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UP FRONT News December 1, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

A few weeks after my February 27, 2005 announcement that I was a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate against Republicrat Hillary Clinton, the No Police State Coalition, a free speech group known for its speakouts in Union Square in Manhattan, endorsed my candidacy. That endorsement took place at an NPSC meeting at the since closed 61 Cafeteria on the southeast corner of 13th Street and 5th Avenue in Greenwich Village. Although the group had no officers, on this particular occasion the meeting was chaired by NPSC activist Joe Carranza (sp?) of Queens.

As soon as the vote was done, an NPSC activist named Geoffrey Blank arose from his seat, pushed out his chest Benito Mussolini-style, called me a “wing nut” and declared the vote null and void. The group, many of whose participants had become accustomed to Blank’s habitual abuse of the rights of others, tried to ignore him. I simply replied, “Bet- ter a left wing nut than a right wing nut” and, with a few others, left.

At one of the Union Square speakouts a few days after the endorsement vote Blank came over to me and told me that if I attempted to speak (via the NPSC bullhorn) he would “bash” me in the head. And then Blank returned to his usual activity, which was to try to impress increasingly skeptical observers by preaching the virtues of “free speech.” He also managed to continue to disguise the fact of his neo-fascism by ritualistically de- nouncing George W. Bush. Every once in awhile he would, for a few moments, surrender the bullhorn to one of his sycophantic flunkies such as a Joe Stalin-emulating character named Joel Meyers. Meyers, who makes Al Gore look like a good speaker by compari- son, would lecture eye-rolling observers on the virtues of Communism and of Geoffrey Blank. At a later date the Blank-obsequeous Meyers (whose mustache is Stalin-evoking) nauseated a group at a meeting at the Unitarian Community Church of New York by suggesting that convicted 9/11-connected terrorist Zachariah Moussaoui was a political prisoner and should be released. Meyers, like his immediate boss Blank, is a regular apol-ogist for the murderous regimes in China, North Korea, Iran and (until the demise of Saddam Hussein) Iraq.

At the NPSC meetings at the 61 Cafeteria, Blank continued to harass me. One time, he moved a bowl of soup I was having and placed it at a distant table. I returned the favor by obtaining my soup and pouring it on his lap to the apparent delight of a momentarily stunned group. Blank repeatedly could be seen talking to the 61 Cafeteria evening mana- ger, a surly guy named Wan Yun, urging him to throw me out of the restaurant. Wan Yun precipitated several incidents with me, once by attempting to charge me for a cup of water and once by over trying to overcharge me for a hot chocolate.

On the very rainy night of April 7, 2005 I got to the 61 Cafeteria late. No NPSC people were there. Since it was pouring, I decided to get some food from the salad bar. When I got to the register Wan Yun, after taking my money, told me that I couldn’t eat in the restaurant. Since it was raining heavily I refused. At that point he became abusive and somewhat threatening. I don’t back down easily, although I was not looking for a fight with the linebacker-physiqued Wan Yun, who bore a disturbing resemblance to “Oddjob” the Asian intimidator in the James Bond film “Goldfinger, who decapitated people with his his razor-brimmed hat which doubled as a flying guillotine.

When I had the audacity of responding to his verbal abuse by knocking a few of the overpriced packaged food offerings off the counter, he became psychotic. He came after me, tackled me and then for several minutes, hit me over the head with a full glass soda bottle. Quite apparently realizing that, even in the absence of capital punishment, murder carries heavy penalties, after several minutes he stopped.

It was some time later as I waited for a train at the Union Square station to take me to a hospital, but not in great physical pain, that a police officer, looking somewhat shocked, said to me, “What happened to you?” He was reacting to the considerable amount of blood on my back. I told him what had happened. He immediately took me to the police office in the subway station. A short time later I was on my way by ambulance to the Bellevue Hospital Center emergency room.

