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UP FRONT News May 27, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
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By Tom Weiss

The so-called "9/11 ballot initiative" pushed by Lyndon LaRouche surrogates Les ("Less") Jamieson and "Father" Frank Morales at St. Mark's-in-the-Bowery (aka "Our Lady of La- Rouche") Church, is a fraud. It is fraudulent to call for the creation of a so-called NYC"
"independent" commission, the members of which have already been picked. In fact one of the so-called "Commissioners" is LaRouche surrogate and self-purported 9/11 "expert" Ralph Schoenman. It was Schoenman who, at Jamieson/Morales' invitation, spoke at an April Fool's Day, 2007 meeting of "9/11 Truth" at St. Mark's from which "9/11 Truth" dissenters such as Luke Rudkowski and I, certainly arriving separately, were physically barred by Jamieson and Morales, who in fact called to police to back them up.

As the steadily increasing number of of UP FRONT News readers who no longer depend on rather censored newspapers such as The Villager for their Lower East Side and East Village news are aware, "9/11 Truth" dictators have threatened and harassed people such as myself who have tried to ask questions about the visible and deep laRouche infiltration exemplified by the idealization of "9/11 Truth" guest speakers such as LaRouche veteran Webster Tarpley and the Queens-based violent psychopath Geoffrey Blank.

People are also understandably leery of a church that seems to be connected to a number of premature deaths. UP FRONT News is the first paper to report about the unexpected demise of young Dan Wallace, a former "9/11 Truth" participant who witnessed some of the
harassments against me. A few weeks after Mr. Wallace did a video-interview of me outside St. Mark's (I was as usual barred by Jamieson/Morales) and after Wallace told me of having been harassed by LaRouche-ites, he was found dead in his bed in Queens. The official NYPD story is "drug overdose." His girl friend Sabrina Rivero, who told me that she woke up in bed to find him dead next to her, isn't talking according to reports.

To me this case has a gruesome similarity to that of young Jeremiah Duggan, a one-time LaRouche supporter who got mixed up with LaRouche's "Schiller Institute" (Webster Tarpley's base), became a dissenter and wound up prematurely dead under the wheel of a car in Europe. The German police ruled it a suicide but the London Metropolitan Police rejected that conclusion and declared the Schiller Institute "a political cult with sinister and dangerous connections."

And that is in fact what Jamieson and Morales are running out of St. Mark's Church.

It appears that the Episcopal Church is turning a blind eye to the very, very, very, very dubious history of pseudo-radical preacher Morales, who is described by one well known Lower East Side free lance journalist as the "disorganizer" and by others in the squatter community as an (erstwhile?) hard drug user and trafficker. I have never witnessed any drug activity by Morales but I have certainly been on the receiving end of some of his threats.

Among those participating in this LaRouche-ite "9/11 Truth" ballot initiative campaign is pro- fessional publicity stuntman Sander Hicks of the almost lily-white Green Party. Hicks owns the Vox Pop coffeehouse in Brooklyn, which is now a corporate entity with Bob Holman's contribution to Lower Manhattan drug use and gentrification known as the Bowery Poetry Club. Hicks made a lot of money off a dead man named James Hatfield by publishing Hatfield's very unauthorized biography of George W. Bush entitled "Fortunate Son." Hatfield, a very good journalist with a very checkered past, also died prematurely with the official determination being "suicide." Sander Hicks is also the guy who, after I became a well-known Democratic write-in anti-War candidate for the U.S. Senate against Republicrat Hillary Clinton, became the Green Party's "divide the left" candidate. He ended up getting dumped as a candidate by the Greens after it was revealed that he had donated $5,000 to the Republican National Committee so that he could attend an RNC fundraiser and ask Big Dick Cheney a question about 9/11. Cheney blew him off rather effortlessly. And so Hicks is going into profit-poetry with poet impresario moneyman Bob Holman, who runs an establishment with an (again erstwhile?) "sound man" named "Lucky Dave",who has run a cocaine racket there and once tried to physically injure me at a "Howl" reading there, featuring among others my friend, the blind poet Steve Cannon ("A Gathering of the Tribes"). Lucky Dave then pressed the point by pulling a knife out of his pocket. Holman, who is becoming something of a weapon of crass deception, responded by having his bouncer thugs threaten me and "86'ing" me from the Bowery Poetry Club. Lovely!

As far as the 9/11 matter is concerned. If there is to be an "independent" NYC commission, then it should have its members selected either by a duly elected body (e.g. the NYC Council, a very unlikely prospect) or by the voters of New York City. Not by the likes of the surrogates for a racist and convicted felon like Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

For more on LaRouche read UP FRONT News and get to know investigative journalists such as Dennis King and get to know Vyzygoth's "Beyong the Grassy Knoll" internet talk show - on which I have been a guest on this and other subjects, e.g. the Genocide in Tibet, twice, while the mainstream and "alternative" media coverups continue.

Impeach Les Jamieson and Frank Morales!
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