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UP FRONT News March 28, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

As expected, in light of mayor Michael Blooomberg's politenesses to Barack Obama, those seeking to push the Democratic Party back to its Republicrat Hillary Clinton (right) wing, are starting to talk up an Obama/Bloomberg ticket. That is no doubt why the deviously opportunistic and ambitious Bloomberg is now making nicer to Obama than to the imploding Clinton. Indeed, should the carpetbagging faux New Yorker Clinton hijack the Democratic presidential nomination, actual new Yorker Bloomberg's chances to be a running mate evaporate since geographical balance is axiomatic in presidential campaigns.

Barack Obama also needs to understand that the Bloomberg hand that he has been shaking has some construction accident blood on it. The once Teflon-coated Bloomberg is being exposed (certainly in UP FRONT News and to a lesser degree in some other media) as guilty of handing New York City over to a gang of rapacious real estate developers who, even if some of them occasionally visit houses of worship, consistently ignore the Biblical axiom that it is the love of money that is at the root of evil. Under the Bloomberg regime, in open collision with tenants-rights spouting but developer friendly New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, there has been a tsunami of luxury housing and high-end commercial development coupled with massive gentrification of working class neighborhoods not only in the boisterously resisting Lower East Side of Manhattan but throughout the five boroughs. Bloomberg's Department of Buildings operates with the efficiency and the integrity of a blend of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

Billionaire Bloomberg, who hides behind a "common man" veneer by occasionally taking the subway for a few stops between limousine rides between his East 79th Street mansion (presumably so luxurious that for him to actually live in Gracie Mansion would be like accepting Section 8 and City Hall. He also cozies up to guilt-ridden liberal with his philan-thropic efforts. As far as I am concerned, his philanthropy, like that of most mega-billion-aires, should be considered a form of reparations. It is impossible to get that rich without benefiting from rich people-created laws that legitimize stealing. Another word for that is corporate welfare, a reality that has benefited Halliburton and Donald Trump alike, to the detriment of millions of Americans - not to speak of Iraqis and Tibetans, among others. In case anyone is interested many of the real estate predators whom the Quinnberg regime's policies help out are connected to "Communist" China. That is why, even allowing for Bloomberg's handshaking politeness to the Dalai Lama of Tibet some time ago (Bloomberg gave His Holiness the key to the City, although the Dalai Lama remains locked out of his own country) the Mayor, like Hillary Clinton, presumably will remain silent about City Councilman and mayoral candidate Tony Avella's City Council Resolution #1299. That resolution, introduced after Hillary Clinton soldier Quinn shot down my efforts in that regard, cites the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet and calls for the removal of the 2008 Olympic Games from China.

Michael Bloomberg, who had the incredibly bad taste to invite the NYC-hating Cheney/Bush gang to have their Republican National Convention here in 2004 and then converted some of the Hudson River piers into a mini-Guantanamo for protesters, is a Republican in "independent" clothing.

As, speaking of so-called "independents", that brings me to probably the worst of the make-a-deal-with-the-Devil Bloomberg's political allies, the virulent anti-Jewish racist cult leader Lenora Fulani, a de facto surrogate for the widely discredited by still very politically hyper-active megalomaniac Hitler emulator, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. There is a great deal more on the Fulani/LaRouche at And for much information on Fulani/La-Rouche, the Green Party and Ralph Nader, read UP FRONT News.

In fact, had it not been for Bloomberg's cutting a Faustian deal with the devil in accepting the ballot line in 2001 of the then Fulani-controlled Independence Party of New York, he would not have been elected. And Bloomberg knows how to return favors as, via the Bloomberg-controlled Industrial Development Agency, he has awarded tax breaks to Fulani's front organization known as the All Stars Project.

Fulani's immediate mentor is the LaRouche poltically educated cultist and "psychotheraist" "Dr." Fred Newman, a ghoulish character and founder of the "social therapy" cult in which sex between patient and therapist (especially if the "therapist" is Newman) is just fine. As far as I am aware, newman's "arts"-oriented front organization, The Castillo Center, has also gotten some major tax breaks. getting that money back from Fulani and newman will help ease the City's budget problems.

Lenora Fulani, some of whose anti-Semitic utterances make Rev. Jeremiah Wright appear like a Zionist by comparison, is a consummate camouflage artist. She has tried, with varying degrees of success, to (at least politically) seduce people including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Patrick Buchanan. She has succeeded to a significant degree with Bloom-berg and Nader.
If Barack Obama gets politically seduced by Michael Bloomberg, Lenora Fulani makes it a potential political menage a trois. And that could even make John McCain look good.
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