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UP FRONT News July 7, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
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By Tom Weiss

The political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche, who has spent much of his adult life as a racist and megalomaniacal cult leader collaborating with both the radical left (e.g. Maoists) and the right (e.g. the KKK) is known for having his followers create incidents at events featuring politically promi-nent people. LaRouche-ites often hurl obscenities - and sometime physical objects - at in particular Henry Kissinger. That kind of behavior does little other than to perhaps get a LaRouche cultist arrested and help Kissinger to appear as a crime victim, rather than a political crime perpetrator.

One venue where practitioners of LaRouche tactics exhibit themselves is at Barnes & Noble booksignings. It is also useful to note that at least some of the wackos who have generated such scenes at the Union Square Barnes & Noble are at least acqaintances of the totally discredited LaRouche ideologue, Geoffrey Blank, the now deposed former self-appointed dictator of the Union Square speakouts.

At a B&N booksigning months ago featuring Clinton Democratic heavies James Carville and Paul Begala, (erstwhile?) Blankie Ben ("The Lesser") Maurer, at a presumably appointed moment, jumped out of his seat in the full house audience and shouted "war criminal" and related insults as Carville and Begala were about to begin their talk. All of Ben Maurer's buttons could not prevent his being hustled off by B&N security as Mr. Carville made a totally appropriate reference to Maurer's mental health deficit.

On July 1 I attended Bill Moyers' booksigning for "Moyers on Democracy" at the Union Square B&N. I got to the Q&A microphone first and was able to ask the human rights-eloquent Moyers his views as to whether a nation such as China, whose government is perpetrating Genocide in Tibet, should have the Olympics, a reality that I compared with the 1936 Hitler Olympics. As Mr. Moyers responded with a clear statement of opposition to the Beijing Olympics, Staten Island wacko Gary ("Enough") Phaneuf, attired in Tom Wolfe-emulating white, screamed "long live the People's Republic of China!" As Mr. Moyers put on his best emulation of a psychiatrist's smile, I pointed out to Mr. Moyers that it was only Gary Phaneuf. I did not however have the time, given the setting, of providing Mr. Moyers and the large crowd a more thorough psycho-social summary on Gary Phaneuf.

Gary Phaneuf, whose photo recently appeared in the Staten Island Advance when he showed up at a Vito Fossella event, could be labeled the Madman of Richmond County. Phaneuf is violent, having threatened me explicitlly on multiple occasions, in Union Square (where he has openly supported the neo-fascist Blank), on the Staten Island Ferry and on several Staten Island buses.

Phaneuf cannot rebut the very reliable report that some years ago he became physical with a German-speaking woman on the ferry who objected to his easily audible ranting about Adolf Hitler. In response to one of Phaneuf's threats againt me on the bus, I asked him about the fact that he reportedly had to be violently restained by the NYPD and then involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility (shades of Geoffrey Blank pal, Green Party and Ralph Nader LaRouche-ite Paul Zulkowitz). Phaneuf replied with one of his trademark Satanic smiles (also a Blank trademark) and bragged that he had gotten a modest financial settlement from the City of New York. (Phaneuf is a big guy who has a missing-link resemblance to a sasquatch, and who may have tested to police in an imitation of Hulk Hogan.)

Phaneuf in earlier days, used to sidle up to me on the ferry, often with (LaRouche ideo-
logue), Lenora Fulani literature and spout some left wing politics to me, generally heavy on a conspiracy or three, with endless references to the CIA and to WBAI. Once he told me that Ms. Fulani has tried to break into his home in Staten Island.

Gary Phaneuf is entitled to his many delusions but, like Geoffrey Blank and others such as Paul Zulkowitz and Nader-ite/Fulaniites Greens Jerry Kann and George Tatevosayn, they cannot violate my civil rights. All of these people, some in the Green Party and some working for Ralph Nader, are Fulaniite/LaRouche crypto-fascists and criminals. I intend to expose them as often as necessary as Gerald Kann learned again yesterday when he came to a Union Square speakout to ask people to support Ralph Nader, the man who helped give us eight years of Cheney/Bush.

Gary Phaneuf/Geoffrey Blank, Lenora Fulani and Lyndon LaRouche constitute another story covered by UP FRONT News and (still) buried by the Staten Island Advance.
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