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UP FRONT News March 12, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

If lying to the public while on a state payroll, which is perhaps Eliot Spitzer's most serious political transgression, is an impeachable offense, then New York State Assemblyman Matthew Titone should follow Mr. Spitzer's lead and resign.

Much of the history of Assemblman Titone's politically motivated de facto denial of constituent services to me as his constituent and the lies that have accompanied his games appear in several articles in UP FRONT News at On September 1, 2007, after several months of delays by him in response to my frequent telephoned and e-mailed requests for an appoinment to deal with some very serious constituient matters involving a nymber of agencies, I wrote an article headlined "Staten Island Retreat. One Reason Why the New York State Legislature Is 'The Worst in the Country.' The Case of Matthew Titone. Messing with My Human Rights, the NYPD, and a Higher Authority. (Rev.) Carolina Nice."

To make a long story short, I have been in need of assistance from my elected representatives in connection with several very serious matters. One involves apparently politically negligence by the Office of New York County District Attorney Robert Morgenthau in the handling of the prosecution of Wan Yun, the perpetrator of a serious, politically connected physical assault on me that took place on April 7, 2005. As soon as I offered the ADA on the case, Matthew Jackson information connecting the political extremist and neo-fascist multiple offender Geoffrey Blank to the assault, Mr. Jackson refused to accept my information and then wilfully mishandled the case, which was later, without my involvement at all, "sealed and closed" in a deal involving NYS Supreme Court Judge Ellen Gesmer. There is a wealth of information on the psychopathic demagogue Blank in UP FRONT News including some information about links to the mega-fascist and convicted felon Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. that Blank and his little brother Jason have made clear that they do not wish to discuss.

After the attack, in which Blank acquaintance Wan Yun, completely unprovoked, smashed me over the head for several minutes with a full glass bottle of soda, I was taken by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital Center where I had over three hours of surgery, much of it involv- ing my left ear. Very, very unfortunately, a Bellevue staffer referred me to the wrong outpatient clinic for followup. Again to make a long story short, when I sought to straighten out the problem, I ran into a classic NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation bureaucratic nightmare.

My efforts to resolve the matter with a Bellevue administrator named Tomas Colon got nowhere. It became necessary for me to request the assistance of then Bellevue Hospital Center Executive Director Carlos Perez. I was directed by the information desk to the mezzanine. While I was there being assisted by a Perez aide, who was looking through my papers, two people burst into the room. One was a uniformed female security person and the other was a small, thin dark-skinned man wearing an employee badge identifying him as "Mr. Infante." Mr. Infante went nuts. In a tirade of threats and profanities, he approached me in a distinctly menacing way and, putting his hands on me, ordered me to get my stuff and to leave immediately. As I left the building, escorted by Infante and several security people, he told me that if I ever came back to Bellevue I would be arrested.

My subsequent letter to NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation President Alan Aviles, who thinks his NYCHHC e-mail address is his private property, hand-delivered to his office at 125 Worth Street in Manhattan, as well as my other communications, were ignored.

As a result I went without followup care for several years. My stitches were removed in the emergency room at Cabrini Medical Center. As the stonewalling Bellevue and many others are well aware, since the attack I have experienced several prolonged periods of serious hearing loss.

There is also the matter of my being denied dental services at the NYU Dental Clinic because of a blunder by a staffer there named Marilyn Smith. Because, like the NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation, NYU seeks only to cover up for the negligence of some of its employees, I had to make a complaint to the NYS Department of Health. It took the NYSDOH some time to investigate but my complaint (#03-10-50097) has been "substantiated." NYU has continued to stonewall, recurrently making verbal promises to restore me as a patient and then reneging. The matter is known to NYU Hospital CEO Dr. Robert Grossman and NYU President John Sexton, both of whom seem more interested in expanding the NYU empire(s) than in doing the right thing.

There are also some problems for me caused by the bureaucratic "blame the victim" nightmare known as the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles and the New York Public Library, at least one of whose employees, Scott Lambden of the St. George Staten Island branch, is in the habit of protecting neighborhoos drug traffickers who have threatened me there in the lower level where the computers are. Lambden had me banned from the NYPL.

