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UP FRONT News August 28, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

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The notion that the 9/11 attacks were, at least in part, an “inside job”, despite increas- ing evidence to that effect, still remains an unacceptable idea to most Americans. Inter- estingly, however, the pro-Bush New York Post recently reported that a Scripps Howard Ohio University poll showed that more than one-third of Americans suspect federal of ficials of involvement. David Day Griffin, a California-based theologian very know- ledgeable about structural engineering, has pretty much proved that the Twin Towers were brought down not by the hijacked planes but rather by “controlled demolition” of explosives previously placed in the buildings. Michael Ruppert, author of the chilling book “Crossing the Rubicon” tells us about Dick Cheney-authorized military exercizes involving numerous simulated hijackings over the northeast early on the morning of 9/11, which created radar confusion and delaying a military response. No wonder Cheney was reported to be in an “undisclosed location.”

Among the most disturbing aspects of the politics of 9/11 is the fact that a so-called “9/11 Truth” organization, holding regular meetings at St. Mark’s in the Bowery Church in Manhattan, has been every bit as hijacked as those planes. The meetings, which, in a manner of speaking, consider a variety of conspiracy theories, are run by a self-appointed leadership centering around Les Jamieson, St. Mark’s Assistant Pastor Frank Morales,
and the very shiftly Nick Levis. These three fellows, aided and abetted by people directly and indirectly associated with the now “left” but very fascist megalomaniac Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., while purporting to seek the truth, are using every rhetorical and trick in the book to filibuster and fragmentize the very real 9/11 truth movement to death. They do so by dominating speaking time so that for example self-appointed “facilitator” Moral- es answers in 4,000 words questions that most people could handle in perhaps 100 words. They do so by making certain to avoid calling on people, such as myself, who ask ques-
tions that make them nervous. And they sometimes use threats – a LaRouche staple.

I knew that the neo-fascist LaRouche had moved in big-time when Jamieson and Co. invited so-called George Bush the First and 9/11 “expert” Webster Tarpley to speak at a meeting. Tarpley is an intellectual and major figure in LaRouche’s Germany-worshiping Schiller Institute. (LaRouche is a quite open believer in what he regards as the superiority of German culture and a less than open admirer of the Austrian German wannabe Adolf Hitler.) Although, as an advocate of free speech., I believe that Tarpley has the right to be heard, I felt strongly that “9/11 Truth” participants had a right to know that Tarpley is a disciple of the nazi LaRouche. Les Jamieson felt that such information should be with- held from the masses and, at the Tarpley-addressed meeting, tried with some force to shut me up when I raised the question.

Investigative journalist and historian Dennis King, author of “The New American Fas- cism”, an unauthorized biography of LaRouche, considers that Leesburg, Virginia-based racist and convicted felon “the most dangerous man in America.” I believe that Mr. King is correct. LaRouche is the most successful implementer of Machiavelli’s and Hitler’s principles of fascism in American history. Among the most important facts to remember is that Hitler developed political camouflage into an art from, often by campaigning and ranting as a leftist, as a “socialist.” He denounced the big business barons and the huge landowners in the name of workers and peasants rights. Using the Spanish Civil war as his laboratory in preparation for World War II, he developed the “fifth column” whereby fascists infiltrated the large and very complex Spanish left, causing major splits and, along with open air support (e.g. Guernica), helped the fascist Francisco Franco become dictator of Spain. (Very interestingly, this was one gamble that ultimately did not pay off for Hitler as the part-Jewish Franco refused Der Fuehrer’s demand in 1941 that Spain enter the War as a German ally. Franco also allowed thousands of Jewish refugees to enter Spain. Franco was a Spanish nationalist who detested Communists and atheists, but he also detested Hitler.)

And in the United States, the fascist LaRouche is doing much the same thing. For de- cades LaRouche has been seeking to gain power by gaining what he calls “hegemony over the left” by splitting the left, usually by outlefting it. Using local surrogates such as the racists “Dr.” Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani, LaRouche created such political para-
sites as the New Alliance Party to split the left. When, in part because of exposure in UP FRONT News, the NAP died, Fulani and Newman parasited themselves onto various “third party” efforts such as the one generated in the 1990’s by Ross Perot. When Perot got wise to Fulani, she created the Independence Party in New York with her LaRouche-
ite racist self as dictator. She and Newman, using the strategies and tactics of their spirit-
godparents Hitler and LaRouche, created outwardly socially responsible front organiza-
tions such as the Castillo Cultural Center and the All Stars Project and got money from, among others, the Bloomberg Administration. Fulani, using the siren song of “independ-ent” political action, moved in on the Green Party, successfully sucking in Ralph Nader and helping to “elect” Cheney/Bush.

And, all the while as the Cheney/Bush regime sunk into its Iraq War, the LaRouche bunch, led by such locals as Fulani, Greens Paul Zulkowitz and Gerald Kann, upstaters like Green Party New York State boss Howie Hawkins from Syracuse, thugs like George Tatevosyan and complete psychopaths like “9/11 Truth”guest speaker Geoffrey Blank, parasited themselves on the very 9/11 wounded and Iraq-weakened American psyche.

The goal, in classic fascist strategy is to immobilize the left by emulating it and dealing with dissent the way fascists do, with manipulations, threats and sometimes violence. “Left” neo-fascists know full well they make no headway by singing the praises of folks like Hitler or LaRouche. And so they move in on legitimate groups advocating, for exam- ple, Palestinian rights, or (generically speaking) 9/11 truth, and, placing themselves in usually non-elected leadership positions, take over.
And, as has become evident in the rhetoric in connection with the Middle East and in some of the more offensive demagoguery emanating from the Greens, anti-Jewish stuff rises, like scum in a swamp, to the surface.

The aforementioned Dennis King is probably the most knowledgeable source on the generally below the radar LaRouche/Fulani, et. al. threat. His disturbing but very en- lightening website is at Other good sources include, and the writings of such investigative reporters as Chip Berlet and Doug Ireland.

The implications of a LaRouche infiltration into the 9/11 truth movement are scary. Lyndon LaRouche, despite his anti-Bush rhetoric, has high level contacts with Cheney/ Bush. How else would LaRouche have become an invited guest at the 2005 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner as reported in The New York Times? LaRouche is known to have over a lifetime of lies, deceit, violence and criminality, enjoyed associa- tions with the KKK, mobsters, drug traffickers, rabid, Maoists and Nazis. And, consider- ing his recurrent speaking up for terrorist regimes like the ones in charge in Iran (where they torture political dissidents, hang gay people, and call for the destruction of Israel) and China (where they commit Genocide in occupied Tibet), I would not be at all sur- prised if Lyndon LaRouche, like Dick Cheney, was part of the “inside job.”

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