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UP FRONT News September 7, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


In the 1930’s perhaps the most potent anarchist movement in modern times lived in pre-Spanish Civil War Spain under the democratically elected governments of the Fifth Republic. The Spanish anarchists, some of whom ran for office and many of whom voted, were a significant part of the large Spanish left, which also included all sorts of socialists and the Stalin-controlled Communists.

The anarchists and just about all of the Spanish left were nearly obliterated by General- issimo Francisco Franco, aided and abetted openly and infiltration-wise by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini – with substantial assistance from Stalin, who enjoyed killing anarcists and non-Communist socialists as much as he did shooting Franco’s fascists (known as Falangists).

Hitler, et. al. aimed at bringing fascism to Spain (in which he succeeded) and bringing Spain into the Axis (in which he failed, as the partly Jewish Hitler-detesting Franco defied Hitler’s demands to enter World War II as a German ally, in a not sufficiently famous meeting between the two in 1941 in the village of Hendaye on the French side of the border with Spain in the Pyrenees; Franco did not want Hitler on even a centimeter of Spanish territory).

Aside from helping Franco win the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) by having his Luftwaf- fe and Mussolini’s air force practice up on the citizens of Guernica, and providing much other military support, Hitler accomplished his goal of bringing fascism to Spain through the use of The Fifth Column. The Hitler-conceived Fifth Column was made up of fascists masquerading as leftists: infiltrators who sold out Spain from within the left.

The same thing is happening today – and it is the master of the revived Fifth Column, the mega-fascist and megalomaniac Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. who is orchestrating mat- ters and exercizing a direct and vicious influence on American, and therefore world, politics today. And he is getting help from some in a group calling itself the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists (NYMAA). Aiding and abetting LaRouche in his impersonation of the left in the service of totalitarianism and racism are a bunch of infiltrators in the Green Party, and a host of “left” groups such as World Can’t Wait, ANSWER, Troops Out Now, the International Action Center, the Workers World Party, and to be very sure the fraudulent operation calling itself “9/11 Truth.”

Fascists are different from “conservatives”, although both are identified with the Right. Conservatives (e.g. John McCain, George Will, William Buckley) denounce the left. Fascists impersonate the left. Adolf Hitler campaigned as a working class advocate of “socialism.” His first political grouping was the German Workers Party, which later became the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazis. In order to undermine the very fragile democratic Post World war I Weimar Republic, Hitler, using “proletarian” thugs like the Brownshirts, collaborated with the Communists – and then of course murdered the Reds. And then first gradually and later cataclysmically he went primarily after the Jews. Lyndon LaRouche is doing the same.

Various political events draw open members of LaRouche’s political cult, which, since LaRouche, (particularly during the pathetic Bush years) has gone “left” raps peace and populism. They sit at tables distributing literature that denounces Bush and declares that Lyndon LaRouche is an infallible savior and genius. Like ants at a picnic they showed up in some numbers at the recent anti-War march in Newark sponsored by the Peace and Justice Coalition. They were led by the wife of New Jersey LaRouchite Dennis Speed; sort of a “Speed trap.”

LaRouche has declared that the only music worth listening to is German classical and that all other forms of music should vanish. I always have the same response. I think Beethoven, at least musically speaking, was a genius, especially taking into account the fact that he wrote some of his greatest work when he was stone deaf. If also am quite sure that if he had to listen to LaRouche’s polysyllabic drivel, he would wish he was deaf. I mention this so that those who consider themselves “apolitical” and therefore profess to have no interest in the doings and don’tings of laRouche, will contemplate a LaRouche-ruled America without the music of for example, Johnny Cash, Charlie Parker, Elvis Presley, Otis Redding and my favorite Marty Stuart.

It’s the camouflaged LaRouche-ites throughout the somewhat amorphous landscape of the left (which includes non-voter registered anarchists and quite a number of registered Democrats – such as for example New York City Councilman Charles Barron, and me) who are the most dangerous. LaRouche is a convicted felon, having spent about seven years in a couple of federal penitentiaries for mail and credit card fraud (which, considering LaRouche’s history, is analagous to convicting George Bush of a parking violation). While the octogenarian LaRouche entertains his cult (larger in Europe where he has his Germany-worshiping Schiller Institute) with webcasts and his newspaper, The New Federalist and magazine, Executive Intelligence Review, he knows that most Americans who know of him regard him as a perhaps obsolete crackpot. He therefore works the left through surrogates.

His most well known surrogates are the African-American racist Lenora Fulani and her self-hating Jewish mentor “Dr.” Fred Newman, a “psychotherapist” and creator of the sex-with-your-patient practice of “social therapy.” Fulani, who is falling all over herself in, after many years, retracting her claim that Jews an masse are responsible for the murders of “people of color”, has consistently split the left with her repeated candidacies and endorsements of reactionaries and is very responsible for the elections of George Pataki, George Bush and Michael Bloomberg in that order. Newman, who is regarded as an ad-vocate of pedophilia (sort of like Mao Zedong, who had a taste for pre-pubescents), once described Jews as the “stormtroopers of decadent capitalism.” LaRouche, back in the 1960’s and 1970’s known at City College as the Marxist Lyn Marcus, then collaborated with faculty colleague Newman to create something called “If…then”, which, when combined with Newman’s International Workers Party (sound familiar?), became the voice of “left” neo-fascism known as the New Alliance Party. After a number of years of polluting the political atmosphere in New York – and getting exposed by this newspaper – the NAP died.

