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UP FRONT News September 24, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Paul Zulkowitz, known to many in the “left” activist world as “Zool”, is, after many years of energetic, influential activity, in, for example, the Ralph Nader for President campaigns and, currently, the Cindy Sheehan campaign, in the newspapers. While I happen to support many of the “platforms” of both campaigns, I can also recognize “left” neo-fascist infiltration for what it is. Quite apparently, Paul Zulkowitz does not.

The behavior of a Zulkowitz associate identifying himself as “Totay”at “Camp Casey, NYC”, the pro-Sheehan encampment at Union Square in Manhattan, the site of a near riot at her appearance there on September 19, has convinced increasing number of Sheehan supporters that the New York City encampment that bears her name is contaminated. There is a political scam going on, and it, at least on its surface, involves “Camp Casey” fixture, “Totay.” And since “Totay” reports to “Zool”, it is reasonable to ask, “Which side are these guys on?” Indeed one well known activist from the No Police State Coalition (the free speech group started by, among a few others, Dennis Griggs and not at all by “left” neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank) that runs “speakouts” at Union Square three times weekly, voices certainty that Zool set up the arrest that he experienced moments after Ms. Sheehan completed her talk in Union Square.

A couple of increasingly tense conversations I have had with “Totay”, during “Zool’s” frequent prolonged absences, have revealed that some folks knew about the imminent arrest(s) that took place at “Camp Casey” – I was arrested at the same spot several hours later, at just about the time the 13th Precinct of the NYPD was releasing Zulkowitz – be- forehand. In the days preceding Sheehan’s scheduled September 19 Union Square stop, again with “Zool” not around, I asked Casey regular Eric Rassi about the status of the permit approvals (Parks Dep’t. for Park space and NYPD for the use of a sound device, that Zulkowitz had told me he has applied for. I never got a straight answer. (The very articulate Rassi’s evasivenss is so well-honed that he would have been an appropriate press secretary for, say, Richard Nixon or, perhaps, for Lyndon H. LaRouche, the racist mega-fascist whose literature Rassi distributes at Camp Casey.)

The day after the Sheehan appearance and the two arrests I asked Totay, sitting in what he apparently regards as his Camp Casey throne, about the existence of permit for the September 19 event. He said that there were permits. I ascertained from him that there was both a Parks Department and a NYPD permit. He acknowledged that the permits were in his possession at “Camp Casey.” Expressing surprise at the existence of docu- ments that would have rendered impossible any arrests (show a cop valid permits and he or she will not arrest you for public speaking), I asked Totay to show me copies. He refused, stating repeatedly “Don’t you worry about that.” To my inquiry as to whether Paul Zulkowitz was aware of the permits prior to his arrests. The response, as “Totay’s” generally genial outward expression turned malevolent, was, again,“Don’t you worry about that.” I voiced the view, with him claiming to be in possession of permits that had been issued prior to the Sheehan appearance, that one and perhaps two people had been used as “sacrificial lambs” and unnecessarily arrested. And that is when “Totay” spilled the beans. He said to me, forcefully, “We wanted these arrests!” Although Totay would not repeat that confession to others, at least in my presence, he did refuse the requests of several other Sheehan supporters to see the permits.

It appears that some of the more articulate people are also the most evasive. Paul Zul- kowitz is among the best. During a witnessed conversation with me a day after my con- frontation with Totay, Zool, seated beneath the George Washington statue that formed part of the backdrop for Ms. Sheehan, went into great detail about a possible rifling of his bag while he was in custody, but simply ignored my questions and comments about To- tay. Zool was the slipperiest of eels when I reached him in Washington D.C. on his cell phone on September 24. (Before departing for D.C. to enjoy some celebrity status among the anti-War demonstrators in the capital, Zool had announced that there would be a sup- port rally at Camp Casey NYC at 2;00 P.M. on September 24. He told me that he had applied for the permits.)

