strategies involving lying, and appealing to the deep seated racism among some Americans, of all colors.

I, for one, have been writing exposes about LaRouche, Newman, Fulani, et. Al. for years. My brief experience with the then nascent New Alliance Party in 1979, when it first emerged in N.Y.C., convinced me that this City had become home to a real-life Fifth Column. The Fifth Column was a concept brought to life by Hitler and first applied successfully in the Spanish Civil War, where some of Francisco Franco’s fascists infiltrated the “left” by camouflaging themselves as communists, anarchists, and socialists. They helped to create suspicion among allies, dividing the anti-Franco forces, and, with plenty of help from the Luftwaffe and Mussolini, helped Franco become dictator of Spain.

The Fifth Column is one aspect of a political theory put forth by Hitler and fully endorsed by Lenora Fulani, who even wrote an essay about it. That theory, to be used by all fascists attempting to take power, is known as the “Two Roads” or “Inside-Outside” Theory. According to its teachings, fascist power seekers are use two simultaneous sets of tactics, or “Roads.” One, the “Inside” route, involves the use of democratic institutions such as freedom of speech, press, elections, etc. The “Outside” route involves the use of violence and any other extra-legal means necessary to obtain power. Fulani`s essay sings its praises. Its corollary involves the use of camouflage, most particularily via the use of “left”, populist rhetoric. Many people reamin unaware of the fact that when Hitler started running his mouth in the streets of German cities, he railed against the conservative big landowners known as the Junkers, and against big business and for labor. He called himself a “socialist”, a National Socialist (or, in abbreviated German form, a Nazi). Check out Lyndon LaRouche`s literature and Fulani`s rap. Chassic “left” fascism.

Fascists, however, do make mistakes. Hitler, among his other ego-maniacal blunders, felt he could conquer Western Europe and The Russian winter at the same time. Fulani evidently has been under the illusion that she could label Jews en masse as the murderers of people of color and get away with it, and that she could do so by associating with a handful of self-hating Jews, of whom the ghoulish Newman (check the photos in a recent issue of The Village Voice accompanying a story by reporter Tom Robbins) is the most well known. (Another self-hating Jew spouting the LaRouche/Newman/Fulani line is Geoffrey Blank, the rapidly being exposed wing-nut from Rockaway, Queens who historically demonstrates that it is possible to be both Jewish and a Nazi, or “Jewzi”.)

When too many people, including lots of UP FRONT News readers, began to understand that The New Alliance Party, was a dead end, Fulani, in classic political prostitute fashion, tried to climb into the electoral bed provided by Reform Party founder Ross Perot. It took some time before Perot and others recognized the nazi in their midst, at which time, Fulani, using her New York, base got the N.Y.S. Independence Party off the ground. Her populist appeal to many people totally turned off by the Republicans and Democrats, succeeded in politically seducing a bunch of prominent folks, perhaps the most gullible of whom has been Ralph Nader. Mr. Nader essentially stood by silently while neo-fascist infiltrators from the Independence Party (e.g. Cathy Stewart, Cathy Sadell) and similar types with ties to the Green Party (Gerald Kann, George Tatevosyan, Massada Disenhouse) essentially hijacked the Nader movement in N.Y.C., and, in so doing helped us get eight years of George W. Bush and diminish Nader as a progressive political force in this country. Typical of neo-fascist, Kann and Tatevosyan, like Geoffrey Blank, the lower level hit men of neo-fascism in N.Y.C., used violence against me.

Fulani, who stands accused of abusing children in a Los Angeles-based youth program under her control, could not and would not retract her slander against the Jews. And so, in a long over-due action, the Independence Party finally threw Fulani and her clique of the Party’s Board of Directors.

The next stop, for all of the fascist conspirators – from LaRouche, in his fortified estate known as Ibikus Farm in Loudon County, Virginia, through the racist liar Lenora Fulani, down to the dregs of Geoffrey Blank in the reportedly very strange apartment he shares with his arrested-development poster child younger brother Jason in Rockaway park – may well be in prison. After all, whether a Jewzi, like Blank, or a Blazi like Fulani, a nazi is a nazi is a nazi.

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