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September 1, 2006
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Adolf Hitler came to power by blending the rhetoric of populist “socialism” with carefully orchestrated intimidation, violence and attacks on the Jews. He campaigned as a de facto leftist, denouncing the capitalists and big landowners known as “Junkers.” He won millions of adherents among the economically disenfranchised Germans paying the Ver- sailles Treaty-dictated price for the German militarists’ loss of World War I. The Nazis organized rent strikes with the Communists in the slums of Berlin. While murdering and beating the craps out of Jews and others who dissented, they preached “peace.”

Hitler’s most formidable contemporary disciple is Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. a registered Democrat, several times losing candidate for president, and convicted felon who lives in an armed fortress known as Ibikus Farm in Loudon County, Virginia, a short helicopter ride from the White House this megalomaniac plans to occupy by whatever means necessary. A former resident of New York City, and one time a “Marxist” member of the faculty at City College, this New Hampshire born and Massachusetts raised major misfit, is correctly described by investigative journalist and historian Dennis King as “the most dangerous man in America.” See,,,And check out such investigative reporters as Chip Berlet and Doug Ireland. LaRouche is a worshiper of things German and has sworn to eliminate all forms of music other than German classical. Richard Wagner is fine. Duke Ellington, Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart, Lightnin’ Hopkins, the Beatles, and Elvis do not have a chance. As I recall when I visited LaRouche’s hometown of Leesburg, Virginia, his elegant classical music boutique was (is?) known as The Beethoven Shop. (The “Ode to Joy” would become the the “Ode to Oy.”)

While at City College, LaRouche met up with another political lunatic named Fred Newman, who now parades around quite menacingly as a “psychotherapist” and presi- ident of the neo-fascist front organization called the Castillo Cultural Center. Together they created the pseudo-“left” New Alliance Party whose classic split-the-left-by-out- lefting-the-left tactics led directly to the advance of the right with the election of reaction- aries like Ed Koch and George Pataki. “Dr.” Newman, a rather blatant advocate of sex between therapist and patient and a somewhat more camouflaged advocate of pedophilia, is the political ghoul who brought us the African-American Jew hater Lenora Fulani.Fulani, one of the most consummate political prostitutes and chameleons of all time,(including Delilah, Salome, and other biblical evildoers) for years quite successfully presented herself as a populist black nationalist. She has, over the decades, hoodwinked, Among other leaders, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ross Perot, Patrick Buchanan, Ralph Nader, Charles E. Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, and many thousands of (perhaps temporarily) politically lost souls, embittered by the duplicity of the major parties. Her Hitlerian slips however have been showing. After years of inviting a broad ideological range (from left Nader to homophobically and anti-Semitically right Buchanan) of political leaders into her busy political boudoir, she managed to set herself up as the dictator of the Independence Party of New York. In that capacity, she gave us the Bloomberg mayoralty, as Bloomberg filled the role of her political “john” by running on the Independence Party line as well as the Republican, putting him barely over the top in 2001.

It was only after she refused to retract her claim that Jews en masse are the “murderers of people of color” that she was finally dumped by the nauseated Board of Directors of the Independence Party.

Chameleon-tapeworm that the LaRouche/Newman creation Fulani is, she has for years been collaborating closely with some of the pseudo-leftists who infect the Green party, particularly in New York. Using henchmen like the recurrently psychotic and death- threat making Paul (“Zool”) Zulkowitz, and political thugs like Gerald Kann and George Tatevosyan of Queens, she made Ralph Nader into another one of her “johns”, luring him into his misbegotten presidential campaigns with the siren song of “independent” and “third party” candidacies. Any candidacies by true left progressives such as myself were to be stopped at any cost. The Greens and their lemmings like the terrorism-connected psychopath Zulkowitz pal Geoffrey Blank have consistently used violence and lies against me, particularly in connection with my rapidly gathering support Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S. Senate, challenging the Republicrat Hillary Clinton.

As soon as I announced my candidacy in February, 2005 Blank came after me very physically. I had already been physically assaulted by George Tatevosyan openly collaborating with the repulsive ass from Astoria Gerald Kann. Zulkowitz, who almost got Cindy Sheehan arrested on September 19, 2005 in Union Square Park by inviting her to speak at his so-called “Camp Casey” but not obtaining the required NYPD sound device permit, tried to lure his so-called pal Nader into becoming a carpetbagger and running as a Green - against me, not Hillary. A few e-mails from me to Mr. Nader, whom I have met and talked with directly several times over the years, ended that. Zulkowitz reacted to my exposing him in the pages of UP FRONT News by announcing his planned suicide in Nassau County and getting himself psychiatrically committed very involuntarily. Upon his apparently premature release he told a friend that he planned to shoot me with a Magnum 357 in his possession. And Zulkowitz and pals wonder why they are persons of interest to the NYPD and the FBI.

