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UP FRONT News October 14, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Having lived and worked for years in Queens – not to speak of having graduated from Queens College - I’ve got some roots there, although I’ve lived in all five boroughs. Queens is also the New York City home base for Newsday, the daily that, in certain ways, may be the City’s most independent mainstream newspaper. Newsday, back in 1978 and in subsequent years, demonstrated its readiness to go after the whole story when the pa- per helped to break up a major government and media cover-up of budget cut-caused patient deaths at City operated Queens Hospital Center. The paper was one of several that had gotten the story from me, in my capacity as a social worker/whistleblower at QHC. Newsday, in its Queens edition of March 1, 1978, put me on its front page and did the first of a series of stories of how the corporate municipal complex tried to shut me up.

All this about Queens sets a context for UP FRONT News coverage of what is clearly emerging as a neo-fascist network consisting of at least three people who live in that bor- rough.

Jerry Kann is a “left” crypto-fascist who has, until now, successfully disguised him- self as a populism-spouting member of the Green Party. Kann deals with folks, such as myself, who dare to question his political approach, with violence and by calling the police. I had the distinct displeasure of first meeting Kann in May, 2003 at the former Manhattan Green Party headquarters on East 1st Street. Kann literally spied on my work, which involved my writing, with Green Party official approval, a letter to Ralph Nader urging him to consider entering several Democratic presidential primaries. Our next en- counter took place some weeks later when I attended a Green Party and, from the table conspicuously marked “free stuff”, took a book authored by Ralph Nader. Shortly after I left the event, in the street a couple of blocks away, I was set upon by two fellows one of whom was Kann, who became apoplectic and accused me of stealing the book. I reminded him of the “free stuff” sign, gave him the book, and urged him to take some tranquilizers.

The heaviest confrontation with Kann took place in April, 2004 when he collaborat-ed with Queens neo-fascist George Tatevosyan, the latter of whom physically assaulted me as I arrived at a Ralph Nader news conference in Manhattan to which I had been specifically invited in writing by Mr. Nader’s press secretary, Kevin Zeese.

My most recent encounter with this piece of political excrement took place on October 1st at an affordable housing rally about 200 feet west of Michael Bloomberg’s 79th Street townhouse. Jerry Kann is under the impression that the voters who live in his As- toria/Long Island City neighborhood will be hoodwinked by his “left” rhetoric and elect him to the City Council, as he soils the good name of the Green Party by running on its ballot line. And so he came to the rally insisting that he be allowed to speak, despite the fact that the rally organizers had determined that no candidates for elective office would be speaking. Once again, Jerry Kann’s behavior suggested that he had left his tranquiliz- ers back home in Queens, as he yelled a rally organizer Larry Wood, who, to Kann’s steadily rising hysteria, would not be intimidated.

Jerry Kann is a practitioner of the sometimes “left” fascist politics of the de facto net- work of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.; “Dr.” Fred Newman, a truly psycho psychotherapist; and the unadulterated racist Lenora Fulani. According to the camouflage tactics of LaRouche and Co., the way to power is by blending to use of “left”, pro-labor, anti-corpo- rate rhetoric in the democratic process, while utilizing violence and other forms of civil rights deprivation against those who dissent. The most famous theoreticians of this kind of end-justifies-the-means politics are Machiavelli and Hitler. Hitler put it to good use when he ran for public office in Germany with his message being a denunciation of the capitalists. He ran as a “socialist”, a National Socialist, abbreviated in German as “Nazi.” And so, thanks in part to Jerry Kann, the Green Party now has to contend with a meta- phorical swastika in its midst.

