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UP FRONT News September 24, 2007
"The paper that can't be bought and can't sold."
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
Publisher: Tom Weiss


As many people - including to the apparent deep quite overtly hysterical consternation of a tightly controlled club calling itself the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists, or NYMAA - are aware, I have been somewhat supportive of the presidential candidacy of John Edwards. Indeed, I've met him and spoken directly with him on a few brief occasions and I was among those who many months ago urged him to run for president. I had also supported him in the 2004 Democratic primary.

A main reason why I encouraged him to run is because of the politically (to me) unaccept- able spectre of Hillary Clinton as president (and as U.S. Senator for that matter).
I thought the more progressive and hardly indigent Edwards could beat her and even more
easily beat any Republican nominee. I also thought that, even if Edwards was not pure enough for the elitists in the "anarchist" group, he was "left" enough to convnce Ralph Nader not to again help out the Republicans on behalf of the Lyndon LaRouche/Lenora Fulani-infiltrated Greens.

I view Republicrat Hillary Clinton as political anathema. As Hollywood powerhouse David Geffen correctly said about both presidentially inclined Clintons, they lie with such ease. The reality is that, in her habitual pandering to liberals, while she rails about being up against a
"right wing conspiracy", in her deep financial and political association with the worst corpo-
porate predators around (Murdoch, Trump, the Corocoran Group, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.) Hillary Clinton IS a right wing conspiracy. The only more pro-War Democrat around has been Joe Lieberman. The only reason she is now against the Iraq War is because almost the entire country is. On that issue there is no question that, regardless of his other foreign policy views, Barack Obama emerges as a political prophet when compared with Mrs. Clinton (who is wedded to "profit"). John Edwards, much slower than Obama to reject the Iraq War, is a second string prophet on that issue.

I have to admit (and if she is honest, which she is not, Mrs. Clinton should admit) it is
somewhat "personal" between Mrs. Clinton and me. She's known about me since at least 1993 when her husband's people had me arrested at the U.S. Capitol on the day before Bill Clinton's January 20, 1993 first inauguration, when I came to DC to testify before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in opposition to Warren Christopher as Secretary of State because he, like President-elect Bill Clinton, had deep-sixed the documents I faxed to then via Clinton secretary Betty M. Currie on the Chinese Communist Genocide in Occupied Tibet. Mrs. Clinton, directly and via her pal Rupert Murdoch, is tight with the genocidal
corporate regime in "Communist China." She and Murdoch make a lot of money in that slave state - which according to published reports operates a concentration camp where Falun Gong people are tortured and killed. Mrs. Clinton, like her consistently China and corpora-ion-compliant husband, is fully aware that over one million Tibetans have died as a direct consequence of the racist (Tibetans are a dark race, the Chinese are light complexioned) occupation of Tibet. Mrs. Clinton is a principal player in the coverup of the Genocide in Tibet.
After Mrs. Clinton carpetbagged her way into the U.S. Senate - and perhaps forgetting about my activities vis a vis her husband on Tibet - Mrs. Clinton once helped me obtain an expedited Social Security check when I had an emergency and, via a political connection, I was able to access her quite directly. A few years later in a more dire emergency situation (I was homeless and had been robbed of my hotel rent money), by which time she once again became aware of my still very visible Tibet activities, she not only rejected my request for help, she had me placed under surveillance and via her investigator "Mr. Zimmerman" threatened me and had her constitutent services hack, Yajaira Yepez send a defamatory and threatening e-mail about me to my brother Jim in upstate New York. Hillary Clinton should be running for president of China.

