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UP FRONT News January 14, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

While over the years, I’ve had my differences with Rev. Al Sharpton, I found the report earlier to day that he is considering another run for the presidency gratifying. Should Rev. Sharpton indeed mount a campaign for the Democratic nomination, such a development would pretty much reduce Republicrat Hillary Clinton’s aspirations along those lines to Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-level delusions of grandeur.

Rev. Sharpton’s past candidacies, e.g. for the U.S. Senate and for the New York City mayoralty, as well as the presidency, all suffered from problems which, to an important degree, were of his own doing. Over the years Rev. Sharpton’s convincing and passionate populist, empower-and-enrich-the-poor rhetoric has been undermined by his, at least in the past, willingness to collaborate with reactionaries and also to spend money in ways that suggest self-glorification.

Perhaps, once again presumably in the past, his worst political mistake has been to associate with African-American neo-fascist Lenora Fulani, a de facto surrogate for mega-nazi LaRouche and the political god-child of the sociopathic psychotherapist Fred Newman. It was LaRouche and Newman who collaborated back in the 1970’s, at City College and elsewhere in New York City, to create the “left” neo-fascist fifth column organization known as the New Alliance Party. The NAP, an anti-Semitic cult headed by self-hating Jew Newman, contaminated American and local politics for decades by con-
sistently splitting progressive initiatives and thereby helping the right wing, which has power in both the Republican and Democratic parties. In 1981, while the NAP was sporting buttons that said “Dump Koch”, their abrasive and racist demagoguery in sup- port of, for example, leftist Frank Barbaro brought about his landslide defeat by the right-wing Koch.

The NAP committed a long overdue and gratifying public suicide in the 1990’s, closing up shop while LaRouche, Newman, Fulani and their lemmings moved in on the the Perot created “Reform” party and then, when Perot and others realized that there were fascists in his house, moved on to take over the so-called Independence Party of New York State. Even politicians as presumably sophisticated as Charles Schumer and Michael Bloom- berg got sucked in by in particular Fulani’s public relations gimmickry and generated financial support for her fronts such as the All-Star Project. Newman has for years been insinuating his sympathy for Jew-haters and pedophiles through his Castillo Center in Greenwich Village, which is nothing more than a cultural smokescreen for his wretched “social therapy” clinics which have been a major cause of schizophrenia, depression, and corruption in various cities.

All of this is very relevant to a Sharpton candidacy in part because of his past history of ignoring warnings that the blackness of Fulani’s complexion is no guarantee that, her de facto ideolological loyalty to a full-fledged nazi like LaRouche would not result in a genocide against African-Americans and Jews should any of them gain meaningful power. If Rev. Sharpton or anyone else has any doubts about the very current and present La LaRouche menace, all they need to do is, aside from reading my blogs*, check several websites. They include;, and websites for writers such as Chip Berlet. Investigative reporter and historian Dennis King has labeled LaRouche “the most dangerous man in America.” I agree.

For those who regard LaRouche and his ideological spawnings as crackpots from the past, they need to be aware that his neo-fascist infiltration into contemporary politics has had a direct affect and has helped to bring about the distastrous reign of Bush/Cheney/ Halliburton/Hillary Clinton et. al. with all its violence, racism and poverty. The “left” in- filtration of a series of presidential candidacies by the extraordinarily politically gullible Ralph Nader helped bring about not only two terms of George W. Bush but also the vir- tual elimination of Mr. Nader as a voice for economic democracy. The infiltration was done in classic LaRouche camouflage style through the “third party” route, i.e. the Green party and the Independence Party. The Greens were in fact hijacked by a bunch of “left’ rapping neo-fascists and fellow travelers such as Gerald Kann of Queens and Paul “Zool” Zulkowitz while the Independence Party was, until recently, under the complete dictatorship of Fulani and her indentured servants such as Cathy Sadell, Cathy Stewart and the very violent George Tatevosyan. Tatevosyan and Kann were involved in an April, 2004 physical assault upon me as I arrived for a Nader press conference in Manhattan, bearing a written invitation from his press secretary Kevin Zeese. It is axiomatic that where LaRouche, Fulani and Newman tread, violence follows.

