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UP FRONT News July 26, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

"The paper that can't be sold and can't be sold."

As is the case with many people, I originally became supportive of John Edwards’ presidential aspirations because of his readiness to give prominence to the issue of poverty in America. Indeed, when he ran for the presidency in 2004, when I was homeless and staying at a drop-in center called Peter’s Place in Manhattan, Edwards’ people were immediately responsive to my invitation to participate in a candidates’ debate at Peter’s Place. Mr. Edwards was represented by campaign staffer Terrance Tolbert and John Kerry was represented by his sister Peggy Kerry. Edwards’ representative won hands down. I also thought that the Democratic ticket would have done better against the Bush ticket if it had been Edwards/Kerry instead of Kerry/Edwards.

I was among those who urged Mr. Edward to run again for the 2008 nomination. Indeed, I told him so personally on a couple of occasions, as well as in UP FRONT News and by e-mail. For several years I have been a participant in the NYC Edwards meet-up led by political science professor Steven Gradman. Mr. Gradman is a true humanitarian and progressive and I was glad to have him serve as the volunteer Media Coordinator for my Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton.

As Mr. Gradman, who has very direct links to Mr. Edwards and his campaign, is fully aware, I have for months been attempting to get the recurrently human rights eloquent Edwards to say something about in particular the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet and the very related issue of opposition to the 2008 Olympics scheduled to be played in Beijing. While Mr. Edwards has been among those who is very vocal about the Genocide in Darfur, he, like so many others, becomes mute on the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. I have been in direct telephone e-mail contact on this issue with Mr. Edwards via his campaign manager David Bonior, and high-level staffers including Matthew Nelson and Andy Solari. Another campaign big shot, the Working Families Party-connected Peter Hatch, whom I met at a Edwards talk in Manhattan belatedly sent me an evasive response to my e-mail.

What I have received is little more than evasive delaying tactics primarily from Mr. Solari. Solari asked me to e-mail him some information about Tibet so that he can give it to unnamed “appropriate parties.” In fact I have already e-mailed plenty of information and there is more information online at and, as the Edwards campaign is fully aware. Additionally, as I have informed Mr. Solari, much of the information if not online. I have no intention of sending it by regular mail and so I have suggested a meeting. Since the issue is Genocide, while I would prefer to meet in New York, where the campaign has staff, I even offered to travel – at the Edwards campaign’s expense – to North Carolina where the campaign is headquartered. Mr. Gradman told me that it was not likely that the campaign would foot the bill. My reply included a reference to the famous $400 Edwards haircut. John Edwards’ attempt to parlay populist rhetoric with the lifestyle of the rich and famous is a failure. Jay Leno’s writers were correct as was revealed in a “Tonight Show” monologue some months ago when, commenting upon the multimillion dollar Edwards estate, Mr. Leno asked, “is this ‘the other America’ that Edwards is talking about?” No amount of rationalization can explain away Edwards’ willingness to take huge salary to work for a hedge fund, which is one of capitalism’s most predatory creations.

Some months ago, Mr. Gradman showed me an Edwards campaign e-mail announcing that one Charles Lenchner was working in the Edwards campaign. Mr. Gradman brought that fact to my attention because Lenchner is guilty of several criminal harassments against me perpetrated when he worked for so-called Senate “candidate” Jonathan Tasini. Mr. Gradman became even more interested in Lenchner when some months ago I showed him proof of Lenchner’s direct association with the mega-fascist and convicted felon Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., via LaRouche’s magazine, the Executive Intelligence Review. Of course, since LaRouche is the closest thing to a well-disguised Hitler in existence, I immediately informed the Edwards campaign, from David Bonior on down, by telephone and e-mail. No response.

A candidate who is unwilling to speak out on a Genocide of which he has been made fully aware, who is unwilling to remove a fascist in his campaign, and who does not respond to e-mails, while continuing to ask me for money, is not qualified to be president.

Hillary Clinton of course, with her financial interests in China, will continue to be a participant in the coverup of the Genocide in Tibet. I think that Hillary Clinton is hopelessly corrupt and is attempting to become the Empress of the United States. I’ve said and written before that, unless the Republicans nominate, say, David Duke for president, there is no way I would vote for Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden has expressed a high regard for her, which shows me that he is not a good judge of character, rendering him very similar to George Bush. Barack Obama, who has gotten some information about Tibet and UP FRONT News from me via his wife Michelle, with whom I spent a few minutes at a recent fundraiser in Harlem, maybe from my perspective too close to the Wall Street and real estate developer crowd. Mike Gravel’s chances are not better than mine and it seems that Dennis Kucinich’s are not much better than Gravel’s.

With regard to Bill Richardson, any candidate that takes on China and the 2008 Olympics in connection with China’s involvement in the Genocide in Darfur, as did Mr. Richardson in a candidate’s debate, becomes interesting to me. I am hopeful that Tibet and UP FRONT News will be of interest to him.

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