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UP FRONT News May 13, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


No matter how geographically distant it is, over there in Asia, the occupied nation of Tibet has, for centuries, been a powerful magnet for millions of human beings seeking spiritual education and political , economic, and psychological liberation from the forces of oppression and greed. Tibet, the land once known as “Shangri-La”, was the ultimate goal for Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian soldier adventurer, who chronicled his experiences in overcoming natural, military, political, and economic obstacles, in seeking His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, in “Seven Years in Tibet”, but who is not quite yet a household word although his person was played by Brad Pitt, in the movie of the same name. That movie, by the way, could not possibly be made in Chinese Communist Occupied Tibet, unless the film’s actors, producers, directors, cinematographers, grips, gaffers, hangers-on, and anyone else associated with the film were prepared to find themselves in Communist prisons for possibly very long periods of time, quite probably without the benefit of trials. And so, as I learned from a Tibetan-American activist, who had a small part in the film, it was shot near Cordoba, Argentina, an Andean setting.

The mysteries of Tibet are also the subject of “Kundun”, a film directed by Martin Scorcese, which focuses on the Dalai Lama. And, of course, millions, perhaps for a few moments at a time, think about Tibet, when Buddhist-sympathetic actor Richard Gere, speaks up about the oppression of the Tibetans by their Chinese conquerors. Mr. Gere, whose sympathies are no doubt sincere, however, has a habit of sort of hitting-and-running and rendering himself inaccessible to many – such as myself – who, while not part of the Hollywood scene and the often gentrified world of Tibet interest – who are fighting to get China the Hell out of Tibet. It took several weeks of sometimes testy negotiations between me and his New York City representative, several years ago, to obtain from him an endorsement of a fundraiser, starring world renowned Tibetan-American flutist Nawang Khechog, and the Dharma Bums, a currently Woodstock, N.Y.-based rock and roll band led by the quite legendary top-hatted rocker Phil Void, I produced for the Tibetan refugee project operated by the New York Association for New Americans (NYANA), the refugee resettlement organization I was working for at the time. It seems that Mr. Gere’s tendency is only to respond in a timely and direct fashion to requests for Free Tibet support if such requests come from such Hollywood-celebrity-level people such as renowned Tibetologist and Columbia University professor Robert Thurmann, Uma’s daddy. Uma’s concerns, at least as they are revealed in the media (she is a favorite sound and picture-bite subject of the New York Post, characterized in UFN – and, verbally, in many, many other places – as the world’s worst newspaper) seem to be with matters less spiritual and political than Tibet. Interestingly, in April, 2004 when several Tibetans were conducting a prolonged water-only hunger strike in front of the U.N., the initial press report (and that’s using the word “report” in an almost surreal way), came from N.Y. “Toast” writer Rupert Murdoch-shill Steve Dunleavy, who only showed up because Mr. Gere made a brief visit to the hunger strikers. Dunleavy was accompanied by a Post paparazzo, whose photo of a white-scarved Gere, took up about 2/3 of the story’s space. The paper, while identifying the “Buddhist” sex symbol in its caption, made not a syllable of mention of the Tibetan man standing right behind Gere. That man is Kunga Thinley, the elected President of the N.Y.-N.J. Tibetan Youth Council, the largest regional Tibetan advocacy organization in the U.S. There is also something called the Students for a Free Tibet, whose marginal effectiveness is largely due to the very dubious leadership of a woman – some of whose actions have actually been helpful to the Communist Chinese – with the interesting name of “Laden” (sp?). And media-wise, despite the fact that three Tibetans had been living on water only for several weeks, no one from the New York Times showed up until one day after I made a rather desperate phone call to a top level Times international editor at the paper’s Asia desk. That gentleman, who had previously tried without success to get some UP FRONT News material past Times de facto censors, made the necessary call(s) to the metropolitan desk and a story, headlined “Tibetan on Hunger Strike Hospitalized after Collapsing”, appeared in the Metro Section of the paper on May 1, 2004.

