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UP FRONT News September 4, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."


As various candidates have, learned, sometimes to their dismay (former City Councilmember Kathryn Freed, former Congressman John Murphy, and the "left" neo-fascist Green Party Council wannabe Queens, Gerald Kann), UP FRONT News disendorsements can have an impact on voters. Other candidates receiving endorsements (e.g. Public Advocate candidate Norman Siegel in 2001, former Staten Island City Councilmember Mary Codd) have done better than expected in elections.

Tom Weiss (that's me, the publisher) for the U.S. Senate. Although Hillary Clinton qualifies as the second best candidate, the fact remains that she is a militarist (her views on Iraq being a case in point. She is also super rich and tied to the super rich. She enjoys the backing of some of the most predatory real estate developers in existence, like Donald Trump. Indeed, in certain ways, legislatively she functions as something of an "apprentice." There is no way that she can call herself a progressive or even a centrist if she is willing to accept the support of right wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch. She is a de facto apologist for genocide by her cozy relationship with the government of Communist China, which is guilty of genocide in Tibet and massive atrocities against its Chinese citizens. Her so-called "opponent" on the ballot, Jonathan Tasini, has shown himself in the space of a few months to be a person of no integrity whatsoever and also having marginal command of the issues. He is guilty of promoting politically motivated criminal harassments against me and of consorting with LaRouche/Fulani neo-fascist like the absolutely repulsive "Democrat" in Green clothing Ted Auerbach. Tasini's sucking-up-to-the-neo-fascist "left" idea to impeach Bush would bring about a Cheney presidency and his inability to find a critical word for Iran/Syria/Hezbollah reeks for itself. This guy makes Hillary look good and me look great. I am a write-in candidate in both the Democratic primary and the general election. Write in the name, "Thomas F. Weiss."

Yvette Clarke for Congress, in the 11th congressional district in Brooklyn. U.S. Congressman Anthony D. Weiner (D.-Queens/Bklyn.), (who I believe made a mojor political statement with implications for New York City when he decided to endorse Ms. Clarke), said it best at the Labor Day West Indian Parade by repeating through the bullhorn, "Bush won't know what hit him!" when Ms. Clarke is elected. Yvette Clarke, as a City Councilmember, has compiled a progressive record on most issues of concern to non-rich New Yorkers. I've spoken with her about issues on several occasions and have found her to be forthright and accessible, unlike some others on the Council.

None of Ms. Clarke's opponents could be characterized as reactionary. But City Councilmember David Yassky, whose most recent geographic relocation seems to have been motivated by political ambition, is better off continuing in the City Council. State Senator Carl Andrews, who agrees with me tha thte impeachment priority should be focused on Dick Cheney, is, however also a supporter of an unrestrained Atlantic Yards project that, regardless, of its merits as regards providing some "afforddable" housing, is understandably viewed by many in the Brooklyn communities primarily affected as a bill in a China shop. And Chris Owens, in collaborating with the Green Party, the Lenora Fulani Lyndon LaRouche-controlled nature of which he knows about (thanks to me), thereby ranks as unqualified for higher office. I hope that Yvette Clarke wins.

Charles Barron for Congress in the 10th congressional district in Brooklyn. Veteran community organizer and Blank Panther City Councilmember Barron is a no-nonsense tenants rights, anti-overdevelopment and gentrification-oriented public servant. While I think he has made political mistakes (inviting past anti-colonial fighter but now paranoid dictator Robert Mugabe to the Council, doing some business with Communist China-subservient groups such as the International Action Center and the Workers World Party), I know of no politician who is perfect. I respect Charles Barron, ( with whom I worked back in the 1990's to stop a Pataki plan to enrich eco-developers who wanted to put a pollution-spewing incinerator into East New York) for being the only Councilmember not to vote to enthrone Christine Quinn as Speaker, a position she attained via a series of backroom deals in what are now non-smoke-filled rooms. He also was the one "no" vote on the Yankee Stadium giveaway to George Steinbrenner and his rich friends, some of whom will occupy luxury boxes where McCombs Dam Park once stood. If this unnecessary project is completed, look for a tsunami of overdevelopment, traffic and gentrification in the South Bronx. And a Black Panther in the U.S. Congress should be, at the very least, therapeutic.

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