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UP FRONT News February 25, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

The potentially most controversial aspect of the Ralph Nader 2008 presidential candidacy announced yesterday on Meet the Press lies in the questions that were not asked by Tim Russert.

Nader, again promoting the Green Party's dubious claim that the Democrats and Republicans are carbon copies of each other, did however correctly assert that none of the major parrty presidential candidates has come out openly for single payer health insurances (such as that proposed in H.R. 676, introduced into the House by U.S. Congressman John Conyers (D.-Mich.) Nader also correctly pointed to the fact that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have been terribly effective in curbing corporate greed. Indeed, it was Nader's long time focusing on the corporate threat to American democracy that drew me to him originally when he first ran for president in 1996.

On Meet the Press, however, Nader gave himself away regarding some the of neo-fascists who have supported him when he launched into a one-sided anti-Israel capsule description of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would have done a local neo-nazi like the Holocaust denier Andy Kellerman proud.

It was in 1996 that I became aware of the reality that, among those parasiting onto and into Nader's populist message were people connected to none other than another activist who routinely denounces the Democrats and the Republicans purporting to represent an "independent" alternative. That activist is none other than the aging but still hyperactive convicted felon and mega-fascist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

At the time, since the involvement of LaRouche-ites disguised as leftists seemed periferal, I did little in terms of writing about it. I did, however, make a point of bringing the matter up with Nader personally when I met him (as I had a few times previously) at a campaign stop in Rochester, N.Y. I had already been seriously harassed LaRouche-style by a bunch of Nader Greens in Binghamton.

The LaRouche infiltration became much more apparent and blatant in the 2000 and 2004 Nader presidential campaigns. In fact, a key operative in the Nader presidential campaings has been none other than the virulent anti-Jewish racist Lenora Fulani, who will sell her political soul to the highest bidder no matter what the party affiliation might be. That is why in 2001 Fulani, in her capacity as the dictator of the misnomered Independence Party of New York, gave then Republican Michael Bloomberg the IPNY ballot line, enabling him to win the mayoralty in 2001 in a very close election. Fulani and Bloomberg cut the same deal in 2005.

Lenora Fulani, for years parading as a populism-spouting black nationalist, is in fact the author of the genocide-rationalizing statement that Jews en masse are responsible for the "murders of people of color." Fulani's most immediate political mentor is "Dr." Fred Newman, a "psychotherapist" and leader of the so-called "social therapy" cult and advocate of the sex-with-your-therapist school of which he reportedly has been an active practitioner. Newman, perhaps the archetypical self-hating Jew, has characterized Jews as the "stormtroopers of decadent capitalism."

Both of them are ideological surrogates for none other than the Germany-worshiping American Fuehrer-wannabe LaRouche, who has openly declared his intent to become the unchallenged ruler of the U.S. - and thereby the world. LaRouche, since his release from a federal penitentiary following his conviction for mail and credit card fraud, has been living in Hitler-style isolation with his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche in the fortress-like estate known as Ibikus Farm in Loudon County (Leesburg), Va.

As the Bush administration has continued to implode, LaRouche - well known for his dramatic ideological shifts between the ultra-left and ultra-right (all behind a veneer of rhetorical respect for FDR) - has gone "left." He ritualistically denounces Bush and Cheney, rhetorically dressing himself up in "anti-War" language and calling for the impeachment of the president. (La Rouche, like his left supporters, knows full well that, regardless of the merits of an impeachment case, it won't happen and, even if it did, that would bring the even worse Dick Cheney into the White House, thereby transforming our virtual fascism under Bush into the real thing under the ghoulish Cheney.

Perhaps the most knowledgeable journalist, other than myself, on the LaRouche/Fulani/
Newman tie is the investigative reporter Dennis King, author of the very unauthorized bio- graphy of LaRouche entitled "The New American Fascism." For more information on all this visit http://www.tomsupfrontnews.blogspot.com/ and http://www.dennisking.org/.