In 1949, Mao Zedong (then known as Mao-tse-Tung), celebrated his victory over the Chinese Nationalist government in a bloody civil war, by invading China’s pacifist neighbor, Tibet. To say the least, this was enormous genocidal chutzpah, inasmuch as historical documents show that the nation of Tibet, fundamentally ethnically, racially, and linguistically distinct from its modern-day conqueror, existed long before China. It was an invasion that took years to accomplish its goal, which was, and remains, to destroy the genealogically Jesus-related black people of Tibet. The reason it took so long because the Chinese were not terrific at getting through the Himalayas and may have had some difficulties subduing a huge, mountainous, sparsely populated land of people who relied on God rather than guns to survive and grow. This, of course, did not bother a genocidal lunatic like Mao, whose record of mass murder far exceeds those of Hitler and Stalin combined. There are, for example, credible reports that Mao knowingly starved 20 million of his own people by withholding Western donated wheat from his famine-ridden people, in order to effect a rise in international wheat market prices. Mao also traditionally solved the famine problems that he was largely responsible for creating (there are no reports of Mao ever missing a meal) by starting wars. War is an effective way of rousing psychotic nationalist fervor (Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Cheney, also have demonstrated gifts in that area) and eliminating millions of people whom you don’t want to feed. Mao gave us the Korean War, utilizing his psychotic Korean dictator Kim Il Sung. And today, Mao’s Genocidal, western-suited robots are using Kim’s lunatic of a son to terrorize the world with nuclear (or, as Bush would say, “nucular”), blackmail. There is, by the way, a long history of pedophilia carried out by all of these dictators. Check out the reports of the nymphets in the swimming pool by Mao’s villa.

And so, starting in 1949 Mao proceeded on an Adolf Hitler-style campaign to destroy the people and nation of Tibet. He did so by, aside from a Wehrmacht-style military invasion, massive use of torture, occasional machine-gun mass executions (such as took place in 1959 when the Tibetans, led, of course, by the monks, rose up in defiance of their de facto fascist overlords), and various types of very, very hard-core ethnic cleansing. His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, with whom I’ve spoken directly on a few brief occasions, has said many times that the Chinese Communist invasion and occupation has cost the lives of at least 1 million Tibetans. In a nation of 6 million that has a very low population-growth rate (not surprising for a country that is located in a somewhat forbidding Himalayan region and has no doubt the highest proportion of monk and nun celibates in the world) that means the Chinese have murdered one out of six Tibetans. That is a Genocide of cataclysmic proportions. And that is why I call it the Himalayan Holocaust.

This Holocaust continues, now into its second half-century, because of the actions and non-actions of people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, both of whom have, courtesy of UP FRONT News, received the details of the Genocide, with explicit descriptions of Nazi-style atrocities of a sexual (electric wires inserted into private parts), nature, those activities being a part of an arsenal of fascist sadism that Hitler and his bunch would have envied. President Clinton and his wannabe-president wife do not want to upset China too much for one reason. That reason, as Tibetan-American activist Sonam Zoksang, succinctly put it to me in his absolutely beautiful Greenwich Village shop “Vision of Tibet”, is “money.” Mrs. Clinton is presumably selling enormous numbers of her Rupert Murdoch-published ego book in China. And her husband’s presidency is notable for, among other political atrocities, his paraphrased declaration, after allowing the Rwanda Genocide to proceed without a Little Rock whimper of protest, “Oops, sorry!” After all, he had other concerns, such as having possibly to come up with laundry money to pay Monica’s dress cleaning expenses. His entire administration, led by Genocide apologists and/or deniers such as Warren Christopher and George Stephanopoulos, was a human rights disaster. It is no surprise at all that Clinton gets along so well with folks like Bob Dole and serial Bushes. And is no surprise that Hillary Clinton is, at least politically, fellating folks like Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump.