Singing the seductive siren song of “independent” politics, after trying to climb into a series of political beds with Ross Perot and Patrick Buchanan among others, Fulani launched the so-called Independent Party of New York. It was the Fulani-dictated IPNY endorsements of Michael Bloomberg that have given us his regime of real estate over- development and hostility to human rights. Fulani however got into trouble with others in the IPNY for her Jew-hating rhetoric and she was at least nominally deposed from her positions of authority. By that time Fulani, whose every move is dictated by LaRouche (best source is investigative reporter Dennis King at, had already moved in on the Greens.

The major infiltrator in that effort has been Paul (“Zool”) Zulkowitz of Long Island (and sometimes Brooklyn). Zulkowitz, a dedicated Fulaniite, is a ranking member of the Green Party of New York. He works closely with the autocratic Green Party boss Howie Hawkins of Syracuse. If Zulkowitz needs politically motivated violence against someone like me he calls on one or more of three horrible people who should be deported from the borough of Queens: the psychopathic and now disgraced demagogue Geoffrey Blank, the thug George Tatevosyan or the twice soundly defeated Green Party City Council candidate Gerald (“Can’t”) Kann. Zulkowitz in April, 2004, when I was invited by presidential candidate Ralph Nader to attend his Manhattan news conference, had me physically assaulted by Tatevosyan under the watchful eyes of Kann in the lobby of the press conference building to prevent me asking Nader a question about Fulani, who was there.

The Ralph Nader Green Party candidacies were in fact orchestrated and, at least in New York, run by Fulani/LaRouche for the specific purpose of electing the reactionary Cheney Bush team, even as, in typical fascist fashion, they denounced the Republicans. With the “elections” of Bush/Cheney, social conditions as expected deteriorated. And that is precisely what fascists need to advance politically. The best case example is post-World War I Germany where, in the midst of mass economic misery, Hitler rose to power.

LaRouche, like Fulani, hates Jews. It is not surprising therefore, to find the way out “left” (which LaRouche covets even as he praises FDR and has LaRouche moles like Charles Lenchner tapeworming Democrats like Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards) spouting some anti-Jewish racist trash. Some of that is to be found on Saturday afternoons on the traffic island next to Union Square in a protest disguised as being for Palestinian rights. That group is led by a out-and-out Holocaust denying neo-nazi named Andy Kellerman, said to work for the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. Kellerman, who has a very short and violent temper, and who can almost instantly vanish if he sees his picture about to be taken, has told me that there was no Nazi Holocaust and that the whole story was made up by the Jews. His pals include a dour-faced lady named Ann Roos who sometimes wears signs supporting suicide bombers.

Les Jamieson and Webster Tarpley play a similar LaRouche infiltration role in the so-called “9/11 Truth” group based at St. Mark’s in-the-Bowery Church. Jamieson, who can sometimes be seen chatting amiably with the zombies at LaRouche tables, is also an operative in the Revolutionary Communist Party-spawned World Can’t Wait cult.

Until being exposed in this newspaper after manipulating Cindy Sheehan with his Union Square-based “Camp Casey” in 2005 (see UFN article “Dear Cindy Sheehan: Don’t Get ‘Zooled’ Again…”) Paul Zulkowitz had been a ubiquitous figure on the left: at peace meetings, anti-police brutality press conferences, and sometimes at meetings of the so-called New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists.

NYMAA, which is supposed to be an organization that, at the very least, respects the rights of free speech, is anything but. Based on my experience at some meetings and at the NYMAA discussion forum, Joe McCarthy could find a home among New York’s anarchists. Some months ago, when I sent an e-mail to the NYMAA discussion forum (list-serve) containing a mildly complimentary comment about Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, the response was something of a mini-tsunami of hate mail, a good deal of it from a guy who hides behind an e-mail moniker of “J” and who likes to play his race cards early. When I responded to critical e-mails, I was told that I was over-using the list-serve and, without a hearing, “unsubscribed.” That Stalin-like purge was retracted at a later NYMAA Assembly after I and some of my supporters demanded a hearing.

A couple of weeks ago, in response to a NYMAA person’s posting of an e-mail in connection with her contemplated trip to China, I replied in an e-mail, stating that China has perhaps the worst human rights record in the world and that, what’s more, the Chinese government is rather notorious when it comes to surveillance – of Americans and Chinese. I certainly mentioned the fact of China’s over half century long genocide in occu-pied Tibet. In response I got some support but also a torrent of abuse from “J” and a sort of fatwa from a character named Skip. I think I’ve been “unsubscribed.” These are the tactics of fascists. And since Paul Zulkowitz and other pseudo-left infiltrators like the one time Geoffrey Blank go-fer Benjamin Maurer have been quite active with NYMAA, the LaRouche infiltration is evident.

UP FRONT News will do everything possible - even if the major media (NBC’s Brian Willams knows something about all this) continue to cover up the story of LaRouche’s intensifying fascist infiltration into American politics - to expose the facts. The fascists have helped to give us Cheney/Bush/Bloomberg.
Remember Spain!
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