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UP FRONT News July 21, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

The last time Cindy Sheehan spoke in Union Square in Manhattan, on September 19, 2005, the event resulted in a near riot – thanks to self appointed peace activist, Paul (“Zool”) Zulkowitz of the Green Party.

Mr. Zulkowitz, essentially an agent of pseudo-left neo-fascists such as the notorious
ous racist Lenora Fulani and her political godfathers Fred Newman and convicted felon Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., had invited Ms. Sheehan to speak at his “Camp Casey” operation in Union Square. Ms. Sheehan had little if any way of knowing that, under the Zulkowitz Administration, “Camp Casey” had become an outpost for political thugs like the demagogue Geoffrey Blank, whose use of the term “socialism” is ideologically comparable to Adolf Hitler’s. The day-to-day operation of “Camp Casey” was given to a boozer who called himself “Totay”, who morphed the encampment into a de facto homeless shelter and speakeasy for himself and his girl friend while sustaining his habits by helping himself to the donation jar. I’m sure Ms. Sheehan would have been thrilled to learn that “Camp Casey” became a place to post and distribute the literature of the megalomaniac LaRouche, one of the few people in history, as revealed by his unauthorized biographer Dennis King (see to have simultaneously collaborated with
the Elijah Muhammad wing of the Black Muslims and the KKK. Since being released from a federal penitentiary some years ago after doing major time for credit card and mail fraud, LaRouche has been busy trying achieve what he calls “hegemony over the left.” He does this via surrogates such as Fulani and Zulkowitz, among many others, by outlefting progressives and parasiting onto various movements such as those for peace, tenants rights, and civil liberties. “Camp Casey” was such an operation.

Paul Zulkowitz has over the years played a major role in the ultimately very divisive Ralph Nader presidential candidacies that have, just as LaRouche planned, helped give us eight years of Cheney/Bush. As a past supporter of Ralph Nader’s ideas suggesting eco-nomic democracy I was involved in his NYC meetups, which as it turned out were little more than front groups for Fulani, autocratically run by Fulaniites like Zulkowitz, Gerald Kann, Cathy Sadell and Sadell’s thug of a husband George Tatevosyan – who collaborated with Kann in a witnessed physical assault on me to prevent my attending a Nader news conference in Manhattan in April, 2004.

In order to hold an event in a City park involving an amplified sound device, it is necessary for the organizer to obtain, in addition to a Park’s Department permit, a sound device permit from the NYPD. Union Square had become a major permit battleground thanks in part to the NYPD’s 13 precinct, run by an apparent Bush fan named Inspector McEnroy and the demagogue Blank, whose idea of free speech was to monopolize a bullhorn with egomaniacal pseudo-left rants and threaten those (e.g.) me who disagreed with him. Paul Zulkowitz lied to a bunch of people, most certainly including myself in his claims that he had the required permit for the Sheehan event. His occasionally sober assistant Totay consistently refused my requests to see the permit.

And so, on September 19, 2005 as Ms. Sheehan, introduced by Zulkowitz, was speaking before several hundred people in Union Square, a contingent from the 13th precinct showed up. The cops allowed Ms. Sheehan to finish her talk and immediately busted Zulkowitz, a smallish white man with serious delusions of being a Black Panther. Still under the impression that there had been a permit I was arrested later the same day at the same spot. The next day I spoke to Totay, who immediately admitted that there had been no permit and that Zulkowitz had staged his own arrest. The manipulator Zulkowitz quite apparently had hoped to engineer the arrest of Ms. Sheehan and himself, thereby catapulting him into media covered heroism. On this occasion, the 13th precinct, by allowing Ms. Sheehan to speak and then busting Zulkowitz, played it smart politically.

I wrote about the scam in widely circulated articles in UP FRONT News, where I had already exposed Geoffrey Blank for the neo-fascist that he is. A few weeks later an activist known to both Zulkowitz and myself told me that “Zool”, citing my criticism of him and Blank, had sent e-mails to his friends announcing his planned suicide, reportedly to be accomplished by jumping off a certain bridge in Nassau County. When the local po- lice got to his door they offered him a choice between incarceration and involuntary psychiatric commitment. He chose the hospital.

Quite apparently he was prematurely discharged as I learned from a mutual acquaintance that, upon his release, he was planning to shoot me with a 357 Magnum in his possession. It should be no surprise that, like LaRouche, and Blank, Paul Zulkowitz is a watched man at all levels of law enforcement. As far as I am concerned, since the definition of “terrorist” is a person who uses intimidation and violence for political ends, all three are terrorists.

Paul Zulkowitz, using his enticing “zooltheart&politics” e-mail, has circulated his invitation to attend Ms. Sheehan’s next appearance in Union Square, scheduled for Friday, July 27.

I’ve met and talked with Cindy Sheehan several times, first when I was running against Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Senate as a Democratic write-in candidate. She knows UP FRONT News. I think she is correct in calling for an immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq. I think she is wrong in calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush, which is about as likely to happen, as I’ve suggested elsewhere, as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays winning the American League pennant. Even worse would be a miracle whereby Bush is removed from office before the end of his term, a development which make Big Dick Cheney president, a prospect that would transform virtual fascism into the real thing.

Cindy Sheehan needs to wake up and if necessary Impeach Paul Zulkowitz.
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