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UP FRONT News May 23, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
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By Tom Weiss

The Union Square speakouts that for a time were hijacked by the self-appointed but since overthrown "president" of the No Police State Coalition, Geoffrey Blank, have resumed - even as the delusional pseudo-left crypto-fascist Blank continues to claim the presidency of the officer-less NPSC. (We may recall that one of Blank's role models, Saddam Hussein, went to the gallows claiming to be president of Iraq. Justice, presumably somewhat less harsh than what was imposed on Saddam, still awaits the criminal psychopath Blank.)

For the time being, the speakouts, loosely organized by a group including activists Eric Rassi, Roman Shusterman, Jason Kapoor, Richie Degen and myself, are taking place at the 14th Street end of Union Square in Manhattan on Thursdays and Sundays starting at around 5:00 PM and lasting until sundown.

It is encouraging to note that police harassment, while still occasionally occurring, may be a thing of the past. Blank, who terrorized others while preaching "free speech", provoked police responses by making often overheard references to "pigs" and with his Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-taught tactics of encouraging others to "take an arrest" for him. Things became worse when in 2005 Blank's psyhopathic pal Green Party LaRouche/Fulaniite Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz, set up what was essentially a not a speakout but rather a speakeasy in Union Square and called it "Camp Casey." On September 19, 2005 peace activist Cindy Sheehan, at Zulkowitz' invitation, came to speak there and the cops from the 13th precinct showed up in force. They let Ms. Sheehan finish her sound system-amplified talk and then busted Zulkowitz, nearly preciptating a riot.

As it turned out, the duplicitous Zulkowitz had lied to everyone and claimed he had a required sound device permit, when in fact he did not and, as I learned the following day from his late "Camp Casey" assistant "Totay", Zulkowitz had no permit and that he had staged his own arrest.
In order to prevent real NYPD harassment (Inspector McEnroy of the 13th precinct, as he once had me arrested, once made it known to me that, unless otherwise directed, he would continue to ignore the protections of the First Amendment) I have brought to the attention of top NYPD "brass" the fact of what is known as "the Saia decision." In 1948 the U.S. Supreme Court, in a case involving a bullhorm-utilizing street preacher from Niagara Falls, N.Y., ruled that a bullhorn is essential to the practice of free speech and that no permit is required for its use.

The problem with Geoffrey Blank was not the the bullhorn but rather another bull-generated product.

Recent speakouts have had a lot of participants including a fellow from Brooklyn named Eric Draitser, who made the very important point often willfully obscured by the totalitarian "left", such as the LaRouche/Fulani-influenced"World Can't Wait" and "9/11 Truth", that the U.S. is not (yet) a fascist country. The totalitarians at World Can't Wait, 9/11 Truth, in power positions in the Green Party, the International Action Cen-ter, ANSWER, et. al. are fond of declaring that we live in a "fascist" country. As Mr. Draitser correctly pointed out, if this nation were fascist, there would be no Union Square speakouts. Indeed, neo-fascism in Union Square ended with the political demise of Geoffrey Blank and his totalitarian clique. That cultlet perhaps still includes free speech enemies and terrorism apologists like Joel ("Stalin") Meyers, Pistol Pete Dolack, the Green Party's Gerald ("Can't") Kann and the Staten Island Sasquatch, missing link impersonator Gary ("Enough") Phaneuf. As far as I am aware, a LaRouche-style pseudo-left dictatorship led by the team of Les Jamieson and Frank Morales still persists at "9/11 Truth" meetings the St. Mark's in-the Bowery Church in Manhattan.

Free speech (which includes profanity-free politics, poetry, music, comedy), has, however, returned to Union Square.
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