My lawyer, Jacob J. Goodman, who has since passed away, provided some help but made it clear that such matters are best resolved with the assistance of one's elected representatives.
City Councilman Michael McMahon, after first verbally agreeing to assist me, angrily changed his mind in an e-mail to me in which he expressed his anger at me for my having criticized his boss, NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Marie Antoinette of City government. The Quinn credo: "Let them eat cake" - or perhaps something less tasty.

I decided not to go to State Senator Diane Savino. Ms. Savino, based on a comment made by her about me that appeared in a slanted article about me in the very establishment protecting and in fact politically censored Staten Island Advance on August 27, 2005, had apparently been influenced by U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, both of whom cannot deal with my UP FRONT News exposes of what they are covering up (in Clinton's case, her complete awareness of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet, etc., and in Gotbaum's case, her direct at least marital links to the CIA, etc.) My one visit to Ms. Savino's office office for help when I was homeless some years ago did not work out well. In light of he serious problems with Mr. Titone, however, Ms. Savino has offered to help me.

I began contacting Assemblyman Titone in the spring of 2007, shortly after, in a special
(s)election, he was, (s)elected to replace Assemblyman John Lavelle, who died suddenly. Again to make a long story short, there were no responses from Titone or his inept and negligent Chief of Staff Keith Pascandarola, who had also been the Chief of Staff for Mr. Lavelle. Talk about being entrenched.

It took the intervention of Jessica Loeser, a (former) aide to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, to generate a response from Titone, who still would not agree to meet, a suggestion that, in light of the seriousness and complexity of the issues involved, was not feasible.

And so I approached a political acquaintance, State Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer, a progressive and relatively independent-minded Democrat who represents the district adjacent to mine. Although she convinced Mr. Titone to sit down with me, according to her he insisted that we meet at the 120th precinct. I said that I am not an inmate and that the answer, essentially, is "no." In order to address the apparently seriously insecure Titone's concerns, I asked Sgt. Al Fiore of the Intelligence Division of the NYPD, who is among the law enforcement people to show considerable interest in terrorists like Geoffrey Blank (not to speak of Lyndon LaRouche, et. al.), to send Mr. Titone an e-mail clearing me security-wise. Titone ignored Sgt. Fiore's letter.

It was only after, at my request, my pastor, Rev. Demetrius Carolina of the large and civil rights-rich First Central Baptist Church, offered to have the meeting at FCBC that Titone agreed. We met on October 11, 2007. Present, aside from me and Rev. Carolina, were Sgt. Fiore and my advisor Prof. Steven Gradman. Because nothing was accomplished in terms of action by Titone, other than his vague verbal assurance of help, it was necessary to arrange another meeting. At the last minute Mr. Pascandarola, citing illness, canceled a November 26, 2007 meeting, thereby inconveniencing Sgt. Fiore who, with a colleague, had driven to FCBC from his Brooklyn office, as well as me. Titone did not have the courtesy to initiate the rescheduling. More Titone delaying tactics followed. At the belatedly scheduled meeting, at FCBC, on February 21, 2008, Titone wasted my time and patience by complaining about my UP FRONT News coverage of him and issuing a veiled threat, suggesting that if I con-tinued to exercize my First Amendment rights and "embarrass" him in UP FRONT News, he might not help me. Aside from the fact that, as Geoffrey Blank among others well know, I do not submit to threats, Titone's threat was empty since he has been of no help at all anyway. There is a second article dated December 1, 2007 headlined "The Book of the Matthews. Neither of Them a Saint. Assemblyman Matthew Titone and Assistant District Attorney Matthew Jackson. Protecting a Two-Bit Terrorist: Geoffrey Blank." Mr. Titone also had the bad taste to suggest that I discontinue my efforts at seeking justice. I'd hate to have this guy as my lawyer.

His once again verbalized promises to write the necessary letters in my behalf are once again empty.

There are reasons why the New York State legislature has been rated "the worst in the country." Matthew Titone and Keith Pascandarola are two of those reasons.

Eliot Spitzer apparently lied at home and in the State Capitol and so he must leave office.
Matthew Titone lied in a church. He needs to go too.
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