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UP FRONT News April 23, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
By Tom Weiss

My decision as to whether to participate in the March 14-16 New Left Forum 2008 at Cooper Union was easily resolved when I was confronted by a stiff cover charge, somewhat modified by what could euphemistically be called a sliding scale. No doubt the "leftists" who organized this event and its annual predecessors justify such economic disenfranchisement of the working and unemployed poor and marginal by explaining that they have to pay rent to the landlord, in this case Cooper Union, an institution that, along with NYU and perhaps Pace, constitute the educational-industrial complex of Lower Manhattan.

I hung around in the reception area for some time, collecting some freebie literature, including the glossy booklet "Cracks in the Edifice", which provided the event details. There were 386 listed speakers. Many were unfamiliar to me. It was, however, those that are known to me that convinced me once again that the established left has a dubious relationship with anything appraching small "d" democracy, not to speak of "socialism." Indeed, although the demagogue from Leesburg, Virginia, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and his local racist surrogates Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman were not present in the flesh, their influence was apparent.

Once again the Green Party's New York State boss Howie Hawkins, from Syracuse, was a guest speaker. Indeed, at a past Left Forum when I somewhat spontaneously asked speaker Hawkins about his links to the Jew-hating Fulani, he responded with silence and an icy stare, not unlike the look the corrupt New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn bestows on me when I testify in her presence. Howie Hawkins, derided as a "Stalinist" by some leaving the autocratically controlled Fulani-LaRouche-infiltrated Green Party, is one of the architects of that infiltration, working closely with LaRouche agents in the Greens such as Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz, Gerald ("Can't") Kann, the violent thug George Tatevosyan and his beloved Cathy Sadell. It was this clique, apparently working under the direct orders of the racist Fulani (whose contributions include helping Bloomberg get elected as mayor) that helped to operationalize the Bush/Cheney-enhancing presidential candidacies of Ralph ("The Nadir") Nader.

How do I know all that? Because, as a former supporter of Nader's I was a participant in his NYC meetups. It soon became apparent that the meetups were little more than a front for the LaRouche/Fulani bunch. Presumably that is why Ms. Sadell, who ran the meetings much as Stalin ran his, refused to permit me to speak and why her beloved Tatevosyan physically assaulted me when I arrived with an invitation to a Ralph Nader news conference. Among the people covering all this up is Nader meetup participant (and NBC Nightly News staffer) and "liberal" Democrat and Deaniac Charles Riggs III, who helps to bury stories at NBC.

The LaRouche infiltration also explains a major assault against me on April 7, 2005 perpetrated by a deli manager named Wan Yun, apparently working in cahoots with his acquaintance, a LaRouche-ite psychopath named Geoffrey Blank, one of the few nominal Jews around who openly supported Saddam Hussein. Blank, by the way, is a pal of another New Left Forum Speaker, the very guilty convicted terrorist-friendly attorney Lynne Stewart.

I am somewhat surprised that the speakers list did not include the corrupt State Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D.-S.I.), a flunkie for Speaker Quinn, who has been involved, along with New York County District Attorney, in depriving me of justice with respect to this violent politically motivated crime. This is among the many stories willfully suppressed up by the multi-billionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance.

Among the speakers at the New Left Forum was AK Gupta, of the Indypdendent, a news-paper that has all the "independence" of Pravda in 1950. The Indypendent, essentially a propaganda arm of the establishment left, employs people like John Tarleton, a John Kerry lookalike who censored out the story of my candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton - reported by Newsday, the New York Times, The New York Press and, in a censor-ship lapse, by the Staten Island Advance, as well as other print and broadcast media. I think the Indypendent gave some space to a LaRouche-linked "candidate" Jonathan Tasini. This is a paper which has a pediatric division called "Indykids", which is involved in the kind of brainwashing that once described the violent Maoist Communists in Nepal as "people who believe in creating a society where all resources are shared equally by the people." (And, as I suggested in an UP FRONT News article dated November 10, 2006 headlined "'Rag' time Continued: The 'Indypendent'...", Mao Zedong was the tooth fairy.") The Indypendent also suppressed my submitted story about the Bringing America Home Act (BAHA), a major piece of affordable housing legislation introduced several years ago into the Congress by the late Julia Carson (D.-Indiana) and buried by the Republicans and Republicrats like Hillary Clinton.

And that brings me to another New Left Forum act, a group calling itself Picture the Homeless, which was represented by its foundation grant-paid autocratic Director Lynn lewis and PTH member Jean Rice, who sometimes physically threatens people (e.g. me) who disagree with the imperious Lewis. I was with PTH for awhile but we parted ways when Ms. Lewis decided to participate in the coverup of staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers and shelters and when she decided to sabotage my efforts to lobby for passage of BAHA. For my efforts I was threatened and banned.

I believe that it is significant that Picture the Homeless, a group given to some homeless- related publicity stunts, recurrrently is the beneficiary of some classic puff-piece journalism by Donna Lamb of Courier-Life, Inc., which publishes "Caribbean-Life" and other advertising-sustained weeklies that circulate in black communities. Ms. Lamb also wrote a story on LaRouche that ignored his history as a KKK-collaborating racist and convicted felon with terrorist links and made him appear as the FDR-worshiping intellectual as LaRouche depicts himself.

I am told that at a former New Left Forum, the independent journalist/activist Priya Reddy, a close friend and associate of the murdered in Mexico journalist Brad Will, found herself in a confrontation with the government of the Forum which called the cops on her.

It's probably a good thing that I did not pay the cover charge to get in.
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