When it comes to neo-fascist “left” violence, perhaps the most obscene local example is the case of psychopath and apparent terrorist Geoffrey blank, a resident of Rockaway Beach, Queens. It was not until a series of articles in this newspaper showed Blank to be a LaRouche ideologue, and perhaps actual cult-member, and reported on his repeated criminal harassments against me, which include his involvement in a major physical at- tack upon me, that the public illusion of Blank as a left wing progressive was exposed as a neo-fascist hoax. Geoffrey Blank, who is closely connected to a terrorism-supporting group calling itself the Freedom Socialist Party, which has its offices in Harlem, made his coup d’etat-style move by attempting to hijack a free speech group known as the No Po- lice State Coalition, a network of human rights activists which holds public speakouts at Union Square Park in Manhattan.

In case the illusion persists that fascism is somehow a disease of the past, citizens should consider the evident infiltration of LaRouche ideologues into the broadening movement to get to the complete truth about 9/11. Much of the battle to get to the bot- tom of what many, including myself, believe to have been an “inside job”, involving high level government officials, not to speak of their neo-fascist allies, is taking place in a group known as 9/11 Truth Org, which has public meetings on Sunday evenings at St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery Church in Manhattan. The fact that LaRouche supporters such as 9/11 Truth org activists Eric Rassi are involved in decision-making and that the speaker’s
list has included the local fascist Geoffrey Blank and LaRouche associate Webster Tarp- ley should wake people up.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, believed to be a Democrat, and quite possibly a tactical supporter of the right wing Democrat Hillary Clinton, has made it known many times in his writ- ings and oratory that he intends to become the dictator of the United States. Using the “inside-outside” or “two roads” theory of fascist access to power, which involves the si- multaneous use of legal (e.g. electoral, etc. and extra-legal (e.g. political violence, etc.) LaRouche, who is in his 70’s, has by no means given up. And for those who are more into for example rock ‘n’ roll than politics, it should be of interest that LaRouche believes that the only form of music worth preserving is classical music, for the most part Ger- manic. I’ve got no problem with, for example, Beethoven. A world, however, without John Coltrane, the Rolling Stones, the Staple Singers, Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart, and Tito Puente, among many others, would be deeply deprived.

In case Rev. Sharpton anticipates little LaRouche-generated opposition, he might con- consider the likelihood of a Fulani-generated ambush that appears to be underway. At a recent meeting on Palestinian rights at an Upper West Side church, Rev. Sharpton’s name came up several times in a most negative way. Rev. Sharpton, reportedly not too long af- ter 9/11, through Jewish intermediaries, made contact with Jonathan Pollard, an Ameri- can convicted of spying for Israel and sent away forever. According to the report, Sharp- ton was, aside from perhaps hoping to generate support for a reduction in Pollard’s sen- tence, trying to in some way coordinate help to victims of both 9/11 terrrorism here and in Israel. The accusation, as explained to me by a very anti-Sharpton writer at the meeting is that Al Sharpton is consorting with right-wing Zionists to enhance his political pros- pects. While attendance at a meeting does not necessarily mean support, it is noteworthy to report that a well-received speaker said to applause that all Israelis are her enemies. It was only after she perhaps remembered matters of taste that she qualified her open sup- support of terrorist bombings in Israel with a passing reference to “innocents.” It is also noteworthy that among those present was super Jew- hater Brenda Stokely. The full story of Stokely’s outrageous behavior towards her Jewish clients when she was my colleague as a social worker at the New York Association for New Americans (NYANA), can read on my UP FRONT News blog. The story, dated October 28, 2005 is headlined, “Brenda Stokely: The Black Panzer.” Stokely, a purveyor of Lenora (“Jews are the murderers of people of color”) Fulani-style racism, is a very public figure at events involving, for example, the Katrina disaster and Palestinian rights. She has – hopefully in the past – been associated with Brooklyn City Councilman Charles Barron. Another quite recog- nizeable figure at the very modestly attended meeting was none other than the “Jewzi” himself, Geoffrey Blank. When these folks get together, violence follows.

Although the evidence at this point is not “hard”, I have every reason to believe that a major player in the assassinations of, among other victims, Martin Luther King and Mal- colm X is none other than Lyndon H. LaRouche himself. For evidence, start checking out the aforementioned Dennis King, whose mountain of information on LaRouche includes the facts of LaRouche’s collaboration with, among others, the KKK, the Nation of Islam, and the CIA.

Presidential candidate or not, Rev. Sharpton needs to be very careful.

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