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UP FRONT News June 14, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

Although such reports are largely anecdotal, it is a generally accepted historical reality that there were Jewish people who, under he illusion that their skins would not wind up as Ilse Koch’s lampshades, collaborated with Adolf Hitler. Most, of course, died at his hands. (As far as I am aware, the only Jew whom the Nazi dictator actively worked to keep alive was the doctor who took care of his mother whose death during Hitler’s childhood served as one of the evidently unresolvable traumas that helped generate insanity. Young Adolf was left at the hands of his quite psychopathic father Alois, a frustrated civil servant who spent much of his adult life sleeping around and getting drunk, and, as a father, apparently derived some sort of satisfaction from beating the crap out of the boy and possibly doing things much worse.)

Geoffrey (“Blankety”) Blank, a.k.a. “Jaws”, is a Jewish small “n” nazi. Blank, who lives and reportedly shares a bed with his younger (but, at least chronologically, adult) brother Jason at 122-20 Ocean Promenade, in Rockaway Park, N.Y. 11694, according to the Queens telephone directory, which lists his phone number as 718-945-5188. Blank, who has been reported as voicing significant anti-Jewish sentiments is a practitioner of the neo-nazi politics of, in particular wannabe American Fuehrer Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Blazi (that’s black nazi) Lenora Fulani (she who blames Jews en masse for the murder of people of color), and psycho-psychotherapist Fred Newman, the cult-leader and (former)? LaRouche associate who, as a Jewzi (that’s Jewish nazi), has labeled his people as “the stormtroopers of decadent capitalism.” Newman by the way has been reported as openly advocating sex between adults and children and reportedly at times requires his “social therapy” patients to have sex with him. As far as I’m concerned that can only be labeled as bestiality.

Blank, whose nocturnal commissions vis a vis his younger brother are a matter for speculation, is the sleazebox who, over a period of time, hijacked the Union Square Monday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon speakouts started under the name of the No Police State Coalition by several legitimate free speech advocates including Manhattan’s Dennis Griggs and Joe Carranza of Queens. Griggs and Carranza, as well as several other activists, including Roman Shusterman of Brooklyn, felt that, in particular, the many unanswered questions about possible very high U.S. government (read, as I and others see it, in particular Big Dick Cheney) in the 9/11 tragedy) warranted free and open discussion, the kind of thing unequivocally permitted under the Bill of Rights. Many other issues were discussed and folks with a wide range of views (e.g. myself as the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate challenging Hillary “The Pillory” Clinton from the “left”, and, on the other hand, occasional Bush supporters, perhaps accidentally stranded in Manhattan) would be given the opportunity to speak to the public for 5-10 minutes at a time through, when the NYPD allowed it, a megaphone.

Along came Adolf – er, I mean Geoffrey – Blank, fresh from an apparently successful career as a N.Y.C. lifeguard (hence the UP FRONT News nickname “Jaws”) and substitute teacher (a concept that makes the idea of Michael Jackson teaching second graders almost acceptable) – who began giving his LaRouche style “left” rants that would have left even the notoriously long-winded Red Fidel Castro gasping for breath. Blank then proceeded to announce at “meetings” that he ran in a way suggestive of perhaps a Red Guard get-together in Mao’s China in the 1960’s, that anyone who might criticize him would be banned from access to the megaphone – which, by the way, does not belong to him. As a result, certain individuals would find themselves sort of purged from No Police State Coalition status. Blank then announced that members would have to pay dues payable only to him. Most former NPSC people (it was never a membership organization) refer to the money that oozes its way into Geoffrey Blanks pants as a “slush fund.”

Then things started to get much heavier. One evening, at one of the Munich, Germany beer hall-style meetings that Blank would conduct at a dubious deli-restaurant, known as the 61 Cafeteria, on the southeast corner of East 13th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan, the first item on the agenda, voted on by the majority of the group, was a presentation by me as to my decision to run against the carpetbagger corporate woman of easy virtue Clinton. Following the presentation, several meeting participants, most vocally Mr. Carranza, moved that the NPSC should endorse me. Blank got up, and puffing his chest out as if he were Loni Anderson, denounced me as a “wing-nut.” Other than my responding that I’d prefer to be a left wing nut rather than a neo-fascist right wing nut, I chose not to get into a debate with a nazi.

Since that time I have been viciously assaulted by Wan Yun, a restaurant employee, one of several there who were recurrently encouraged by Blank to harass me. That assault, which took place on April 7, resulted in my having to undergo three hours of surgery and may well have left me permanently hearing impaired. With some encouragement from me, the NYPD did, after a couple of weeks arrest the perp. The connection with Blank/LaRouche/Fulani/Newman et. Al. are going to give law enforcement authorities – which I am reasonably certain, will include the FBI (LaRouche is a convicted felon having done about 7 years for credit card fraud- federal) – plenty to do. Since that episode, blank has continued to openly threaten to “bash” me in the head if I so much as touch the megaphone to speak. An apparently cheap liquor and/or crack high buddy of his came at me violently at a speakout on June 13. Blank is poling up harassment complaints by the filing cabinet load.

Geoffrey Blank is a psychopath in the Adolf Hitler/Lyndon LaRouche mode. He is so crazy that he thinks he is sane and is under the more serious misconception that people like him. One former NPSC participant, who has witnessed Blank’s threats and imminent nervous breakdown, issued an e-mail, dated March 4, 2005 which reads as follows: “I hear that the odds are 10 to 1, that Geoffrey will not pass the psychiatric evaluation. After having witnessed the NPSC meeting tonight, I would bet the ranch.” After reading that, I called the writer, leaving a message on his voice-mail, stating that I would bet “the whole state of Wyoming”, picking that place because it is Big Dick Cheney’s home state. (Wyoming, which I visited, by the way, is absolutely beautiful.)

Just like Adolf Hitler – who felt it was his right to terrorize his way to power and deeply resented being convicted by a German Weimer Republic Court – Geoffrey is going to go to jail – quite possibly for a long time. I’d suggest Landsberg – the scenic spot where Adolf dictated his “Mein Kampf” to Rudolf Hess. Maybe the prison authorities can provide him a special double-bed so he can stay with his baby brother.

From “Sieg Heil” to “Sieg Hell.”

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