Those were some of the reasons I decided in the spring of 2005 to run against her for the U.S. Senate. (In fact I had to run also against two Lyndon LaRouche/Lenora Fulani-choreo-
graphed "candidates", Jonathan Tasini and Green Party dictator Howie Hawkins, both of whom - entering the race well after I started my campaign - ran denouncing Clinton but actually to help her (sort of like Nader's services to Cheney/Bush over the years.) Clinton reacted by silently refusing my offers to debate and by making certain that no one in what she perceives of as her personally acquired Democratic Party in New York deals with me as a constituent or as an advovate. One of the main officers in Hillary Clinton's Wehrmacht is the boss of the New York City Council, Speaker Christine Quinn. The Flighty Quinn, among other really bad things she has done over the years, has refused to respond to my January 30, 2006 e-mail regarding urged City Council resolution citing Tibet and caling for the removal of the 2008 Olympic Games from Beijing. Quinn is also a main ingredient in what I call the Quinnberg Administration, which is involved in a shell game of pontificating about tenants rights and homelessness while giving the City away to the developers and ignoring staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers and shelters.

I live in Staten Island which is (despite an instensfying challenge from UP FRONT News) a media monopoly run by the entrenchment-protecting Staten Island Advance. In a borough with a relatively large number of Republicans, the very autocratically run Democrats (concentrated on the North Shore, where I live) the Republicrat Clinton controls things like Mayor Richard Daley used to do in Chicago. It is a fact however that the Clinton/Quinn machine has angered the growing anti-War community in Staten Island and that many African-Americans are disgusted with in particular Quinn who, indulging her royalty complex, took it upon herself to disrespect black people by refusing to permit several blocks of a street in Brooklyn to be re-named after black nationalist Sonny Abubadika Carson. (I can only speculate about the double-talk that would emerge from Clinton - who lives in uniquely lily-white Chappaqua - on the Carson issue.)

John Edwards has emerged as little more than what can be derivisively called a typical politician. He spouts about poverty and then - aside from the absurd $400 haircut (he can get one for much less even in NYC, I know several places from which he would emerge looking just as good, at least cosmetically - takes big bucks from one of Rupert Murdoch's publishjig subsidiaries and from a hedge fund. Edwards promised long ago to at least say something about Tibet and about the matter of the Beijing Olympics. In fact, he joins Hillary Clinton and George Bush as participants in the Coverup of the Genocide in Tibet. John Ed- ward has been in e-mail no-comment mode to me for a long time and so theris no way of knowing if this lawyer/cash magnet has invested in that hedge fund known as China.

Hillary Clinton is very glad that John Edwards continues to run although (except for Iowa in which state he has become as near resident for many months) he is very much in third place. The only Democrat with a chance to prevent Mrs. Clinton from literally purchasing the Democratic nomination, is Barack Obama. John Edwards only interest in New York is for meda attention and fund raising. He has provided almost no support to loyalists such as college professor Steven Gradman. Mr. Gradman has for several years organized the Edwards NYC meetups. Compared with the Obama meetup operation here, it's like the Bronx
High School of Science baseball team against the Yankees. Maybe Edwards is not happy that Mr. Gradman - who is not just a rhetorical progressive, he is a working one - served as the Media Coordinator for my U.S. Democratic write-in campaign for the Senate against Mrs. Clinton.
Obama and Edwards in fact split the very, very substantial anti-Hillary vote among Demo-
crats. Republican Karl Rove was right when he described Mrs. Clinton as a "fatally flawed" candidate. Despite the American voters' history of allowing ourselves to get duped (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, et. al.), I think most people, left, middle and right, do not want to elect someone (again) that one cannot trust at all.

I hope that John Edwards decides he would much rather be the vice-presidential candidate on for example a ticket headed by Barack Obama, which could thrash the Republicans, than become possibly the first person to lose twice as a Democratic vice-presidential nominee -
by running on a ticket headed by the Leona Helmsley of politics. Tom Weiss, Publisher -
c.c. Steven Gradman
Willard Whittingham, Editorial Advisor - UP FRONT News
Rev. Demetrius Carolina, Pastor - First Central Baptist Church, Staten Island
Hon. Tony Avella, New York City Council
Hon. Charles Barron, New York City Council
Designated political and human rights leaders

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