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UP FRONT News March 11, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

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New York City Councilman Charles Baron (D.-Bklyn.) for all his political missteps e.g. honoring the vicious, sadistic dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, at the City Council, associating with the Jew-hating racist Brenda ("The Black Panzer") Stokely - was courageous and correct in not voting to confirm Christine Quinn as Speaker. Mr. Barron, an experienced and successful community activist (I worked with him back in the 1990's when he was a leader of an East New York-based coalition that stopped George Pataki from perpetrating an act of environmental racism by installing privately crony-owned recycling plant in a mostly black neighborhood in Brooklyn), said that, regardless of any legislative merits Quinn might possess, her (s)election was the product of back room dealing by Democratic political bosses, mostly from Queens.

Ms. Quinn, not entirely surprisingly to me, is already playing the game of the economic imperialists, such as Hillary Clinton, Big Dick Cheney, and Michael Bloomberg, who rule for their own benefit, not that of the people whom they are supposed to represent. Ms. Quinn came to political power by way of her activism in gay and tenants rights issues, absolutely central in the Chelsea and Greenwich Village neighborhoods which form the heart of her Council district. While Ms. Quinn spoke out loudly in the West Side Stadium Bloomberg/Bush blunder, that took a modest amount of political courage since about 99.9% of her constituents said about the Stadium, "No way!" I attended and testified at the December 16, 2005 Stadium hearing at the Jacob Javits Center. Ms. Quinn was quite eloquent and said what was expected. The most convincing elected official, however, was U.S. Congressman (and at the time Mayoral candidate) Anthony D. Weiner (D.-Queens/Bklyn.) who went against the "outer borough" machine political grain and explained that there was no way to justify the construction of a Jets Stadium in Manhattan.

As things turn out, the "liberal" Christine Quinn has something very much in common with another, surely less liberal, politician, Big Dick Cheney. She has a pattern, when faced between making a possibly politically risky choice between right and wrong, she clams up and remains silent. She has done it for months in the face of evidence that she has had for many months that there is widespread and covered up staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers (one of them, "Peter's Place", a.k.a. "Auschwitz Lite" is in the heart of her district) and shelters in New York City.

And now Christine Quinn chooses to remain silent about Genocide - in Tibet. In 2001, probably pestered somewhat by her Council colleague at the time, Kathryn Freed, whom I had lobbied on the Tibet matter, Ms. Quinn introduced Resolution #802 which denounced the Communist Chinese regime for its brutal and racist atrocities in Occupied Tibet. The resolution passed unanimously - and was of course completely ignored by the Chinese and of course by the China friendly Blinton (Bush/Clinton) Administration. Indeed, following its passage, Quinn lost interest so rapidly that hardly any Tibetans in New York City know of its existence. They all learned about it from UP FRONT News.

Perhaps intentionally, the Resolution made no mention of the one aspect of the Chinese Genocide in Tibet issue that can resonate politically - from New York City, to Washington, to Geneva, and to Beijing - to meaningfully challenge the blood-Red fascists, who, with American help, run things in China. That aspect is the disturbing reality that, again as a result of backroom dealing, the 2008 Summer Olympic Games are scheduled to be played in Beijing. That de facto mega, mega, mega-bucks decision, part of a deal awarding the 1996 Games to Sydney Australia, the 2000 Games most understandably to Athens, involved United States of America, a powerful influence at the corporate extension known as the International Olympic Committee.

Giving the Olympic Games to a nation whose government, having finished off its Genocide by Khmer Rouge proxy in Cambodia, is into its second half century of Genocide in Occupied Tibet, is the moral and political equivalent to the International Olympic Committee's decision in that last millennium to have the 1936 Games in Hitler's Germany. The biggest confrontation for Der Fuehrer came as he experienced African-American runner Jesse Owens leaving the Nazi Aryans in the dust. (Hitler did manage to get the less blustery racists in the Olympic community to deny the Jewish track star Marty Glickman the right to compete.)

I have talked with Ms. Quinn about the Olympic matter on a number of occasions and, strongly supported by many in New York's Tibetan community, have formally asked that she introduce another support-Tibet resolution, this one calling for a removal of the 2008 Games from Beijing, or, if that is not feasible, calling upon the United States Olympic Team to boycott any Games in Brejing. She's has my most recent e-mail on the subject since January 30. And at this point, Ms. Quinn is handling the matter precisely the way Cheney handled the matter of dealing with the public on a matter involving his not being able to kill an innocent quail. Silence.

Ms. Quinn needs to understand that, as several hundred Tibetan New Yorkers, making an uncharacteristic and most welcome amount of noise on March 10 in Union Square Park, the United Nations and in front of the really ugly Chinese Mission on the way to West 42nd Street., made very clear, that the issue is Genocide and it is Genocide by a light (Chinese)race against a dark (Tibetan) race.

There is reason to believe that - no matter what the corrupt Maoists in the Workers World Party and its front groups like the International Action Center and the phony "peace" group known as "ANSWER", might suggest about their godless God - the Chinese Communist legacy of regimes is possibly the worst in history. The truth about Mao Zedong, quite aside from very credible reports as to his carnal interests in very young girls, is that he and the governments he spawned are responsible for more deaths than any other government(s) in history.

And among the people who are getting the worst of it are the pacifist, deeply religious Tibetans, whose religiosity stems from awfully powerful historical reality that they are the true Jesus people on this earth. You see, as many, many UP FRONT News readers are already aware, there is proof - no matter what, for example, Catholics may say or write that Jesus, during the "missing years", in which there is no Biblical accounting for His whereabouts or activities, he was in what is now Tibet. And, again no matter, again for example, Catholics may believe, Jesus "celibacy" is anyone's guess. My "guess", regardless of what the capitalists behind "The DaVinci Code" might suggest (unless Mary Magdalene traveled with Him to Tibet) is that, while in Tibet, He fell in love and had children, among whose descendants are the Dalai Lamas and the Tibetans.
And, getting to the spiritual bottom of things, that explains why Satan - well represented by Chinese Communism, aided and abetted by American capitalism - is still trying to kill the politically resurrected Jesus.
In the world of international politics, there may be no more direct confrontation between pure good and pure evil. The Tibetans are good. The Chinese Communists are evil. And Christine Quinn, like Big Dick Cheney, remains silent.



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