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UP FRONT News January 22, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Some years ago the tennis star Andre Agassi, a multimillionaire, evidently trying to ward off homelessness, did some advertisements for a camera corporation in which the catchphrase was “image is everything.” I always despised that ad because rewarded pro- fiteering and superficiality simultaneously.

And when it comes to politics, the “image is everything” ethic already defines the cam- paign of the princess empress of profiteering, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mrs. Clinton, no matter how often she criticizes Bush for a War that she helped him begin and sustain, is in fact a Republicrat and, should she win the Democratic nomination, would bring the philosophy of what is described as the “lesser of two evilism” into frightening reality. Mrs. Clinton, no matter what “image” techniques she comes up with to toady up to poor and middle class people and to ethnic minorities, is a candidate of the rich and of the militaristic. She has raised opportunism into an art form to the point where not even her imagistic husband can save her.

Mrs. Clinton’s record of support for the Iraq War is a matter of record and no amount of troop “cap” talk can erase the fact that she has knowingly authorized the continuing de-pletion of our national wealth and our soldiers’ blood for a war that enriches the few, conspicuously including for example Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Corporation. Perhaps the only even remotely positive contribution made to our national political life by the political extremist and once again infiltrator into the left Lyndon H. LaRouche is his reported coining of the term “chicken-hawk” to label George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, two draft dodgers who send others off to fight their wars. Hillary Clinton is a chicken hawk and a hen-hawk.

Hillary Clinton is against the homeless, no matter how many poor neighborhoods she parachutes into during her campaign. Mrs. Clinton’s political friends includes such luxury housing developers as Donald Trump and the Corcoran Group, two of the greed institutions who bear major responsibility for the steadily worsening affordable housing crisis being made worse by bleeding heart rhetoricians such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and developer-friendly City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Quinn being a Clinton backer. A major reason why the quite urgently needed Bringing America Home Act (HR 2879), introduced in 2003 by Congresswoman Julia Carson (D.-Indiana), which is aimed at eliminating homelessness in the U.S., remains in legislative limbo is because Mrs. Clinton hasn’t supported it, although it has been sponsored by a steadily increasing number of Democrats in the House of Representatives. (Some of those representatives, those from New York, are Clinton backers and so she might at some point opportunistically offer some support for such legislation.)

With the possible exception of perhaps potential candidate Rudolph Giuliani, Mrs. Clinton is the worst from the standpoint of human rights. That, however, should be no surprise since her husband as president is among the many who has covered up the continuing Genocide in Chinese Communist occupied Tibet. Why? Money! Mrs. Clinton, like her political pal publisher and media predator Rupert Murdoch, makes a lot of money in China. And it is the China/Tibet issue that helps to make matters between Hillary Clinton and UP FRONT News very personal.

It was UP FRONT News that brought the gruesome facts about the Chinese Genocide in Tibet to Bill Clinton’s direct attention a few political moments after he won election as president in November, 1992. I still have my fax from his secretary Betty M. Currie, with whom I talked at some length several times by telephone from my loft home at the time at 190-A Duane Street in Lower Manhattan to her office at the time in Little Rock. And it was Bill Clinton’s people who had me arrested in the reception area at the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations at the Capitol on January 19, 1993 the day before his first inauguration because I had come, with an invitation, to testify against Clinton’s nomination of Warren Christopher as Secretary of State because Christopher had deep-sixed the material I faxed him about Tibet.

And it is Hillary Clinton who, upon learning of my pro-Tibet activities vis a vis her husband, retaliated directly against me by violating her constituent-service responsibilities by denying me urgently needed assistance with a Social Security matter when I was homeless in Staten Island and had been robbed of my hotel rent money. And it was Hillary Clinton who had her “investigator” Mr. Zimmerman voice an explicit threat against me over the telephone when, after getting no replies to my calls to her constituent services person Yajaira Yepez in the NYC office, I called the Washington office. And it was Hillary Clinton who, in the form of a September 5, 2003 e-mail from Yepez to my brother Jim in upstate New York who did her part for family relations by defaming me.

And it is Hillary Clinton and her pseudo-feminist network, which evidently includes autocratic types like the aforementioned Quinn and her paranoid friend NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, who think they can intimidate me, which Gotbaum (with whom I have been personally acquainted via a member of my family since 1979) did by trying to have me arrested when I was at her office for a scheduled appointment with her Chief of Staff to discuss staff abuse of homeless people in shelters and drop-in centers. Gotbaum, whose links to the Central Intelligence Agency were first reported in UP FRONT News and then under-reported in some mainstream media, made things much worse during a televised campaign debate in 2005 when she referred to me as a “stalker.” Christine Quinn for her part, who covered up staff abuse of homeless people at the Partnership for the Homeless’ drop-in center “Peter’s Place” on West 23rd Street in the heart of her Council district, took credit for pro-Tibet resolution #802 in 2001 which I did all the lobbying for. That resolution, which waxed eloquent about the very bad things the Chinese Communists are doing to the Tibetans, left out the most important issue, i.e. that, to the deep, deep dismay of Tibetans and other human rights advocates everywhere, the 2008 Olympic Games are scheduled to be played in Beijing. Mrs. Quinn has yet to respond to my January 30, 2006 e-mail to her from me despite my very polite very direct reminders to her. Indeed, Quinn’s autocratic influence extends to the apparently Clinton-docile Councilman from Staten Island, Michael McMahon, who, like Clinton, has refused to assist me with some very problems I’ve experienced with several City agencies and with having been abused at a drop-in center run by Project Hospitality right in his district.

Hillary Clinton is corrupt and unqualified for the presidency! As regards Barack Obama, if he was so against the war before her became a U.S. Senator, he certainly kept his opposition rather muted. If the election were today, I’d be voting for John Edwards.
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