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UP FRONT News May 1, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

When writing about the negligence and corruption of identified gay political leaders, in this case New York State Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D.-Staten Island) and his boss New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D.-Manh.) in order to negate possible charges of anti-gay bias, it is necesssary for me to make clear that, while I am not gay, I am for full gay rights.

Now that I have had the chance to talk at some length with Melissa Ryan, the Exective Director of the New York State Legislative Ethics Commission, about the serious negligences of my State Assemblyman Matthew Titone, and since it appears inevitable that I will file a major complaint against him, it is appropriate to make the details available to the public at large. Indeed, Ms. Ryan has a big job as the New York State Legislature has been rated "the worst in the country."

As soon as State Assemblyman John Lavelle (D.-S.I.) suffered a massive stroke on January 19, 2007, the Hillary Clinton/Christine Quinn/City Councilman Michael McMahon (D.-S.I.)-run Democratic Party machine went into action. Although there were a number of people (even including myself) such as Mr. Lavelle's son who were potential candidates, the machine decided that a 'liberal" and machine-complaint candidate was needed to replace Lavelle upon the incumbent's imminent death. Christine Quinn, who is contaminating the gay rights movement that helped bring her to the power she is abusing, felt it would be a boon to that movement, as well as to her insatiable political aspirations (Mayor and later Empress), to have a gay elected official in "conservative" Staten Island.

And so they picked Matthew Titone, a lawyer who is an announced gay person. In so doing this essentially racially segregated machine ignored politically independent Democrats (such as myself, having established my independency by enraging the establishment by running as a Democratic write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate against the Queen of Opportunism the Republicrat Hillary Clinton). Of presumably more historical significance is the fact that the almost lily-white Democratic Party machine further disenfranchised the large African-American community in the very ethnically diverse North Shore of Staten Island.

Assemblyman Lavelle died on January 24. A few weeks later there was a special election. Matthew Titone faced a spirited challange from Matthew Titone and, in a stunning upset, Matthew Titone won. Although there were no reports of dissenters being imprisoned, when it come to grass roots democracy and competence, despite their ethnic differences and rhetoric, Matthew Titone qualifies as both the Vladimir Putin and the Robert Mugabe of Staten Island.

I have been the victim of some very, very serious human rights abuses perpetrated by a number of government and government-funded agencies. The guilty parties include New York County District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, whose negligence in failing to prosecute the perpetrator of a violent politically motivated major physical assault on me is a matter of record. Indeed, one well known attorney I spoke to wrote to me that I had been "mistreated" by the DA. The assault perpetrated on April 7, 2005 by Wan Yun also involves Wan Yun's acquaintance, the violent and terrorism-linked psychopathic multiple offender and political extremist Geoffrey Blank. Blank is politically connected to the neo-fascist network led by the megalomaniacal Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., which includes the local racist Lenora Fulani as well as a bunch of Fulaniites such as Blank Green Party allies Paul Zulkowitz, Gerald Kann and George Tatevosyan, all guilty of politically motivated crimes against me.

After the attack I was taken by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital Center where I underwent over three hours of surgery, most of it to my left ear. From that point on Bellevue screwed up big-time. First they referred me to the wrong outpatient clinic for followup. Then came a classic bureaucratic nightmare which warrated the attention of then Bellevue Executive Director Carlos Perez. While I was on the mezzanine talking to one of his staffers I was nearly assaulted by an administrator named Infante, who burst into the room with a security person, pushed me around, launched into a profanity-laced tirade and threw me out. The last thing Infante said to me as I left was, "If you ever come back here again, you will be arrested." As a result I was denied post-operative care at Bellevue for several years for an injury that has left me hearing impaired. NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation President Alan Aviles refused to respond to my hand-delivered letter to him.

Perhaps they are still seeking revenge for the fact that back in the 1970's when I was a social worker employed by the HHC's Queens Hospital Center I had blown the whistle on the Koch Administration coverup of budget cut-caused patient deaths as well as racist psychiatric abuse of patients at the QHC. That got me thrown in jail and fired but is also got me on TV news and on Page 1 of the March 1, 1978 edition of the Queens Edition of Newsday as well as plenty of other media. It also got some much needed money for QHC.

While my health care has been belatedly resumed in the ENT clinic at Bellevue, HHC continues to respond with silence to my inquries regarding the criminal Infante. I have also learned that Matthew Jackson, the ADA who mishandled the Wan Yun prosecution (Jackson should be fired and probably disbarred), failed to send the medical release forms to Bellevue that he had me sign when he and I met and he told me that I would be the chief witness for the prosecution at Wan Yun's trial (Docket #2005 NY 047906).