I had over three hours of surgery, most of it on and in my left ear. Because of the possibility of internal injury, a CT scan was taken. The surgeon advised me to keep my followup outpatient appointment, scheduled for the following week. I was also referred to the Social Work Department, which runs the New York State Crime Victims Bureau Pro- gram there. A few days after the surgery I went to the Social Work Department to take care of the CVB matter. While I was there I had a chance to talk at some length with the Social Work Director, Patricia Blau. Ms. Blau and I have been professionally acquainted for years because, in the 1970’s I was employed as a social worker at the NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation’s Queens Hospital Center. Indeed, I became quite famous for not only my union activism and patient advocacy but also for having blown the whistle on a huge Koch Administration coverup of budget cutcaused patient deaths at Queens Hospital Center, not to speak of systemic (and often racist) abuse of psychiatric patients there. I got defamed, fired and thrown in jail for my efforts. But, since I am not easily intimidated, I proved my point as the New York State Health Department “substantiated” my claims and I wound up on the TV news and on March 1, 1978 on the front page of the Queens Edition of Newsday, which might be New York’s most honest daily newspaper.

When I showed up at the designated place at Bellevue for my clinic appointment, the clerk said, “What are you doing here? You are in the wrong clinic.” It soon emerged that I had been referred to an oral surgery clinic rather than an ear care clinic. From that point on, Bellevue staff created what the media usually refer to as a bureaucratic nightmare. To make a long story short, a series of staffers and an inept administrator named Tomas Colon were no help. It became necessary for me to request the assistance of the hospital’s Executive Director at the time, Carlos Perez. I went to his office on the mezzanine floor. As I was there speaking with Mr. Perez’ receptionist, who offered to help and was looking through my clinic papers, two people burst into the room. The male, a dark-skinned slightly built man with a badge identifying himself as Mr. Infante, approached me in distinctly menacing fashion. In a profanity-laced tirade, he ordered me to leave immediately. As I left the building, accompanied by Infante and several NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation police, he said, “If you ever come back here again, you will be arrested.” As a result, until very recently, in violation of presumably a bunch of City, State and federal laws, I was denied care at Bellevue. The prolonged, repeated and continuing episodes of near total deafness in my left ear began several days after the surgery.

A couple of weeks later I contacted the office of the HHC President Alan Aviles. Mr. Aviles, whose excessive salary is footed by the taxpayer, apparently thinks the computer in is office and his e-mail address are his private property. And so it became necessary for me to hand-deliver my letter to him at his 125 Worth Street office. He never responded.

It took some prodding from me with the NYPD’s 6th precinct before Wan Yun was arrested. After some time I was contacted by Matthew Jackson, an Assistant District Attorney working for New York County DA Robert Morgenthau. At my meeting with Mr. Jackson, I described the assault in detail. He advised me that, in light of the serious- ness of the injury, in all likelihood Wan Yun would be prosecuted for a felony. Jackson said that I would be the chief witness for the prosecution. He had me sign release forms authorizing him to obtain medical information from Bellevue.

When I told him that I had information connecting a political extremist named Geoffrey Blank to the attack on me, Jackson said, verbatim, “I don’t need that.” When I asked him how he could not need information the content of which he did not know, he ended the interview. The coverup began.

From that point on Matthew Jackson became almost inaccessible to me. I refused his demand that all communications be by telephone. (When you are covering up, you want everything off the written record and reduced to “he said, he said” type accounts.) I went over his head to his immediate superior William Mahoney, who advised Jackson to set up of meeting for me with the two of them.

I consulted with my attorney, the very experienced Jacob J. Goodman (who recently passed away). Citing instances in which I had been harassed in government offices by elected officials such as NYC Public Advocate Betsy (“CIA”) Gotbaum and State Senator Diane (“Cataldo”) Savino, as well as threats against me generated by U.S. Senator Clinton, Mr. Goodman advised me not to go to any meeting with a government official without a prior written guarantee of non-harassment and non-arrest. Jackson refused to provide the guarantee. And so there was no meeting.