The fellow who, in collusion with Jerry Kann, assaulted me is George Tatevosyan. This fascist is connected, via New York State Independence Party activist Cathy Sadell (who, according to a source is Tatevosyan’s wife – my condolences to both), to Lenora Fulani, who fully justifies the label of “blazi” (i.e. black nazi) that I’ve given her in UP FRONT News. I first met Tatevosyan during the soon to become moribund Nader for President campaign in 2004 at an Upper East Side Bar that was serving as the venue for a Nader “meet-up.” Sadell was busy trying to get me thrown out of the meeting because I had brought up the fact that The Forward, a respected Jewish weekly newspaper, had reported a “flirtation” between Nader and Fulani. Tatevosyan could be witnessed sitting in the rear muttering profanities. I next met him at a meeting of activists organized by a Nader for President staffer. At the meeting Tatevosyan stated to the group, pointing at me, that I had set fire to the Nader for President 2000 N.Y.C campaign headquarters on Houston Street. Tatevosyan’s version of the Reichstag Fire. Here again the tactics of Adolf Hitler emerge as Tatevosyan utilized the Big Lie in his claim of arson. And, as mentioned in the segment on Jerry Kann, it was George Tatevosyan who assaulted me as I arrived, with a written invitation, at Mr. Nader’s April, 2004 Manhattan news conference. Evidently, Tatevosyan was so psychotic at the time that he did not notice that his actions were wit- nessed by two activists who were checking out the Nader campaign. And one of them took some pictures.

Perhaps the most widely despised of the three fascists from Queens is Rockaway Park resident, purported life guard, the egomaniacal Geoffrey (“Jaws”) Blank, also known in this newspaper as the “Jewzi”, or Jewish nazi. Blank emerged on the public scene a couple of years ago when he embarked on a de facto hijacking of a group known as the No Police State Coalition, a loosely organized network of activists who have over the years held speakouts at Union Square Park in Manhattan. Blank, one of the few people who can with some success blend the writings of Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler, soon began literally pushing other No Police State Coalition activists aside and monopolizing the bullhorn. Not at all surprisingly, since Blank feels he is above the law, he got himself arrested a bunch of times for using a sound device without a permit. He is now awaiting a criminal trial scheduled to begin on November 28, and is charged with, aside from the permit violations, resisting arrest and inciting to riot. Personally, I think incitement to nausea might be a more appropriate charge.

The confrontation between Blank and me began last March at a No Police State Coali- tion meeting at the 61 Cafeteria, a deli-restaurant in Greenwich Village, when, to Blank’s apparent dismay, the group voted to endorse my candidacy for the Democratic nomina- tion for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Hillary Clinton. Blank responded by getting up out of his chair, literally puffing out his chest Mussolini-style, and calling me a “wing nut.” Inasmuch as a number of NPSC members had implied to me that trying to debate with Geoffrey might be comparable to sitting down to dinner with Idi Amin, I simply said, “Better a left wing nut than a right wing nut.” At the next speakout, Blank approached me and told me that, if I attempted to speak, he would “bash” me in the head.

During the coming weeks at NPSC meetings at the restaurant Blank could be witnessed urging in particular one 61 Cafeteria employee - a surly character who physically resem- bles a hybrid comprised of Mike Tyson and “Oddjob” the menacing character in a James Bond film (I believe it was “Goldfinger”) who killed people by slicing them up with his razor-brimmed hat - to harass me and throw me out. Blank on one occasion put his hands on my plate of food, a maneuver the resulted in his having to wipe himself off with what in his case should have been a bib. Matters became much more serious in April when I arrived at the restaurant late, after everyone had left and was assaulted by the surly one. The assault took the form of my being tackled from behind and hit over the head for sev- eral minutes by the lunatic employee, who used a glass soda bottle as his weapon. The in- jury, which appears to have left me partially hearing impaired, required over three hours of surgery at Bellevue. It took some nudging from me but the NYPD after a couple of weeks arrested Wan Yun, who is now awaiting trial.

Also awaiting trial is serial offender Geoffrey Blank, who is piling up criminal com- plaints against him.

These three bottom feeders of course are acquainted with each other and, ideologically, are of course acquainted with their de facto mentors in the art of lying and political vio-lence, Adolf Hitler and Lyndon LaRouche. Conspiracy theory? No. Conspiracy. Yes.

Some years ago, the citizens of Queens were shocked to learn of the existence of a Ku Ku Klux Klan group in the borough. It looks like some garbage remains to be picked up.