Thursday, November 03, 2005


UP FRONT News October 12, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


“Left” neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank, becoming increasingly delusional in his belief that masses of oppressed people really like him, is embarking on a fundamentally corrupt public relations campaign, involving a respected church in Manhattan and, apparently, radio station WBAI, to gain sympathy as a defendant in a criminal trial now set to begin on November 28.

Geoffrey Blank, assisted by his younger brother Jason, who doubles as Geoffrey’s indentured servant, is inviting the oppressed masses – many of whom are turning the other way – to a self-glorification rally he is planning to hold on November 12 at the Community Church of New York, at 40 East 35th Street in Manhattan. The Unitarian Church’s Senior Minister, Bruce Southworth has been advised, via e-mail, that his church has become a venue for a de facto Jewish small “n” nazi (to distinguish him from a card carrying “N” Nazi), or, as I’ve labeled Blank in UFN, a “Jewzi.”

Rev. Southworth has been advised of Geoffrey Blank’s steadily expanding criminal history, in which I do not include his multiple arrests for the crime of nauseating the public at Union Square without a sound permit. Rev. Southworth is in possession of factual information about Geoffrey Blank’s resort to threats and violence in his de facto Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-style neo-fascist assault on the First Amendment. Rev. Southworth may be among the considerable amount of people whom Blank has lied to in his claim to be a spokesperson for freedom of speech. Mr. Blank, who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it sat in his lap, has also consistently lied to any one of the dwindling number of people who still listen to him that he is a founder of an spokesperson for a group known as the No Police State Coalition. That group, incorrectly characterized by some mainstream media as “anarchist”, consists of a network of activists, who, over a period of several years, have held speakouts at the southern end of Union Square Park in Manhattan. Among the activists – many of whom, for very solid reasons, do not accept the official explanations of what happened on September 11, 2001 – who created and have sustained the NPSC, despite the attempted hijacking by Geoffrey Blank, are Dennis Griggs of Manhattan and Joe Carranza of Queens. Mr. Carranza discontinued his involvement after witnessing Geoffrey Blank threaten to “bash” me in the head if I attempted to speak at what had started out as a free speech speakout but became a Geoffrey Blank freakout.

Geoffrey Blank, whose tiresome LaRouche-parroting public “left” rap, who had already alienated many true progressives with his veiled and not-so-veiled attempts at intimidating others, started out on me last March after the NPSC, to his amazement and dismay, voted to endorse my candidacy for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat against Hillary (“The Pillory”) Clinton. At the conclusion of that vote, blank, literally puffing out his chest Benito Mussolini-style got up and denounced me as a “wing nut.” Having concluded from my conversations with others in the group that debating Geoffrey Blank was comparable to discussing the Talmud with Adolf Hitler, I decided not to lower myself and simply said, “Better a left-wing nut than a right-wing nut.”

Blank, who loves to denounce the capitalist press, had nonetheless been emboldened by a February 22, 2005 piece in The New York Times about his pathetic antics while on trial for contempt of court before Criminal Court Judge Anthony Ferrara (Blank was convicted). And so he embarked on a campaign of threats and violence against me. The violence he encouraged exploded in April when Wan Yun, an employee of the 61 Cafeteria, a Greenwich Village deli-restaurant where the NPSC held meetings, whom Blank recurrently encouraged to harass me, assaulted me in the restaurant. The assault, in which Wan Yun, smashed me over the head with a glass soda bottle for several minutes, caused an injury which required over three hours of surgery which appears to have left me permanently hearing impaired. Wan Yun has been arrested and, like Geoffrey Blank, is awaiting trial.

Blank, many of whose actions demonstrate that he – like his de facto mentors Adolf Hitler and Lyndon LaRouche – considers him self above the law, responded to my filing a series of criminal complaints against him by labeling me a government agent. Despite being quite well aware of my views regarding gay rights, he publicly called me a homophobe and then this self-hating Jew, not knowing anything about my views on Palestinian rights, publicly called me “Zionist scum.”

Geoffrey, who evidently considers it normal for a man reportedly in his mid 30`s to share a double bed with his brother, who is reportedly in his early thirties, and who has been accused by at least one female NPSC activist of having punched her, is one of the worst (human?) beings around. He is what he denounces, just like Lyndon LaRouche.

As I suggested in my e-mail to Rev. Southworth, The Community Church of New York has every right to serve as a venue for a Geoffrey Blank Rally. And God has every right to get nauseous.