What many people, apparently including Tim Russert, remain unaware of is that Fulani & Co. have in recent years pretty much taken over the Green Party, particularly in New York.
The takeover has been accomplished by a network of left-spouting activists with a flair for political violence, a good deal of which has been directed at me. These operatives include Greens such as Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz, who, in response to my UP FRONT News criticism of his riot-inciting games at his so-called Cindy Sheehan-enticing "Camp Casey" in 2005 Union Square in Manhattan, responded with a suicide threat, a move that got him involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital in Long Island. And, some weeks later when he was (apparently prematurely) released, he confided to a friend that he was going to shoot me with his Magnum 357.

Also involved in this sort of grass roots fascism are Green Party City Councilman-wannabe Gerald Kann and his affiliated hitman George Tatevosyan. Ralph Nader knows all about the Tatevosyan/Kann physical assault on me in April, 2004 to prevent my attending a Nader news conference at 72 Madison Avenue in Manhattan because they didn't want me to embarass the neo-fascist Queen Fulani who was upstairs with Nader.

Ralph Nader is a critical voice for the network of left-spewing neo-fascists who blend populist rhetoric with threats and serious violence against those who ask too many questions.
That network includes psychopaths like the former dictator of Union Square Geoffrey Blank. Indeed, Blank's obsequeous younger brother Jason, when asked some years ago about the repoted Blank/LaRouche connection, would only say, "I'd rather not answer that question." There are others including the Neandethal "missing link" impersonating Gary Phaneuf, who, in classic LaRouche libel style would scream "Cointelpro" in his threatening attempts to shut me up. This guy, for a long time a regular at various ultra-left events, on several occasions actually stalked me on the Staten Island Ferry. And then there is Blank and Phaneuf pal, the "poet" "Pistol" Pete Dolack, who has reponded to my appearance at public poetry evets by trying to have me arrested. Dolack, like so many on the LaRouchite "left" such as Les Jamieson and "Father" Frank Morales (of the so-called "9/11 Truth" group at the St. mark's in-the-Bowery Church in Manhattan), and the World Can't Wait cult successfully blend the rhetoric of Maoism with the violence of both maoism and fascism.

On a somewhat less zoological level there is Charles Lenchner, connected to LaRouche's magazine, Executive Intelligence Review, who also pushed me around in his capacity as a worker for the LaRouche ideologue Jonathan Tasini, who, long after I announced my Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton, decided to run and generate explicit threats against me. For more on my candidacy against Hillary Clinton and also against the LaRouchites visit http://www.tomweissdemocratforussenate.blogspot.com/. What was even more potentially scary was the fact that the tapeworm Lenchner, an official of the outwardly respectable Progressive Democrats of America, became a worker in first the Dennis Kucinich and later the John Edwards campaigns.

LaRouche, via for example Ralph Nader, is employing he classic fascist political strategy of impersonating the left, unlike "conservatives", who denounce the left. It is always useful to remember that Adolf Hitler campaigned as a capitalism-denouncing "socialist." Splitting up the left is usually done by outlefting progressives, such as those in the large left wing of the Democratic Party, many of whom, totally alienated by the Republicrat Hillary Clinton, are supporting Barack Obama.

In 2000 and 2004 that tactic worked well, in part because in Al Gore and John Kerry the Democrats had candidates who left true progressives cool if not ice cold.

LaRouche's purpose is, while denouncing the right (Bush) and splitting the left, to actually help the right, as he most certainly did via Nader in 2000 and 2004. The result is the election of reactionaries and the inevitable deterioration of social conditions, which is precisely what fascism needs to advance politically, the Post World war I Weimar Republic in econimcally devastated Germany being a good case in point.

On January 30, 2007 Ralph Nader did a booksigning at the Barnes & Noble at Union Square. He was coy in response to some questions about his presidential ambitions. He pointedly did not call on me although I had my hand up. And when I replied by spontaneously mentioning Lenora Fulani his mood darkened and he gruffly made a comment about my persistence on that subject.

I also once met Tim Russert at a B&N Union Square booksigning. As I recall, he talked some about sports and about growing up in Buffalo. I had my hand up and he called on me. I don't recall my question at the time, but I do recall that, unlike the suddenly surly Ralph Nader, he gave a polite and responsive reply.

As far as I am concerned, Tim Russert needs to ask Ralph Nader some more questions.
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