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UP FRONT News April 10, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”
While I am not gay, I am 100% for gay rights, including marriage. I mention this so that, in response to my strong political opposition the prominent gay politician New York City Council Speaker and mayoral wannabe Christine Quinn, I am not accused of being anti-gay.
Christine Quinn developed her constituent power base as an advocate of both tenants rights and gay rights. What Ms. Quinn has essentially done, in her Hillary Clinton-like quest for increased power and wealth at any cost, is to use the gay rights issue as a Trojan Horse with liberal Democrats while turning her back on the poor and the near poor and showing a Michael Bloomberg-Republican hostility to human rights in general. At the same time she has shown herself to be greedy.
Christine Quinn became Speaker by virtue of a classic backroom power play that totally excluded millions of New Yorkers. By making a number of politically lucrative promises, e.g. Committee Chairmanships and the “lulus” (cash extras on top of salary) that go with them, to for example the political bosses in Queens and Brooklyn, Speaker candidates such as Leroy Comrie ad David Weprin from Queens and Bill de Blasio from Brooklyn were neutralized and Quinn was anointed as Speaker.
As Speaker Ms. Quinn, while ritualistically occasionally expressing some partisan reservations about some Bloomberg policies, has been an ally of a mayor who is actively trying to turn New York City over to the developers while patronizing the poor and the homeless. While Ms. Quinn for a time seemed to solidify her status as a tenants’ rights advocate by opposing Bloomberg’s plan to place Jets Stadium in her community of Chelsea, she had little choice since her entire neighborhood and all its elected officials opposed the Stadium. Her position was about as brave as that of a resident of Crawford, Texas endorsing George W. Bush. When it came to the threat to the South Bronx repre- sented by New York Yankee owner George Steinbrenner and his luxury box-rich new Yankee Stadium, Christine Quinn, like almost every other politician, endorsed a give- way that, aside from catalyzing over-development and gentrification in the South Bronx, also sacrificed two legendary City parks. And if one visits for example the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the proliferation of luxury commercial and residential development is suggestive of corporate-dominated areas of Westchester and Long Island. Under the Quinnberg Administration, very much like its predecessors, New York City is getting a great deal of what it least needs, luxury housing
Christine Quinn, who, like the billionaire Bloomberg, recurrently waxes political about
the poor, saw fit to ram through a conveniently compliant Council Intro. #458, whereby,
in a poverty-riddled city, the Council dramatically raised its own salary (for a part-time job) and that of a bunch of high level mayoral aides. The most vigorous opponent of that salary grab, by the way, was City Councilman Tony Avella, a candidate for Mayor, the job that Christine Quinn wants very, very much.
Christine Quinn is in many ways a wholly-owned political subsidiary of the classically opportunistic Hillary Clinton, a politician who has made a lot of money in the slave state known as Communist China, which practices Genocide in Tibet. That is why Ms. Quinn refuses to respond to my e-mail to her of January 30, 2006 and refuses to complete the critical missing piece, regarding opposition to the Beijing Olympics of 2008, that she left out of her pro-Tibet City Council resolution #802 a couple of years ago that I lobbied for.
It is a matter of record that, while the NYPD has a legitimate role to play when it comes to regulating traffic, police have misused permit matters. I was once arrested by the In-
spector of the 13th precinct for a public speaking permit violation. The inspector told me that he would deny me a permit request under any circumstances because he objected to the politics I was expressing. (I was speaking against the Iraq War, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and Hillary Clinton in Union Square.) Michael Bloomberg has already shown his Cheney/ Bush-like approach to the Bill of Rights in his handling of the RNC protests in 2004 (after he had the bad taste to invite NYC-disrespecting Bush and Cheney to have their convention here in the first place). The Speaker, in supporting the Bloomberg posi- tion on permit requirements for “marches”, speaks for the Quinnberg Administration.
Remember The Who. Let’s not get fooled again!
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