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UP FRONT News July 1, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

Since I plan to run for president on a human rights priority platform as a Democratic write-in candidate, I am putting forth the progressive case against each of the announced candidates. Today's focus is on Barack Obama. In the coming days and weeks, I will present the cases against John McCain (quite obvious), the Lyndon LaRouche-linked Ralph Nader, the Green Party's Cynthia McKinney and the Libertarians' Bob Barr (also quite obvious).

As readers of UP FRONT News are aware, I supported Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination. I don't think it is necessary for me to again go into much detail as to my opposition to Mrs. Clinton. Indeed, as thousands of people, in New York and beyond, are aware, I ran against the Republicrat Clinton for the U.S. Senate because I regard her as essentially a Machiavellian politician whose recurrentlly "liberal" and populist rhetoric is nothing more than camouflage for her essentially aristocratic, anti-poor, militaristic and corporate loyalties. Mrs. Clinton's record is one of hostility to human rights.
For more on my Senate campaign visit www.tomweissdemocratforussenate.blogspot.com.

Mrs. Clinton, who along with her recurrently wandering husband, makes tons of money in the so-called "Communist" China, a nation ruled by a series of regimes which practice genocide as a matter of domestic and international policy. The clearest example of that is the continuing Genocide in Tibet. Both Clintons have known for years the details of the genocide. They got the information from me via Bill Clinton's secretary Betty M. Currie; I have her fax to me. They buried it and - tried to bury me by having me thrown in jail in Washington and by harassing me in multiple ways since.

Mrs. Clinton is closely allied to the worst of the corporate predators, such as the titans of the New York real estate developer lobby. Like her local delegates, such as NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, before certain audiences she can be counted on to spout tenants rights and civil rights. Mrs. Clinton is legendary for parachuting into black churches and spourting Malcolm X-style oratory. She then returns to Chappaqua, N.Y., an elitist community that I am told by a resident who lives there because the schools are good, is lily-white by design.

Mrs. Clinton is also one of the most vengeful people in politics. Indeed, despite the racial contrast, she has something of Robert Mugabe in her. On at least two occasions, because of my activities in exposing her and her husband's direct involvement in the coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet, she has made explicit threats against me, aside from refusing me urgently needed constituent services some years ago when I was homeless. One of threats was made to me by telephone via her investigator "Mr. Zimmerman." The other threat, even more explicit, came in the form of a defamatory September 5, 2003 e-mail to my brother Jim in Marathon, N.Y. signed by her staffer Yajaira Yepez. Jim, who is evidently more easily intimidated than I am, has refused to disclose the full nature of his communications with Hillary Clinton. I have also been criminally harassed by some of Hillary Clinton's political allies including my State Senator Diane Savino and the quite seriously paranoid and CIA-linked NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum (with whom, via a family member of mine, I've been personally acquainted since 1979).

It was apparent that Barack Obama's candidacy was based on his recognition of widespread dissatisfaction with the arrogant and imperious Hillary Clinton, who had thought, with media encouragement, that the Democratic Party nomination was hers for the taking. Obama spoke eloquently about the politics of participation, while, no matter what she might say, Mrs. Clinton represented the politics of the insider.

Things began to change for me via a vis Barack Obama on June 26, 2007 when I attended a campaign event at the Our Children's Foundation at 527 West 125th Street in Harlem. The featured speaker was Michelle Obama. After the speeches and media crush were over, I went over to Mrs. Obama and, as State Senator Bill Perkins stood next to me, I spent perhaps three minutes telling Mrs. Obama about Tibet. Mrs. Obama listened carefully but said little. I emphasized the fact that the Genocide in Tibet is racist in nature as it involves the oppression of the ethnically and culturally distinct dark-complexioned Tibetans by the light-complexioned Chinese.

I made reference to specific types of tortures but avoided any gruesome descriptions. I of course told her that I was a Democratic write-in candidate against Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Obama accepted several UP FRONT News articles on Tibet and some of my campaign literature and assured me that she would give the material directly to her husband.

During the following weeks and months I made a number of calls and sent several e-mails to various high level Obama campaign people, including Campaign Director David Plouffe and Jordan Thomas, a well-known actor who played a major role in the very potent Obama organizing drive, particularly in Brooklyn. I had met Mr. Thomas several times at the very well attended Brooklyn meetups and some high visibility Obama events, such as his speeches in Washington Square and at the Apollo, both of which I attended as a member of the media.

None of my post-Michelle Obama meeting communications, all sent to very direct personal e-mail addresses, have received a response.

As I have made clear to everyone, I will not support any candidate who refuses to speak out on the Genocide in Tibet and on the very related matter of opposition to the Beijing Olympics.

Barack Obama is of course to be congratulated for, at least for the time being, saving the U.S. and the world from a Marie Antoinette-like Hillary Clinton presidency.

And that's where the congratulation stops.

Since Mrs. Clinton, after running a lie-riddled rather racist campaign, belatedly threw in the towel, Obama has been falling all over himself to fall all over her. He seems to forget that a central part of her campaign against him was her claim that he is too "inexperienced" to be president. All of a sudden, within a space of a few days, Obama has obtained the requisite "experience?" Obama is apparently now ready to climb into a political bed with a politician whose lies are so blatant that they are refutable as far as away as Bosnia. And, considering the reality that Bill Clinton is at least sometimes around, that sets up a political menage a trois scenario that should keep the Republicans and talk show hosts very happy.

As the "sniper fire" incident proved once again, Hillary Clinton is a liar. As I've suggested, Mrs. Clinton is more of a cowardly sniper than she is a target of sniper fire.

Now that Obama is toadying up to the Republicrat Clinton, he is of course moving to the right (an ideological place defined as the "center" by the Clintons). And so he picks former Clinton administration Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin as an economic advisor. It was people like Rubin who were responsible for Bill Clinton's assault on the poor camouflaged as "welfare reform", which removed a safety net and, as a result, worsened the homelessness crisis in America. Obama's economic policy advisor is Jason Furman, who is described in The New York Times as regarding the notoriously anti-labor Wal-Mart corporation as a "good business model."

The Times' David Brooks points out that real estate professionals have given more campaign donations to Obama than to McCain. The same holds true of bankers and hedge fund managers. Perhaps that is what Barack Obama means when he talks about "change." At that rate the American people, under an Obama Administration, will be left with chump change.

Bill Clinton insulted the American public with the notion of his being the first "black president." A great many black people suffered under Bill Clinton.

It seems that Barack Obama wants to become the first "black Bill Clinton."
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