Monday, November 14, 2005


Deborah Young, Reporter, Nov. 14, 2005
Staten Island Advance

Ms. Young:

I read your November 13, 2005 apparently highly censored - but, in any event grossly uninformed and uninformative "story" on the so-called "peace" demonstration, that took place in Stapleton, S.I. the previous day. It appears that some of the copy had been written previous to the event, but you evidently did not take the time to speak with your editor James Yates about the fact that, as I had informed him in some detail, event organizer Mike May had arranged for the appearance of neo-fascist Geoffrey blank at this event. Your story also mentioned as participants several organizations, such as Pax Christi, and the Catholic Worker, two legitimate peace organizations that quite apparently pulled out of the event as soon as they learned from me that a neo-fascist had been scheduled to speak and that the entire event was in fact an intrusion by the "left" neo-fascists of the Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr./Lenora Fulani/Fred Newman school of racism and hate disguised as Marxist populism.

It is interesting that you quote Ellen Jaedicke, a Staten Islander I know all too well. I am not among the many activists - and presumably others - who have allowed skin deep attractiveness to fool me into any longer giving this Dennis Kucinich cheerleader any credibility whatsoever. The Advance may want to assign a solid reporter to check into Jaedicke and her (still?) political associate Charlene Barker, who essentially turned the local "Friends of Kucinich" group into an autocracy run by a LaRouche sound-alike, with Jaedicke smilingly goose-stepping to Barker's orders.

The main story, however, is Geoffrey (a.k.a. "The Jewzi Blank", and "Jaws"), Blank, who received rather superficial, but nonetheless somewhat revealing coverage in The New York Times on February 22, 2005, when reporter Sabrina Savernise, wrote a somewhat satirical piece on Blank's absurd and self destructive behavior before a criminal court judge who let Geoffrey off easily sentence-wise after convicting him of contempt of court. Geoffrey now seeks to convince others that the reason he is facing up to four well-deserved years behind bars is because his right to free speech has been infringed up. As I've suggested previously, truth-wise that assertion by Blank is comparable in forthrightness with Adolf Hitler's claim that Poland attacked Germany on September, 1, 1939. Should you wish to read my UP FRONT News blog, you will see a considerable amount of history on a (human?) being who literally terrorized his way into a piece of now finally disintegrating power through his hijacking of a free speech group known as the No Police State Coalition, which has for several years held public speakouts three times a week in Union Square in Manhattan. Geoffrey Blank, who claims to lead the group, had absolutely no role in its creation and has been thoroughly rejected by just about every NPSC participant. You might wish to access NPSC activists such as Roman Shusterman, Dennis Griggs, Joe Carranza, Jason Kapoor, and a bunch of others, all of whom have come to despise Geoffrey Blank, a Hitler and LaRouche style paranoid sociopath, who in fact represents the antithesis of the free speech he professes to advocate. Blank is, at least in my mind, and probably the minds of plenty of folks in law enforcement, a suspect or at least a "person of interest" as to his involvement in an aiding-and-abetting capacity in the April 7, 2005 assault upon me at the deli-restaurant where he used to conduct meetings much as Josef Goebbels might have run things at the Volkischer Beobachter. Only Goebbels was much smarter, had better taste in women - and was, to be sure, a better speaker than the monotonous, nauseating Blank. Blank has been involved in a persistent pattern of threats and actual use of physical violence against those who do not do his sick bidding. In a perverse way is is not sexually discriminatory as he has been known to direct his violence against at least one woman (who may, by the way, be as demented as he is).

Like LaRouche, Fulani, Newman and a host of other "left" neo-fascists, Blank has been parasiting himself onto various progressive political initiatives: "peace", Katrina, ending the Bush years, etc., etc. Like LaRouche, Blank, however, has been almost totally silent on the right-winging Hillary (a.k.a."The Pillary" and "The Hawk") Clinton, against whom, as your paper very well knows, I am running against in next year's Democratic primary. (Ask your Advance colleague Tom Wrobleski, who has known about this for months and suppressed the news, despite his having no other choice than to write about the confrontation between the paranoid and homeless "stalker" obsessed Public Advocate Betsy "CIA" Gotbaum and me, in his error-filled story on August 27, 2005.)

Indeed, it was at a No Police State Coalition meeting earlier this year that, after the group voted to endorse me for the Senate, that Geoffrey Blank began his campaign to intimidate me. His techniques worked for awhile - with some others, but not with me. At this point, the negative aura of phony S.I. "peace" activist Mike May and neo-fascist terrorist wannabe Blank, seems to have had a silencing affect on The Advance.

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