I have also been the victim of a classic bureaucratic blunder by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, which has left me without a driver's license for many years. And because I made complaints to Scott Lambden, the chief librarian of the St. George, S.I. branch of the New York Public Library that I was being threatened at the computers by thugs from the next door Project Hospitality Drop-in Center (where I had stayed when I was homeless and had witnessed drug trafficking-related and violence by staff and clients), Lambden (a guy who acts like he is on the take) had me expelled from the library system.

My late attorney, Jacob J. Goodman, provided some assistance in these matters but urged me to seek the assistance of my elected officials. City Councilman Michael McMahon, in an angry e-mail to me in December, 2006 violated his constituent services responsibilities by refusing to assist me, citing an UP FRONT News article in which I criticized Ms. Quinn.

Because some years before I had been literally threatened by a staffer in the office of State Senator Diane Savino (another loyal member of the Clinton machine) and because Ms. Savino had made a defamatory comment about me in the Clinton/Quinn/Betsy Gotbaum- slanted Staten Island Advance, I did not approach her.

It would take many more paragraphs to describe what happened with Matthew Titone. He started by simply not responding to various calls and e-mails from me asking for an appointment. That is not surprising since his Chief of Staff has been the totally negligent hack Keith Pascandarola who, in his previous capacity as Chief of Staff to Lavelle, had badly mishandled an urgent constituent matter for me several years previously when I was homeless.

It became necessary for me to request the assistance of Titone's colleague, Assembly-woman Janele Hyer-Spencer (D.-S.I.), who represents the adjacent assembly district and with whom I am acqauinted. Titone was reportedly afraid to meet with me but Ms. Hyer-Spencer handled an over an hour long unscheduled meeting with me in her Midland Avenue office with poise and no overt anxiety. Ms. Hyer-Spencer urged Titone to meet with me, a request he continued to ignore. Titone also ignored an e-mail from Sgt. Al Fiore of the NYPD's Intellligence Division explicitly clearing me. In response to my pastor, Demetrius Carolina of the First Central Baptist Church of which I am a member, who offered to host the meeting at his church there was no response from Titone. It was only after my well-timed heckle of Titone, who had the bad taste to appear at a Jena 6 event led by Rev. Carolina, that Titone came over to me and whispered that he was ready to meet. He also whispered the outrageously inappropriate wish that I remove my article critical of him in UP FRONT News.

It seems that the more corrupt and negligent a politician is, the more he (or she) is worried about image and as Titone put to me, being "embarassed." None of the promises that Titone made to me at the October 11, 2008 meeting at the church that was attended by (aside from Titone, Pascandarola and me) Rev. Carolina, Sgt. Fiore and my advisor Professor Steven Gradman have been kept.

Titone blew off a second scheduled meeting and then delayed for weeks in rescheduling a second meeting. When we finally met, again at the church, Titone used the opportunity of the absence of Rev. Carolina (who was having dinner with Section 8-ineligible Mayor Bloomberg at the mayor's nice home on East 79th Street in Manhattan that evening) to whisper another one of his tiresome threats, i.e. telling me that if I continued to "embarass" him he wouldn't help me.

Since he had done essentially nothing, it was - and remains - an empty threat, not to speak of Titone's apparent and perhaps explicable desire that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution be repealed.

Titone's belated letters to Morgenthau and to Bellevue in my behalf are totally inadequate and, had they been written in his capacity as an attorney (which he is), would constitute grounds for a complaint by me to the Bar Association.

Matthew Titone is perhaps the worst example of the reality that Staten Island is essentially a political colony of the Manhattan (and in consideration of the corrupt power of Mrs. Clinton, also on record as generating threats against me) and Chappaqua, N.Y. Democratic Party machine. Mrs. Clinton's threats against me have very much to do with the fact that I have exposed her ties to the Chinese Communist government and her direct involvement in the coverup of the Genocide in Tibet. Visit

It is my understanding the African-American activist Debi Rose wants to become a member of the NYC Council, to replace the term-limited McMahon. Ms. Rose definitely has a problem since the very well known and highly regarded African-American minister Rev. Tony Baker of the St. Phillips Baptist Church also is in the running. Ms. Rose is also saddled by the reality that one of her key campaign people is the very anger-management-challenged and autocratic "peace" activist David Jones. The apparently quite dangerously volatile ex-military man Jones recently reacted to some mild criticism I made of how his wife had mishandled the scheduling and speaker invitations for a peace event in the First Central Baptist Church parking lot by going ballistic and coming after me to the point where he had to be physically restrained by a churchmember.

I think it would be a positive for there to be an African-American representing the North Shore of Staten Island in the assembly. Matthew Titone IS an embarassment. Maybe Debi Rose should, aside from placing some serious limits on David Jones, take on a loser like Matthew Titone.
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