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UP FRONT News November 18, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold."


Neo-nazis do not march through New York City’s streets in brown shirts, sporting swastika armbands and shouting “Kill the Jews.” Indeed investigative reporter Dennis King once correctly characterized the mega-fascist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and his followers as “nazis without swastikas.” In New York City the neo-nazis are quite pres- sent and can be found for example parading as Palestinian rights activists running their stuff on a traffic island next to Union Square in Manhattan. Because of the regular flare-ups between for example the not very well disguised neo-nazi Andy Kellerman and Judeo-Christian people, such as myself, I call the place the “Gaza Strip.”

Kellerman, a recurrently tantrum-spewing Jew hater and one of the leaders of this col- lection of phonies (Palestinians are notable for the absence), in a sport of conversation he hadcwoith me some months ago said formerly that the Holocaust never happened. He ig- nored my references to mountains of documentation proving that Kellerman role model Adolf Hitler and his bunch killed about 6 million Jews, along with millions of other eth- nic groups, such as the gypsies. I got Kellerman’s surname from a friend after this nazi on repeated occasions refused to identify himself as anything other than “Andy.” Once, when I took his picture, he responded with a threat and by chasing me across the “Gaza Strip.” According to reports, this fascist is employed by the City of New York and gets paid to do a job that, also according to reports, involves his recurrently harassing street vendors. A racist checking on vendor licenses, many of which are owned ethnic minori- ties, is not a good idea. This is a New York Post story waiting to happen.

Joining Kellerman in his Saturday late afternoon attempts to recreate Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies are evident racists like the Jew-bating and, (judging from some of the signs she wears) suicide bomber-condoning Ann Roos. There is a so-called “woman in black”, Agnes (Taylor?) who turns whiter than a KKK sheet when she sees me. Also a regular is self proclaimed Islamist Bob Nash, who is a little tougher to figure but who has terrible manners in his protection of the nazis with him. Nash, an activist with the now strongly LaRouche infiltrated and influenced Green Party, is a very politically involved person quite knowledgeable about some of the local psychopathic pseudo-leftists like Paul Zul- kowitz (he of the “Camp Casey” hoax in 2005 and of the death threat), Gerald Kann (he of the attack on me a few feet from a Ralph Nader news conference in 2004) and the completely off the wall terrorist-connected Geoffrey Blank. Nash, apparently on some level an environmentalist as he travels by bicycle, doesn’t talk to me any more. He quali- fies however if not as a neo-nazi as something of a very on-the-edge phony since he re- cently responded to my truthful commentary about Kellerman with a gesture suggesting that he needed a men’s room quickly and then by calling the cops.
Heil Andy!
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