Then LaRouche and his surrogates convinced the Brooklyn-based petit capitalist Sander Hicks to run for the Senate as a Green - again against me. Sander Hicks is the narcissist who made a lot of money off the work of a dead man named J.L. Hatfield, who wrote “Fortunate Son”, the book that, among other revelations, broke the story about the coke-snorting college student named George W. Bush. Bush’s people got wind of the fact that St. Martin’s Press was going to publish Hatfield’s book, made some threats and St. Martin’s folded like City Council Speaker Christine Quinn folded to George Steinbrenner in the Yankee Stadium deal. Hicks and his “Soft Skull Press” published the book as a paperback and it did very well. Hatfield, a man who, as the Bush people knew and used to the hilt, was a man with a criminal record, having been convicted of involvement in a murder years back, was ultimately found dead in a heartland America motel. Suicide, it is said. (They also say the same thing about Vincent Foster, the lawyer and very close Clinton associate who was found with a bullet in his head in as I recall the woods in Maryland. Hicks made some more money by making a film documentary, “Horns & Halos”, about the whole thing in which Hicks plays the role of camera magnet.

Hicks, not a man known for his integrity or his judgment, got dumped by the Greens when it became known that he had paid $5,000 of his ill-gotten gains to the Republicans in order to gain entry to a fundraiser at which Big Dick Cheney was speaking so that he could ask Cheney something about the 9/11 “inside job.’ As it turned out during Hicks’ few seconds with Cheney, the Vice President took better aim than he did in targeting a quail.

The Greens, a party that at least in New York functions in ways very similar to the way the Communist Party of the United States did in Stalin’s days, annointed as its Senate “candidate” its de facto boss, the outwardly tough guy Fulani ally from Syracuse, Howie Hawkins, who until then had been the Green candidate for a local (Syracuse area) congressional seat.

Perhaps the most pathetic of all the LaRouche-orchestrated stalking horses is the “Democrat” Jonathan Tasini. Tasini, from Washington Heights, entered the Senate race several months after my February, 2005 announcement. Like LaRouche, Zulkowitz, Blank, Kann, et. al., he tried to exploit the broadening and deepening popular opposition to the Iraq War. And like LaRouche, he used threats and intimidation against me. The series of criminal harassments perpetrated by Tasini in fairly open cahoots with a corrupt political hack named Tracey Denton out of the pretty much lily-white Howard Dean operation here became so persistent and threatening that it became necessary for me to contact the Federal Elections Commission, with which I am registered as a candidate. I followed the quite explicit FEC instructions and filed complaints with that agency and the local and state election authorities. And, as per the FEC’s instructions, I have made formal complaints against Tasini and the Greens, et. al. to law enforcement. Since the crimes against me are politically motivated violations of my civil rights, law enforcement means the NYPD, New York County District Attorney Robert Morgenthau and the FBI (in New York City and Washington). I can tell you that the FBI guy I spoke to and have sent a detailed e-mail to got very interested when I mentioned Lyndon LaRouche, who did quite a few years in federal penitentiaries in Massachusetts and in Rochester, Minn. And Geoffrey Blank’s close political and financial ties to the now being internationally investigated for ties to Zarqawi-connected terrorism Freedom Socialist Party make that that evil creep from Queens a person of interest. And I have every reason to believe that a surly abusive registered Democrat and Tasini supporter and Blank/Zulkowitz Green associate named Ted Auerbach from the East Village will start to get the law enforcement attention he deserves.

Fascism, generally labeled as a movement of the extreme “right”, does not make headway by advocating for big business, war and landlords. It makes headway by adopting the embroidery and the language of the left and always trying to “out left” true progressives. Like tapeworms, they leech onto prominent people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Ralph Nader, et. al. They split the left, thereby enhancing the political power of the right. There is no question that, as run by the neo-fascist Greens, the last two Nader presidential campaigns helped Cheney/Bush. Under a right-wing regimes, such as Cheney/Bush, so- cial condition deteriorate. Poverty, homelessness and violence thrive. The super-rich steal from everyone else. Not entirely unlike Post World war I Germany. People get angry, political fodder for fascism.

And Lyndon LaRouche, the racist who believes that he was born to rule the world, and who attended the 2005 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, which you don’t get into if Cheney/Bush say no, is ready to restore order – with the help of, among others, the Greens.

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