One law enforcement official however who has been of major assistance to me in this matter has been Sgt. Al Fiore, of the NYPD’s Intelligence Division. In fact Sgt. Fiore is in the right place because he is intelligent. Sgt. Fiore is the officer who the rather paranoid Gotbaum once called to arrest me when I was at her office for my scheduled ap-pointment with her Chief of Staff Scott Coccaro to discuss staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers and shelters. It took him about 15 minutes to realize that Gotbaum’s claims about some kind of “threat” made against the arrogant Linda Gibbs, Mayor Bloomberg’s at the time Commissioner of the Department of Homeless Services, were absurd. Gotbaum’s paranoia about me has to do with the fact that, via a family member of mine, I’ve been personally acquainted with her since 1979. Gotbaum has CIA and adultery-related skeletons in her closer. She is so nervous about me that my appearances at public events she is at induced her in a televised campaign debate in August, 2005 to refer to me as a “stalker.” My response to that is to cite a great country song by Dwight Yoakum called “I Ain’t That Lonely Yet.” Gotbaum wants to be mayor. She may be a Democrat but her politics, etc. are Giuliani’s.

Sgt. Fiore, who has long since cleared me security-wise, helped to arrange a meeting for me with Bloomberg aide Katie Hart on a number of matters, including the apparent politically motivated mishandling of the Wan Yun prosecution by Morgenthau’s office. And since she was busy passing the buck on everything, Sgt. Fiore said that he would look into the Wan Yun matter further.

A few weeks later Sgt. Fiore told me that the Wan Yun case had been “sealed and closed.” I have since learned that Wan Yun apparently (for now) may have gotten off easy as per a ruling by NYS Supreme Court Judge Ellen Gesmer. I have also learned that Matthew Jackson never requested the medical information from Bellevue.

I talked discussed this matter with, aside from Mr. Goodman, the reknowned civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, with whom I am acquainted. Mr. Siegel urged me to press superiors at Morgenthau’s office for information. My calls and e-mails to high-level executives there such as James Kindler and Daniel Castleman went unanswered as did my calls and e-mails to top level Bloomberg people like Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott.

Because of the interrelated matters involving abuses against me by the NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation, as well as past abuse against me by certain staff at the Project Hospitality Drop-in Center in Staten Island, Mr. Goodman urged me to contact my elected officials for help.

Since I had some years ago almost been physically assaulted in the office of my State Senator Diane Savino at a scheduled appointment with her apparently possibly recurrently psychotic Chief of Staff Robert Cataldo, I was not going to approach her. My effort with City Councilman Michael McMahon was rejected in an arrogant e-mail I got from him in which he cited the fact that I had written an article in UP FRONT News critical of his pal City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. I most certainly did criticize Quinn, since she is collaborating with her boss Hillary Clinton on, among other very bad things, the cover-up of the ongoing Genocide in Tibet and the related matter of my suggested City Council resolution calling for the removal of the 2008 Olympic Games from Beijing. Quinn is also pro-real estate developer and I am a tenants rights activist. I will oppose her anticipated candidacy for mayor. And her arrogant veto of the wishes of thousands of Brooklynites to have a few blocks of Gates Avenue re-named for black nationalist Sonny Carson makes her even less acceptable to me.

Matthew Titone became my State Assemblyman in a special election following the death of John Lavelle. Titone was hand-picked for the nomination by the Clinton-loyal Democratic Party machine duo of Quinn and McMahon.

Shortly after Titone’s election (at the urging of Staten Island gay rights and peace activist Marjorie Ramos, who was hopeful of seeing a gay person represent Staten Islanders, I had voted for him, a vote I would now like to have back) I contacted Assemblyman Titone.

The New York State legislature has been labeled “the worst in the country.” Considering how Matthew Titone conducts his business as an assemblyman, it is easy to see why.
For weeks Mr. Titone and his hack of a Chief of Staff Keith Pascandarola (who completely screwed up on an urgent Social Security-related matter some years before when he worked for Lavelle when I was homeless and, because of a robbery, was without funds) did not respond to calls or e-mails.

