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FOR U.S. SENATE August 2, 2006


Because of a series of politically motivated criminal harassments against me, perpetrat- ed by Democratic “candidate” Jonathan Tasini and his associates, who include Tracey Denton, an official of Democracy for New York City (DFNYC), and by members and supporters of the deeply Lenora Fulani/Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.- infiltrated Green Party of New York , I have filed formal complaints against them with, among several others agencies, the Federal Election Commission and the FBI. Indeed, when I first called the FEC in Washington several weeks ago and described the unfair campaign practices per- petrated against me, I was instructed by FEC staff to not only file formal complaints with the FEC but also with the NYC and NYS Boards of Election and with criminal authori- ties. All this has now been done.

Because the threats and other harassments constitute politically motivated violations of my civil rights, federal crimes are involved. The formal complaint submitted in writing to the FBI was only done with the very explicit approval of an NYPD official knowledge-able about criminal and political matters.

At various DFNYC and Democratic club meetings to which I have been invited as a candidate I have been verbally abused and explicitly threatened on several occasions. The threats have been made by people like the reportedly very hot-headed Robert Gins- berg, a lawyer and Upper West Side Democratic District Leader and by Michael Farrin of the CODA Club. Ms. Denton, who has from the outset in increasingly blatant collaboration with the Senate-unqualified Tasini, tried to sabotage my candidacy, in an e-mail threat- ened me with arrest at a DFNYC “endorsement” meeting last June 20. At Tasini’s behest, Denton had my name removed from the endorsement ballot although, despite Denton’s delaying tactics over a period of months, I was officially recognized as a candidate by the DFNYC, which is the local branch of Democracy for America, a political action group led by Howard Dean. Ms. Denton and her DFNYC boss Lewis Cohen have not respond- ed to several protest e-mails they have received from me, and Tom Weiss for U.S. Senate volunteers Steven Gradman and Roman Shusterman. I have made Howard Dean aware of the problem both by telephone to his office as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and via e-mail directly to him. He is also in receipt of e-mails from Mr. Grad- man and Mr. Shusterman. Dr. Dean has been urged to nullify the rigged endorsement vote and to start the DFNYC endorsement process from the beginning.

Since I received a personal “Dear Tom” invitation from the DFA to attend Jim Dean’s
(Howard’s brother) August 1 appearance at an anti-Walmart meeting in the Bronx, I paid a visit, arriving at the Church of Our Lady Refuge at the meeting was winding up. The DFA Tour bus was parked in front of the church and several people outside told me that Jim Dean was inside. When I got inside I was told that Mr. Dean had left the building but was still in the area. The person I was directed to in his immediate absence was Tracey Denton. As soon as she saw me she moved in the opposite direction faster than a down- hill bicycle racer in the Tour de France on steroids. Outside the building she stopped and stood still as, after introducing myself to a large group of onlookers I told her in absolute-
ly no uncertain terms - and without a threat – that I had gone to the FBI and that her and Tasini’s threats had to stop. There were plenty of witnesses as Denton assumed her best Dick Cheney pose. Before I left, I gave a pile of campaign literature and UP FRONT News articles focusing on the Tasini and Green Party harassments, (which, as we shall see, are not unrelated to each other) through the open driver’s side window of the tour bus to a Dean aide named Buffie (sp.?), who assured me that, at my request, she would give the documents directly to Jim Dean.

The LaRouche/Fulani (visit such websites,,
and the writings of investigative journalists Chip Berlet and Doug Ireland for much in- formation on the Fulani link to the mega-nazi and convicted felon LaRouche) controlled Green Party and its hangers on, like the neo-fascist psychopath Geoffrey Blank, have been committing violent crimes against me for many months. Directly involved are Green Party members Paul (“Zool”) Zulkowitz, at one time politically very close to the gullible Ralph Nader and Gerald (“Cannot”) Kann, a thug who has lost decisively twice as a pathetic Green Party candidate for the City Council in LIC-Astoria, Queens. Indeed, Kann and a Fulaniite thug named George Tatevosyan collaborated on an April, 2004 witnessed physical assault on me to prevent my attending a Manhattan Ralph Nader news conference to which the then Green Party Presidential candidate had invited me. Zulko-
owitz is the smallish character with an ego as large and warm as Siberia, who, as a phony “peace” activist, caused a near riot in Union Square on September 19, 2005 when he lied to everyone about having a required NYPD sound device permit for Cindy Sheehan’s speech there. Zulkowitz is the Geoffrey Blank and Fulani associate who responded to my UP FRONT News criticism of him by first threatening suicide (thereby getting himself involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility in Long Island) and then, upon his ap- parently premature release, making an explicit death threat against me.

Law enforcement is particularly interested in anything involving LaRouche, the cur- rently “left”-spewing de facto Hitler admirer and disciple who is correctly described by Dennis King as “the most dangerous man in America.” Checking the aforementioned websites can be a chilling but nonetheless very valuable and educational experience. All we need to remember is that Adolf Hitler came to power on a strategy involving advoca- cy of “socialism”, out-lefting and thereby splitting the left, intimidation, and anti-Semi-tism. Fulani is a flaming Jew-hater and the Green Party is promoting her racist agenda. The very autocratic Green Party boss in New York is its so-called Senatorial “candidate” from Syracuse, Howie Hawkins (described by one former Green as a “Stalinist”). The Green Party, at least in New York, is poison.

And the FBI is very interested in Geoffrey Blank a man with a direct political and finan- cial connection to the Freedom Socialist Party which, to my knowledge, has no rebuttal to the report (see N.Y. Post story December 26, 2005 by reporter Niles Lathem, headlined “Harlem Radicals Probed”) that it is under international investigation for ties to terrorism in Iraq. And, since FSP spokesperson, a Blankie named Stephen Durham is on record as condoning Musab al-Zarqawi’s hostage beheadings, there’s probably much to investigate and probably prosecute.

The connection between the Tasinis and the LaRouche Greens appears to be in the per- son of Ted Auerbach, a member of the Democratic Club CODA and an associate of Blank, Zulkowitz, et. al. (LaRouche, who lives in a fortified compound in Loudon County, Va., is in fact a registered Democrat.) Auerbach, a perpetually sour-faced non-descript man residing in the East Village, has harassed me both with Blank’s boys in Union Square and at a CODA meeting. One report has him being seen at a LaRouche table in Manhattan.

These threats etc. will in no way stop my Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S Senate, which will continue through the September 12 Democratic primary and the November 7 general election. Although Hillary Clinton is clearly more qualified than both the corrupt Tasini and the fascistic Hawkins, she remains a militarist whose loyal- ties are to the corporations. At this point it appears that my main area of agreement with Mrs. Clinton is in her support of the right of all nations, including Israel, to defend them- selves. Tasini and Hawkins view, almost identical, suggest that Iran, Syria, and Hezbol- lah is just fine. Like I said before, Hillary Clinto is the second best candidate for the U.S. Senate. Please write my name in on September 12 and November 7.

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