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UP FRONT News Feb. 10, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

During the 1920's and 1930's when political activist Adolf Hitler, applying his fascist strategy of "two roads" or "inside-outside" politics, i.e. the simultaneous utilization of "legal", democratic tactics (e.g. running for office, calling for free speech) and extra-legal (terrorizing opponents, regular resort to lying) means for attaining power in a democratic setting, he called himself a "socialist' and tailored his revolutionary message to the poor, of whom there were millions in Post World War I Germany. Fully and correctly realizing that you do not win elections by praising the rich, he rhetorically blasted the corporate and landowning heavies, rather few of whom, by the way, were Jews. At the same time, while at times ordering his followers to collaborate with the Communists in organizing rent strikes in the slums of Berlin, he choreographed campaigns of murder against the Reds and, in so doing, fueled the fires of the splitting of the left, while accepting all sorts of help from right-wingers around the world who saw him as the only bulwark against Bolshevism, which, like Nazism, was a historical outgrowth of World War I.

The most dedicated and skillful American practitioner of the fascist politics of Hitler and, somewhat earlier, Benito Mussolini (the partly Jewish and yet very Catholic Fran- scisco Franco, however, was a very different kind of fascist), is Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. LaRouche, is the New Hampshire-born and Lynn, Massachusetts-raised megalomaniac and convicted federal felon who hungrily eyes a violent takeover of the White House from his armed fortress known as Ibikus Farm, located a short helicopter ride from Wash-ington in Loudon County, Virginia. LaRouche is notorious for his sudden and dramatic shifts from the extreme "right" to the extreme "left", all of them geared at bringing him to total power over the U.S. and thereby the universe. LaRouche is quite explicit about his belief that he was born to rule over everything. Although, in order to remain relevant, LaRouche uses anti-Hitler rhetoric, he is a known worshiper of many things German. He is pretty much sworn to the notion that all firms of music other than classical should be wiped out. Rock 'n' roll, gospel, jazz, country, and all ethnic musics, under LaRouche are to be abolished. And I won't, in this article, go into his views on matters such as, (aside from rock 'n' roll, sex and drugs).

LaRouche entertains the delusions of his very much alive cult of followers by, using his apparent status as a registered Democrat to repeatedly run for President, usually singing the praises of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (Had FDR actually met this lunatic, he would have bolted out his wheelchair, grabbed Eleanor, and called the cops)

LaRouche is the seemingly remote Rasputin who has inflicted upon us racists like self-hating African-American Lenora Fulani and the self-hating Jewish psycho-psychothera-pist and reported pedophilia advocate "Dr." Fred Newman , with the latter two neo-fascists using the "left" rap to the hilt. Mega-racist Fulani, however, blew it big-time when she labeled Jews en masses as the murderers of people of color. Like her spiritual godfather, Hitler, who went to his suicide preaching hatred of the Jews, Fulani would not retract her racist fulmination. Although the gullible Michael Bloomberg has pretty much jettisoned her, and although she has been deposed from her seat of power in the Inde- pendence Party of New York, she is still around. And so of course the absolutely ghoul- ish head of the Castillo Center (for "the arts") in Greenwich Village, Newman.

Taking into account, however, the reality of local "left"-spouting neo-fascists such as the racist from Rockaway, Geoffrey Blank and the Maoist-types who run things at the Workers World Party and its front organization on 14th Street in Manhattan, the Interna- tional Action Center, and its spawnings such as the warlike "peace" cult ANSWER, and a weird outfit calling itself "World Can't Wait", it is obvious LaRouche, now in his 70's, is hard at work in his life-long effort at become dictator – very, very soon.

The strategy focuses on splitting the left, e.g. by sometimes violently attacking true small "d" progressives such as myself, and supporting initiatves that can only bring civil war and chaos to America and the world. While these neo-fascist "leftists" rail against Bush and the Right, every move they make helps the most dangerous right-wingers of all, who include Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton, no matter what these two Machiavel- lians may say in public about each other.

