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UP FRONT News January 8, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

Hillary Clinton, the politician that the pundits had been labeling a "sure thing" for the Democratic presidential nomination, is now in the process of being fully exposed as being in fact the antithesis of "change." And so, as the voters - increasing numbers of whom read UP FRONT News - begin to recognize Mrs. Clinton as an essentially narcissistic power-and-wealth-obsessed politician devoid of principle, Mrs. Clinton, in the best Mel Gibson acting tradition, attempts to put an a compassionate and sensitive face. Her recent teary reference in New Hampshire to her "emotions" is a case in point. As The Who once recommended, "Don't Get Fooled Again!"

As I have learned from quite personal experience, Mrs. Clinton in fact cares nothing about others. In my case as her constituent, she was perfectly content to ignore my rather urgents requests for assistance with a Social Security matter when, while I was homeless some years ago and had been robbed of my hotel rent money, I needed an "expedited" Social Security check.

There is a little known provision in the Social Security regulations authorizing the release of an expedited check (one delievered prior to its due date) in case of emergency. Such authorizaion can only be given by the office of the Commissioner of the U.S. Social security Administration, who has offices in Baltimore and Washington. A local or regional official does not have that power. And so, in order for a beneficiary to receive such assistance, a representative must write to the Commissioner's office. Homeless and poor people tend to have such emergencies.

Some years ago in such an emergency situation, Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell, then Pastor of the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Flushing, Queens, at my request wrote such a letter and, within a very short time, I received my check.

Among my political activities for years has been lobbying politicians at all levels of government to help free the nation of Tibet from the genocidal Chinese Communist occupation of Tibet. Among the people I discussed pro-Tibet legislative resolutions with has been New York State Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, one of the relatively few African-American politicians expressing support for Tibet. Some years ago, while I was meeting with his Chief of Staff Daniel Serrano on this subject, he asked me about my personal situation which, was to say the least economically precarious. Indeed I was in need of an expedited check. At the time I was not prepared to again ask Rev. Mitchell, who was not in good health, for assistance.

Mr. Serrano, stating that his wife Yajaira Yepez was was a staffer for U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, offered to help. I immediately agreed and he immediately sent a note to Ms. Yepez. Within a very few days, pursuant to Mrs. Clinton's direct internvention, I got a check. Indeed I subequently received two completely unsolicited letters signed by Mrs. Clinton assuring me that anytime I needed assistance I should feel free to contact her. And, as may be habitually the case with Mrs. Clinton, she lied.

Some years later when I was homeless and, because I was unwilling to put up with staff abuse at homeless drop-in centers like Peter's Place in Chelsea in Manhattan and Project Hospitality in St. George, Staten Island, staying at hotels, I was robbed of my hotel rent money. Although I occasionally borrowed money from friends, I was in need of an expedited Social Security check.

A series of telephone messages I left for Yajaira Yepez went unanswered. My last call to Mrs. Clinton's Washington office was picked up by a receptionist. After I identified myself, she put me on hold. The next person to come to the telephone was a man identifying himself as "Mr. Zimmerman, investigator for the Democratic Party." The first thing he said to me was that Mrs. Clinton had personally instructed him to take any calls from me. The next 10 minutes of so were spent with him referring to an apparent surveillance-based computerized dossier on me and reading my protest and activism-filled political history back to me. Indeed, he even made mention of the fact that I had been arrested in 1977 at Queens Hospital Center where I was involved in blowing the whistle on an Ed Koch Administration coverup of budget cut-caused patient deaths at that City-operated facility. Mr. Zimmerman wound up the conversa-tion with a rather explicit threat of consequences should I ever call Mrs. Clinton's office again. And then on September 5, 2003 Yahaira Yepez sent an e-mail to my brother Jim in upstate New York, who, at my request, had contacted her about the Social Security matter. Aside from the fact that the letter contains a slew of falsehoods about me, it contains an explcit threat and states " NOT share this e-mail with Thomas."

Although my brother, a high school teacher in upstate New York, is a secretive type, and talks more "left" than he acts, I was able, with the assistance of my cousin Kathy Perutz, extract a copy of the Yepez (read Clinton) e-mail from Jim. My cousin, a well known writer, is also quite knowledgeable politically. Indeed for many years since her childhood she had been the closest of friends with New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum. Unfortunately mayoral wannabe Gotbaum is one of the most secretive, corrupt, and paranoid elected officials there is. It was some years ago when I asked Mrs. Gotbaum to investigate staff abuise of homeless people in shelters and drop-in centers that she attempted to have me arrested when I was at her office for a scheduled appointment with her Chief of Staff. That explains why during her re-election campaign in 2005 she refused to disclose the contents of her appointment schedule and why during a televised campaign debate she rationalized that refusal by claiming that she was being victimized by a homeless "stalker." Since Mrs. Gotbaum, with whom I have been acquainted via my cousin, since 1979, had once used that libelous label in connection with me in a communication with one of her election opponents Norman Siegel, when I read her "stalker" reference in the papers, I replied. My side of the story first appeared in the August 26, 2005 issue of New York City Newsday. Then City Hall reporter Dan Janison not only reported the truth about the "stalker libel" but included mention of the fact that I was running for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton. My side of the story was also reported on August 27 in the Daily News and The New York Times. Both papers reported the story, first disclosed in UP FRONT News of Mrs. Gotbaum's marital links to the CIA. The Gotbaum and Clinton friendly Staten Island Advance's Tom Wrobleski did a pro-Gotbaum slanted story that appeared on August 27.

When I discussed all this with my lawyer Jacob J. Goodman (who has since passed away), he in his concise assessment of Betsy Gotbaum said one word, "Paranoid." The same holds true for Hillary Clinton. We have been ruled by a succession of paranoid, self-involved politicians on all levels of government. Paranoid people are notoriously psychologically incapable of distinguishing imagine threats from real ones. And so they respond by putting people under surveillance and executing threats and other human rights violations. People like that are perfectly ready to let a homeless person freeze to death, if they pereive it as necessary. There is a long list of such people, they include at the bottom of the barrel level, the neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank. Further up are Betsy Gotbaum and a host of other politicians afraid to stand up to empress wannabes like Hillary Clinton.

Her lachrymose performance in New Hampshire are the tears of a crocodile. No matter what she may say, and no matter what Bill Clinton may say about his shrew of a wife, Hillary Clinton is not a good person and she is unqualified to be president of the United States.
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