Titone’s initial response, after weeks of non-response, only came after, at my request and with the assistance of my advisor political science professor Steven Gradman, Jessica Loeser, then an aide to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, reluctantly and timidly intervened. Her reluctance and timidity were presumably related to the fact that her husband is Stu Loeser, Bloomberg’s press secretary. It’s called a “power marriage.” Matthew Titone, however, continued to refuse to meet with me.

I then had a long meeting with Titone’s colleague, the apparently somewhat less security-anxious and perhaps more politically independent Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer. She offered to contact “Matt” and urge him to meet with me.

After several more weeks he let it be known that he was ready to meet - but only at the 120th precinct. Titone refused to provide me with a no-arrest guarantee and ignored Sgt. Fiore’s e-mail to him clearing me security-wise.

Following all this closely has been Rev. Demetrius Carolina, Pastor of the First Central Baptist Church of which I am a member. (I am a Jewish born person baptized some years ago by Rev. Dr, Timothy P. Mitchell of the largely African-American Ebenezer Mission- ary Baptist Church in Flushing, Queens. Jews, as far as I am aware, originally speaking, come from Africa) Rev. Carolina, whose congregation is also mostly African-American, readily agreed to host the meeting at his church and so communicated to Mr. Titone. No response.

It was at the end of a Jena 6 demonstration led by Rev. Carolina that Titone whispered to me that he was read to meet with me at the church. He also asked me to remove my UP FRONT News article critical of him from the internet. That request, to say the least, was premature.

On October 11, with Rev. Carolina, Mr. Gradman, and Sgt. Fiore present, we met. We spent some time talking about a NYS Department of Motor Vehicles foulup that has left me without a driver’s license since the last millennium. When we got to the heavy stuff, involving the abuse of my human rights by Wan Yun, Geoffrey Blank, the NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation and Robert Morgenthau, Titone had to leave. Before he left he said something about “statutes of limitation.” He assured me he will help and, since he had to leave, I noted that at least one more meeting will be necessary.

After more delays, we scheduled a meeting at the church on November 27 at 12:00 noon at which Pascandarola was to represent the assemblyman. As I learned when I arrived at the church shortly before noon, a half hour earlier Pascandarola called the church to say he was ill. As Sgt. Fiore, who with another office from the NYPD’s Intelligence Division had driven from Brooklyn, stood by, I called Titone’s office. The staffer there, Dorothy Crimmins, also a Lavelle holdover, confirmed Pascandarola’s earlier call to the church and said that he had been ill for several days. I have received no e-mails from Titone since and, as far as I am aware, neither has Rev. Carolina. There really should be a statute of limitations on politicians like Matthew Titone.

Geoffrey Blank, already convicted of several relatively minor crimes, is a political extremist with ties to the overlapping worlds of fascism and terrorism. Blank continues to remain silent about his ties to the racist Lenora Fulani who is in fact directly linked to the mega-fascist and convicted felon Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. For more on the LaRouche/Fulani tie, visit the website of the respected investigative reporter Dennis King at When, a couple of years ago, Blank’s obsequeous younger brother Jason Blank was asked by a No Police State Coalition activist about the LaRouche link, he replied, “I’d rather not answer that question.” It is always useful to know that it was Fulani who, in her former capacity as the dictator of the Independence Party, helped elect and re-elect Michael Bloomberg.

Geoffrey Blank is also financially and politically linked to another group leftishly calling itself the Freedom Socialist Party, which is under international investigation for ties to terrorism in Iraq. Its spokesperson, a Blank pal named Stephen Durham, is on record (NY Post December 26, 2005) as condoning the hostage beheadings perpetrated by the late Musab al-Zarqawi.
According to the dictionary, a terrorist is a person who uses violence and intimidation for political ends. Geoffrey Blank is a terrorist.

And Matthew Titone and Matthew Jackson are protecting him.
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