Needless to say, the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Bolton bunch, while less subtle (Slick Willie, was, after all, slick), are no better. Rumsfeld consorting with Chinese Communist military officials conjures up images of Joseph Stalin and Hitler’s U.S.S.R. “Non-Aggression Pact” foreign minister von Ribbentropp (one of the Nazis, by the way, who did get noosed after the Nuremburg Trials).

The Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Cheney, et. al. gang are beneath contempt. They are in violation of significant numbers of the Ten Commandments, not to speak of Jesus’ New Testament (Timothy I, Chapter 6, verse 10) warning about the relationship between the “love of money” and evil.

This Biblical stuff becomes particularly relevant in the case of Tibet because, as has been exclusively reported journalistically in UP FRONT News, there is written evidence of Jesus having, during his 18 year absence from The Bible, lived in Tibet. Indeed, Christian writer Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in her book “The Lost Years of Jesus” (Summit University Press, 1988), tracks the eastern travels of Jesus, then known in the east as “Issa.” I believe, by the way, there is reason to suggest that Jesus took at least one other trip during the “Missing Years”, this one to the west, winding up in Spain. He quite possibly passed through what is now the Cordoba/Granada region, which became the world’s religious melting pot where Jews (e.g. Maimonides), Christians, and Muslims thrived in each others’ company. I’ve been to Cordoba, an amazing Spanish city with spectacular churches, ancient synagogues, and La Mezquita, one of the world’s largest mosques. And, if you like the night-life like I do, you can experience the purest flaming flamenco at 3:00 A.M. in a club right near the mosque. Jesus’ travels may well have taken Him north to Compostela, the city where St. James is buried.

One of the great unsolved mysteries of this world is how a Dalai Lama becomes a Dalai Lama. The selection process is shrouded in secrecy with the details only known to a handful of Tibetan rabbi-priests/Lamas.” It is my belief that the human God-line, beginning with Adam, passing, via a long series of “begats”, through King David and on through Joseph, husband of Mary, to Jesus, who brought it to Tibet (and, I believe, Spain.) The Dalai Lamas are the modern descendants of the immaculate conception (intentionally small-cased here, to distinguish it from what I believe has become an essentially Catholic fictionalization of the birth of Jesus, not to speak of His cruxification, “death”, and resurrection all of which, I believe, are explicable. If, for example, we accept the idea that Jesus, by virtue of His rather unusual heredity, had an extraordinary life force, then it is not unreasonable to suggest that, perhaps, comatose, or even somewhat “brain-dead”, on the cross, He survived, especially in that cool rock protected tomb. After all, the Bible states, not that Jesus died, but rather that He “gave up the ghost.”

And, I am quite convinced that many of the answers to these rather important questions will be revealed by – and only by – the people we know as the Tibetans (and quite possibly some Spaniards). And all this also explains why the Satanic forces at work in China and the U.S in particular, most clearly embodied by those who govern us whether from government buildings or from the suites of the multi-national corporations, are by machine gun or by silence, trying to murder Tibet.

In 2001, New York City Councilmember Christine Quinn, (D.-Manh.) introduced Resolution #802 into the Council. That resolution, which was passed unanimously, declared that the Chinese Communist government is “currently committing systematic human rights violations in Tibet, including death in detention, torture, disappearances, arbitrary arrests, detention without public trial, denial of free speech and free press, coerced sterilizations and abortions, suppression of Tibetan Buddhism, and widespread racism and discrimination against the Tibetan people.” The Resolution called for the immediate start of negotiations between China and the exile government of the Dalai Lama, to settle all problems between the two nations. One major matter left unmentioned in the resolution, which could easily be added in a new resolution. Which this newspaper respectfully insists be introduced at all levels of government right away, is a demand that the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee rescind the decision made several years ago to conduct the 2008 Summer Games in Genocide city, Beijing. And, as at least U.S. Congressman Anthony D. Weiner (D.-Bklyn.-Queens) has agreed, Queens is a much better place to start those Games.

China out of Tibet! 2008 Olympics out of China!

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