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UP FRONT News January 7, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

On January 2, 2007 I sent an e-mail to the list-serves of two groups, both with leftist activists, the No Police State Coalition (NPSC) and the New York Metro Association of Anarchists (NYMAA) expressing some support for the Democratic presidential candidacy of John Edwards and expressing opposition to the Green Party and any possible consideration at least at this time of a reportedly considered presidential candidacy by Ralph Nader.

In my opinion Mr. Edwards, certainly when compared with Republicrat Hillary Clinton and full-fledged Republicans like John McCain, Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney, is far preferable if only because of Mr. Edwards apparent readiness to act to end poverty and homelessness in the U.S. and his strong opposition to the Iraq War. A Green Party campaign by Nader, certainly at this point, could only split progressives and help the war hawk and rich people's "Democrat" Clinton and the Republicans. Under any circumstances the Green Party of New York has for some years
operated essentially as a wing of the so called "independent" politics the racist Lenora Fulani and her ideological mentors, the fascist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and "psychotherapist" cult leader Fred Newman. There is plenty more on the LaRouche/Fulani tie in several websites, especially And there is plenty at on the Fulani/LaRouche infiltration into the Greens via operators like Paul Zulkowitz, Gerald Kann, George Tatevosyan and Howie Hawkins, among others. Like the once again "left" LaRouche, the Greens are among a number of groups spouting much radical and populist rhetoric but blending it all with acts of intimidation, often against me, recurrently of a physical nature, as well as blatant attempts at suppressing (my) free speech. A key figure in this kind of "left" fascism has been the pseudo-left demagogue, thug, and criminal Geoffrey Blank, who may not be a Green but sure sounds like one. And, while he may not be a card-carrying member of LaRouche's political cult, he sure sounds like the American Fuhrer wannabe. While Blank is now to the No Police State Coalition what Saddam Hussein is to Shiites and Kurds, Blank still has some of his people in NYMAA.

That seems to explain why the folks with the NPSC, hardly all John Edwards supporters, reacted with calm to my e-mail, while a bunch of the NYMAA people went nuts and have decided to try to censor me, an interesting position from a group that prates about freedom in general and freedom of speech in particular. Some of the NYMAA responses were rationally critical of my pro-Edwards view, understandably expressing suspicion of the Democrats in general. Some differed with my view that, regardless of one's political views, it is a good idea to register to vote, since registration implies no obligation and merely operationalizes a right. There was some positive dialogue arising from my view that perhaps the most potent anarchist movement in modern history has been that in Spain, where street organizing, protest,and electoral politics have all been essential. (The anarchists were almost annihilated in Spain thanks to the de facto combination of Francisco Franco's Hitler and Mussolini-basked Fascists and Stalin's Communists.)

A number of the NYMAA responses were abusive, crude and in one case somewhat threatening. I responded to all. I was then accused of over-extending the list-serve and Aunsubscribed. Among the rationalizations offered is that I had once "attacked" a NYMAA member. That NYMAA person is Ben Maurer. The NYMAA government, in citing my alleged "attack" on Maurer, neglected to take into account that I criticized Maurer in writing only after he had on multiple occasions, in his servility to the autocratic Blank, denounced me publically as a "government agent" at the once Geoffrey Blank-run Union Square speakouts. He also supported Blank's acts of intimidation and violence against me. To call me a government agent is an act of defamation and libel. To associate with Geoffrey Blank is, while constitutionally protected, an act of stupidity and treachery.

As far as I am concerned, Ben Maurer, even the new Lindsey Lohan-style dramatically slimmed down version, is at best a pseudo-leftist and most certainly not an individual with any kind of loyalty to the freedom of expression ethic of anarchists.

Another Blankie in NYMAA is Fran Luck. I believe I first encountered the histrionic Luck years ago at political meetings at the then Rudolph Giuliani-beleaguered Lower East Side radical art collective ABC No Rio. Giulani was hell-bent on evicting the squatter-friendly very "left" oriented ABC No Rio to convert the building into that euphemism known as "affordable housing." In my search for a political solution that would save ABC No Rio and avoid violence, I learned from ABC NO Rio Executive Director Steven Englander, one of Milwaukee's gifts to New York City, that there had been an irregularity in the City Council's handling of the "variance" sought be the Aaffordable housing@ real estate developer. While I suggested accessing the Council, Luck was denouncing me as a "sellout" and urging ABC No Rio activists to throw rocks at Giuliani's police and armor. Luck was looking for a martyred ABC No Rio. I was trying to save the place. Mr. Englander followed my advice and accompanied me on my visit to the City Hall office of then City Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr., father of the incumbent Councilman Peter S. Vallone, Jr. of LIC/Astoria, Queens. Fortunately the Councilmember most responsible for the irregularity, Virginia Fields, happened to pass by and I took the opportunity to tell her about the ABC No Rio problem she had created and to introduce Mr. Englander. A few days later Mr.
Englander learned that all eviction and displacement efforts against ABC No Rio were stopped and ABC No Rio has survived. Fran Luck appears at all sort of Lower East Side events. She also appeared along other some of Geoffrey Blank's clique (like the de facto wacko and true stalker "anarchist" Gary Phaneuf) at a Save Geoffrey Blank from Jail micro-mini protest in Union Square some months ago. When Frank Luck and I cross paths, she either bolts in the opposite direction or, as she did at a NYMAA meeting on the Brad Will murder some weeks ago, gets rude. Pseudo-anarchists Ben Maurer, and Fran Luck, among others, including the Green-connected Geoffrey Blank deserve each other.

As far as NYMAA is concerned, its practice of censorship shows that its commitment to the principles of the First Amendment appears to be superficial at best. Indeed the Blank-infected ruling group there is (oxy)moronic.
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