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UP FRONT News March 14, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
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Tracy Denton is a political official of Democracy for New York City (DFNYC), which is the local affiliate of Democracy for America, the national political action committee founded by Howard Dean. Deaniac Denton is also something of a fascist.
On February 27, 2005, I announced that I was running as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate against the incumbent Republicrat Hillary Clinton. Some weeks later, having developed an all-volunteer campaign organization, I contacted DFNYC to arrange for the organization’s posting of my candidacy on its website and to arrange for me to speak at the group’s link-ups. I was referred to Tracy Denton. While I continued to receive piles of Denton’s propaganda e-mails, I received no reply to my recurrent e-mails to her. The lame excuse provided by a DFNYC worker named Heather was that Ms. Denton was in Europe. (As I understand it Denton was doing her part for world liberation by hanging out at the Winter Olympics and then socializing in the Netherlands. My reply was that I was unaware that the Netherlands did not have the internet.
Among the people who became part of my campaign was Steven Gradman, a political science professor at Touro College and the long time organizer of the John Edwards NYC meet-up. Mr. Gradman, a progressive and well-known activist in the Democratic Party and a member of DFNYC, was the Communications Coordinator for my campaign. Mr. Gradman introduced me to DFNYC Finance Director Lewis Cohen, Ms. Denton’s
immediate boss. At a fairly polite confrontation at a DFNYC meeting at the Pioneer Bar in Lower Manhattan, Ms. Lewis heard my complaints about Ms. Denton and had my name posted on the DFNYC website. By that time, Ms. Denton had already become the de facto publicist for Jonathan Tasini, who announced his “candidacy” many months after I did. I had already had a few run-ins with Tasini, one of whose aides, a character named Charles Lenchner (about whom there is much more to come), actually shoved me at a public anti-War meeting at which I wanted to speak.
It was Denton’s job to arrange for speaking spots for all Senate candidates at the DFNYC link-ups in the five boroughs. Denton, most reluctantly, arranged for one, in Bayside, Queens. I took care of all the rest. In the coming weeks and months I became the target of a series of Tasini-generated threats and intimidations, several of which in- volved Charles Lenchner and also Tracy Denton. Indeed, Mr. Gradman invited me to two DFNYC-connected meetings at which, to his amazement, I was threatened by Tasini sup- porters. Since I had also been threatened by a number of people connected to the Lenora Fulani and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-infiltrated Green Party, and by a politically moti- vated pseudo-left neo-fascist with actual terrorist links named Geoffrey Blank, I took the proper steps in reporting matters to local and federal law enforcement, where interest inevitably picks up as soon as one mentions the name of the federally convicted felon LaRouche.
On June 20, DFNYC held its U.S. Senate endorsement meeting. Denton’s e-mail an- nounced Hillary Clinton and Jonathan Tasini as the candidates. In reply to my e-mail she sent me an e-mail threatening me with arrest at the meeting. I, and several supporters, arrived at the Light Restaurant in midtown Manhattan (DFNYC appeals almost exlusive- ly to a monied “liberal” crowd) just as Mr. Cohen arrived. He assured me that there will be no arrest and that I could speak as a candidate. When Denton arrived she could be ob- served in a quite high decibel whispered argument with Cohen. While Mr. Cohen kept his promise about no arrest and my speaking, he did nothing about the fact that Denton and Tasini had arranged to remove my name from the endorsement ballot. As far as I am con- cerned, Denton’s threat to have me arrested is a criminal act since I was breaking no law and simply exercising my constitutional rights. Her name, like that of one of her apparent political role model LaRouche, is with law enforcement.
It was with considerable interest that I examined an article in the September 1, 2006 issue of LaRouche’s magazine, Executive Intelligence Review. The EIR correspondent- interviewer ) of a Hamas and Hezbollah-sympathetic Israeli named Uri Avneri is none other than Charles Lenchner, identified as a (past?) supporter of Dennis Kucinich and the New York State Coordinator of the Progressive Democrats of America, similar in
“liberal” ideology but Machiavellian tactics to Denton’s DFNYC. Lyndon LaRouche is a dedicated totalitarian who is the closest reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in America. Like Hitler, he comes on as a radical, even as a “socialist.” He hurls insults at “conservatives.” He believes in the superiority of German culture, that only classical music is worth listening to and that rock ‘n’ roll, country, jazz, and other genres of music should be destroyed. He hurls insults at conservatives. Only total LaRouche loyalists work for him. Charles Lenchner is a fascist and so apparently is Tasini collaborator Tracy Denton.
LaRouche’s name openly mentioned yields almost universal comments reflecting
revulsion among those who know about him. LaRouche, who runs one of the most tightly controlled cults in history, works through surrogates, many of them talking the talk of the left. They include, directly or logistically indirectly, people like Fulani, “psychotherapist” Fred Newman, Paul Zulkowitz and Gerald Kann of the Greens, a thug named George Tatevosyan, Webster Tarpley, Les Jamieson (of the so-called “9/11 Truth”), Geoffrey Blank, Jonathan Tasini, and quite apparently Tracey Denton and Charles Lenchner.
LaRouche is a registered Democrat. And so it is not entirely surprising that Lenchner’s name should appear on a list of campaign workers for presidential candidate John Ed- wards. I have advised Mr. Edwards, through his top staff that he has a LaRouchie in his midst. A LaRouche-ite, as distinct from a LaRouchie (such as the LaRouche-employed Lenchner), is someone who may or may not be a part of the LaRouche cult structure but does his work. In Tracy Denton, Howard Dean has a LaRouche-ite in the Democratic Party midst.
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