Totay, who has been accused of theft at Camp Casey by several activists there, has played the same game with me and others as to whether permit approvals have been given for the September 24 rally. The Parks Department, with which I have successfully accomplished the permit approval process previously for a homeless organization, and I exchange messages and e-mails. The Parks Department, stating that lawyers were in- volved, was unable to confirm that any permits had been approved, in effect referring me back to “Camp Casey.” And Totay has refused to reveal the answer, thus setting up the possibility of planned arrests. (Totay watches the arrests from the security of his throne.)
My belief is that Totay is a “left” infiltrator of the Geoffrey Blank neo-fascist type.

The Hitler-wannabe LaRouche has for decades been camouflaging himself as anything from a FDR New Deal Democrat to a black revolution-supporting-proletarian-grass- roots-leader and, via racist ideological surrogates like Lenora Fulani and the self-hating Jew Fred Newman, and a host of lower level lemmings like Blank and Green Party im- posters like the violence-prone Queens City Council candidate Gerald Kann and George Tatevosyan, been contaminating progressive intitiatives. With Paul Zulkowitz continually
suggesting, in a myriad of ways, “Don’t worry about that!” in response to my effort to stop a Fulani take-over of the Ralph Nader for president “meet-up” in NYC, Fulani and her clique of neo-fascist collaborators in the N.Y.S. Independence Party, sabotaged everything, while Ralph Nader demonstrated that even someone who takes on the corpor- ations can get suckered by a group of “left” neo-fascists.

The “left” fascists are, of course, hyperactive in the peace movement, even more so because of the Sheehan factor. From my perspective the most persistent “left” fascistic component of the peace movement is known by a number of names, A.N.S.W.E.R. being the most recognizeable. A.N.S.W.E.R. is in fact a spawning of the International Ac- Action Center, at 39 West 14th Street, Rm. 206, in Manhattan. And the I.A.C. is an at least ideological affiliate of the Maoist Workers World Party, a group which gets its messages from the Genocidal regime in Beijing. (The Communist Chinese have over ½ century have been perpetrating Genocide in Occupied Tibet. To get some visual idea of what the Chinese Communist regimes have been doing in Tibet, stop by one of the Falun Gong depictions on N.Y.C streets.)

Another essentially Maoist front group is the “Troops Out Now Coalition.” The well known anti-War coalition known as Peace and Justice, for a period of time, disconnected itself from A.N.S.W.E.R.-related activities. During the run-up to the War in Iraq, when much of the world was trying to keep a leash on the war- salivating George W. Bush, by insisting that the “weapons of mass destruction” inspections continue to a defi- nite conclusion, “A.N.S.W.E.R.”, whose sympathies for poor Saddam Hussein were obvi- ous, gave the psychotic and manipulative Iraqi dictator de facto political support in the U.S. I believe that that resulting fractious political situation within the peace movement was music to the ears of Bush’s people, easing his way to War. As a matter of fact, the entire Workers World, I.A.C., et. al. network, the heart of de facto U.S. “left” fascism, which is startingly similar to Stalinism, provides public relations for dictators in various lands. And, based on one somewhat physical experience I had with them at their office, they react violently to “Free Tibet “ T-shirts.

In consideration of their history and in consideration of the Sheehan’s political magnetism, LaRouche, and those doing his work, who include “Totay”, are once again acting as the parasites that they are.

And, as for Paul Zulkowitz, he is bringing to mind a certain British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, who, in Munich, Germany in 1938, submitted to the threats of another guy, named Adolf Hitler, who also rose to power using the rhetoric of the fascism of the “left”, and gave the nation of Czechoslovakia to the German dictator. And then, heaving a sigh of relief as he returned to London, the Prime Minister, (very soon to be replaced by the considerably more assertive with fascist Winston Churchill), declared that there was “peace in our time.” Zool”, with his wishy-washy way of dealing with today’s fascists, is becoming the Neville Chamberlain of New York City.
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