Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hiilary Clinton's Support for China

FOR U.S. SENATE May 28, 2006


As far as I am aware, Mrs. Clinton’s strongest criticism of the totalitarian, imperialist, and Genocide-generating regime of Communist China occurred a few years ago when Communist censors made some changes in her self-glorifying memoirs published as I recall by a company owned by he pal Rupert Murdoch. Mrs. Clinton, however, is clearly unmoved by the fact that the governments of Communist China, starting at least with the megalomaniac Mao, are guilty of multiple crimes against humanity, most particularly the racist Genocide that continues in Occupied Tibet. Indeed, as the New York Times recently reported, Mrs. Clinton, using her political ally George W. Bush as an intermediary, engaged in a diplomatic unnatural act with the Chinese Ambassador in her D.C. office order to monetarily benefit the notoriously right wing corporate heads at the Corning Corporation in upstate New York. As The Times disclosed, Mrs. Clinton cut a deal whereby the Chinese Communists lowered their protectionist tariffs on Corning-produced fiber optics. Clinton got a few jobs for some high-techies and lots of campaign cash from the boys and girls at Corning.

The reason why I am emphasizing the “Communist” aspect of this Faustian episode is because it sheds light on the hypocrisy of what continues to call itself “Communism.” A left-knowledgeable friend recently told me that he would not be surprised if the Communist Party here (CPUSA) supported Mrs. Clinton in her electoral quest for continuing and increased power. Getting a straight answer out of the CPUSA, however, is in certain ways similar make an inquiry of Big Dick Cheney about, for example, quail hunting. One Party official told me that the CPUSA would not take a position with regard to the Democratic Primary, in which I am challenging the reactionary war hawk Hillary as a write-in candidate. That official refused to comment about the November election, in which I will also be a write-in candidate.

For some reason, the CPUSA maintains on its payroll one Daniel Margolis, a “reporter” for the Party’s house organ known as the People’s Weekly World. Margolis, with whom I have talked on several occasions, withheld from the Party’s leadership, membership and readership the fact of my U.S. Senate candidacy, which I announced on February 27, 2005. He then almost tried to have me arrested when I arrived with an invite at a CPUSA event at the Party’s West 23 ST. NYC headquarters. He has suppressed news about the Communist Chinese atrocities in Tibet - and elsewhere and has resorted to veiled threats against me and at least one former Communist. Considering his ethics, Margolis, who has a reported history as something of a journalistic nomad, might consid- er seeking employment at the New York Post, or maybe the totally ideologicallly “split-the left” Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr/Lenora Fulani-oriented so-called “Indypendent.” If that doesn’t work out, maybe the National Enquirer has some openings.

The CPUSA has among its members and staff some actual progressives. Indeed the Party very quietly helped out in the Democratic Party’s effort to prevent a Bloomberg reelection. The reality as regards the Communists however is that, for many of them, the killers Mao and Stalin are still very much alive. And so it figures that some of the Reds might be sympathetic to a domestic autocrat like Hillary Clinton. We’ll see.


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