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UP FRONT News November 3, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


The great American small “d” democratic institution of the “open mike” is, despite much activity at, for example, Union Square Park in Manhattan, taking a beating under a mayor, who is, despite his multi-million dollar slick tsunami of glossy advertising, should be called “Closed Mike.” Incumbent Mayor Michael (“Bloomiani”*) Bloomberg, is making New York City a citadel of privilege for the rich and, simultaneously, a netherworld of abuses for just about everyone else. And it would have gotten much worse had Bloomberg succeeded in his efforts at intimidating New Yorkers who wanted no part of his Bush-pal profiteering Jets Stadium predator-advocates.

But this election is not one which the many progressives - understandably alienated from both parties thanks to right wingers like George Bush of the Republicans and Hillary Clinton, reportedly a Democrat – can afford to rationalize their way out of with some so-called “lesser of two evils” or “a plague on both your houses” cliché. This is in fact the good guys, led by Democrat Fernando (“Freddy”) Ferrer against the bad guys led by George W. Bush, Rudolph Giuliani, and Michael Bloomberg.

I have myself experienced, as citizen-constituent, almost total breakdowns at the highest levels of life-sustaining service delivery at the N.Y.C. Health & Hospitals Corporation, the N.Y.C. Department of Human Resources, the N.Y.C. Department of Home- less Services, the New York Public Library, and the Park’s Department. Mayor Bloomberg has been personally aware of the fact, for example, that the N.Y.C. Department of Homeless Services, led by an apparently homeless-aversive administrator named Linda Gibbs, knowingly tolerates systemic abuse of homeless people by staff in shelters and the euphemism known as “drop-in centers”. I know; I was a victim, something that neither Michael Bloomberg nor, for example, Betsy (“CIA”) Gotbaum, care about one whit. The details of a total breakdown in surgical post-operative care at the patronage mill known as Bellevue Medical center will be reported in forthcoming issues of this newspaper. And so will the story of a corrupt librarian in the St. George, S.I. branch of the NYPL that, under his non-aggression pact with crime, has become something of a farmers market for crack heads and dealers from the drop-in center and house of ill repute a few feet south on Central Avenue.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Bloomiani” is a term coined by First Amendment activist Dennis Griggs

Bloomberg’s glib answer to the public is “call 311.” I tried it once; they totally fouled it up. And so, using my investigative journalist skills, I called the Mayor and spoke to, among many others, his senior advisor and Scheduler, Shea Fink. She is capable of being friendly on the phone, until she became aware that I was serious about getting his action on some very, very serious complaints. What I did get from the Mayor, through the Intelligence unit of the NYPD, which has to protect the Mayor, Gotbaum and other politicos with something to hide, was his instruction to me to contact the N.Y.C. Department of Investigation. That office is hereby renamed – at least until a new Mayor is in office – the N.Y.C. Department of Runarounds.” The details, for which I have all the paperwork, are forthcoming.

Mayor Bloomberg, aside from trying to ram mega-development, gentrification, and Bushism down the throats of New Yorkers, has shown a fundamental ignorance about the substance and meaning of the Bill of Rights. The inspector of the 13th precinct of the N.Y.P.D. has told me that he considers it appropriate to deny sound permits, (and then arrest “violators”) to people whose politics he doesn’t like. I’ve been arrested twice. (Poor neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank, has been arrested on a number of occasions, sometimes on sound permit charges but also on charges that resemble those that Hitler might have faced during the Weimar years.) And Bloomberg evidently still thinks it was appropriate to create a detention center for dissidents during last year’s interloping into this city by the Republican National Convention and to make certain that it was filled with, for the most part, patriotic Americans who couldn’t stand Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rove/Libby, etc.

And of course, with his egomaniacal Emperor Nero-like fixation about the Jets Olympic Stadium, which would have essentially annihilated an entire community, not to speak of generating waves of gentrification and displacement throughout all five boroughs, Michael Bloomberg showed that, just like Bush, Cheney, and, yes, pseudo-Democrat Hillary Clinton, he just doesn’t care about the non-rich – who in fact still make up a large majority in this town.

While I am, at least as of this date, hoping that Fernando Ferrer will soon announce his support for the critically needed Bringing America Home Act, still on life support in the U.S. Congress, with Bush and Clinton attempting political euthanasia on the bill, there is no question in my mind that Freddy Ferrer is listening to “the people.” During the debates in response to Bloomberg’s monotonous blathering about how wonderful things are in New York, Ferrer, a very proud New Yorker indeed, talks easily about life in the non- Bloomberg/Trump/Halliburton world, and asks the mayor what City he is talking about.

While the Mayor may soon need surgery to handle the uncomfortable symptoms that result from habitual fence-straddling, Freddy Ferrer, helped along by UP FRONT News coverage of Cindy Sheehan’s telling the truth about both George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton, called for a quick pullout of American troops from Iraq.

Despite the recent Bloomberg top-heavy polls, there is mounting optimism in Ferrer 2005 headquarters in Manhattan, where I am a political volunteer, that history can be made with a Boston Red Sox, 2004-type upset. Among the reasons for that optimism is the news that, despite a somewhat depressing slow-moving subway train of black ministers (and Clinton-type Democrats) that have endorsed Bloomberg, the Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell, the Martin Luther King advisor, associate and friend, who pastors the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Flushing, Queens (of which I am a baptized member), is ready to work to unseat Bloomberg. Rev. Mitchell is both loved (by his friends) and feared (by his enemies) for the same reason, i.e., while he may not always be “correct”, he always tells the truth! Bloomberg will lose all credibility if he tries to challenge Rev. Mitchell in the area of integrity.

And Michael Bloomberg could not get my vote even if he sent me to his version of Abu Ghraib, because he is still willing to accept, even indirectly, the support of the neo-nazi Lenora Fulani. That is a fascist albatross that should – along with the Jets Stadium, the intimidating and corrupt N.Y.C. Department of homeless Services – help Bloomberg to finish a possibly close second.

And, speaking of fascism, the Green Party is reportedly still offering its version of a sacrificial lamb (or other farm animal) in the form of Jerry Kann, who deals with dissenters by calling the police or using more direct resorts to violence. He’s running for the City Council in Queens. If Jerry Kann’s opponent in this election were Dick Cheney, I’d suggest no vote at all. That’s how bad Jerry Kann is.

In Brooklyn, however, Green Party candidate Gloria Mattera, assuming that she can somehow perform an enema on the Green Party and extrude Gerry Kann, not to speak of a number of other “left” fascists who have colored themselves “Green”, would be a wel- come change from duopoly-as-usual in the Borough Presidency of Brooklyn.

And I would hope that Anthony Gronowicz, who continues to perform the role of “independent” Ralph Nader 2000 by, at this point, running for no reason whatsoever except to satisfy the Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr./Fred Newman/Fulani wing of the Green Party, could best help the progressive cause by immediately dropping out or, at least, urging his supporters to vote for Fernando Ferrer.
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