The reportedly Revolutionary Communist Party (a neo-fascist very "left" group that preaches violent class war)-connected "World Can't Wait" bunch are running around the country calling for the impeachment or resignation of George W. Bush. Since I happen to be of the view that Bush and both Clintons, by virtue of their political actions, which have cost many people their lives, belong in jail, the notion of a Bush impeachment and conviction or resignation doesn't sound to bad. Until one realizes that if Bush leaves of- fice during his term, under the U.S. Constitution, the sitting Vice-President, assumes power.

The view here is that, while George W. Bush (like Bill Clinton) is in the running for worst president in history, Cheney is worse. In an article in The New York Times on February 9, 2006, on plans for the Berlin real estate once occupied by the offices of the Ges- tapo, Andreas Nachama, the director of the Topography of Terror Foundation is quoted as referring to "...in 150 days, from January to June, 1933, a democracy was turned into a totalitarian dictatorship in that short time to subordinate all of the institutions of the state to its purpose." Cowboy/oil-man George W. Bush, in the receding days and nights of his lame duck presidency, no matter how hard he tries, does not have what it takes to estab- lish a dictatorship in a country where even conservatives like to shoot their mouths off. Dick Cheney, however, the architect of the War on Iraq and the War on America, is, however something different. Dick Cheney, an ice cold practitioner of econocide and genocide, has the intelligence, the money, and the deep neo-fascist contacts, including the essential one with Lyndon H. LaRouche, to pull it off. The de facto alliance between Cheney and LaRouche becomes apparent when one considers the fact of LaRouche's presence as a guest of the White House at a White House Correspondents' Associa-
tion dinner last spring (New York Times, May 3, 2005).

I have on several occasions raised the question of the Cheney factor with representa- tives of "World Can't Wait." The first time the WCW (that's not World ChampionshipWrestling) guy simply avoided the questions by babbling about a spontaneous uprising accompanying a Bush resignation. The second, a phony named Osage, ruled my question out of order.

The neo-fascist "left" is populated by a whole bunch of Marxist-sounding demagogues and operatives. They include the notorious and repulsive Geoffrey Blank, who, much like one of his role models Saddam Hussein, considers himself the "president" something. Others are out-of-control attention getters like Ben (The Be-buttoned Bay Ridge Basket Case) Maurer, Judy (a.k.a. the Pengiun, a.k.a. The Arsenal) Cunningham, and Gary (the Missng Link) Phaneuf, a conspicuous and violent loony from Staten Island). There is also a wannabe poet named Pete Dolack, a rodent-like character who is a testament to the oc- casional accuracy of rock 'n' roller Randy Newman's satirical references as to the untrust- worthiness of "Short People." Dolack, who some years ago played a significant role in setting up a Revolutionary Communist Party-like confrontation with white racists on a frigid winter day in Staten Island, once actually tried to have my arrested at a poetry read- ing. Dolack is closely affiliated to Maoists like another "poet" Veronica Golos, an author- thoritarian type from the Workers World Party/International Action Center/ANSWER fifth column. And everyone needs to keep an eye out for anything involving a group with the "left" name of the Freedom Socialist Party. This group, reportedly under internation- tional surveillance because of its open support of terrorist actions such as hostage behead- ings, is the new base of financial and other support for fascist Geoffrey Blank.

Among the major focuses of LaRouche-style "left" infiltration is the Green Party. Using her former position of dictatorial power in the Independence Party, the racist Lenora Fu-lani, collaborating with such Greens as upstate Party boss Howie Hawkins (denounced by a number of privately dissenting Greens as a "Stalinist"), took de facto control of several Green Party-sponsored presidential candidacies by the extraordinarily politically gullible Ralph Nader. Closely involved in that hijacking were neo-fascist Gerald Kann of Astoria and his violent pal George Tatevosyan, both of whom were involved in a physical assault against me a few feet from a Ralph Nader news conference in Manhattan in April, 2004. It appears that "left" neo-fascist Greens have arranged for the very dubious U.S. Senate "candidacy" of a fugitive from the Green Party, said to be a saxophone player from New Paltz. From the LaRouche standpoint, they'll do anything, to stop someone, in this case me, who, although a very long shot, has a real chance at unseating the imperialist Hillary Clinton.

The "World Can't Wait?" I personally "can't wait" until these neo-fascists are thoroughly exposed.
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