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UP FRONT News September 26, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

No matter what Ralph Nader says on any issue at this point, the fact remains that he remains a stalking horse for the split-the-left politics of Lyndon LaRouche and Lenora Fulani. Like LaRouche's fascist predecessors Hitler and Mussolini, the Virginia-based felon, racist and megalomaniac does not come on "conservative" but rather selectively ultra-left. The strategy, just like Hitler's depicting himself as a capitalism-denouncing "socialist", is to factionalize progressives, whether moderate, liberal or radical. Ultimately the electoral benefi-ciaries are the right-wingers, who won office in Weimar Germany and in 2000 and 2004 here. No amount of rationalizing can negate the fact that Nader's LaRouched/Fulani-controlled candidacy in 2000 helped elect Cheney/Bush and helped to re-elect them. Predictably things got worse socially and economically in Weimar Germany and have gotten worse in Cheney/Bush America, creating the conditions fascists need to advance to power.

Locally speaking, the clearest indication that the Fulaniites are still running things for Nader is the fact that a key Nader operative here is the crypto-fascist and violent Jerry Kann, a dedicated Fulaniite from the Long Island City/Astoria area of Queens who twice ran as the Green Party candidate for the City Council. As I recall the first time he garnered about 20% of the vote and the second time, after he was exposed in UP FRONT News as a violent LaRouche/Fulani loyal crypto-fascist he drew about 8%. No doubt Nader is also being supported by the left-spewing thug George Tatevosyan, a close associate of Mr. Kann. They'd be better off supporting their associate Geoffrey Blank.

This year LaRouche seems to be spreading his net even wider as the thoroughly LaRouche/
Fulani-infiltrated Green Party is running Cynthia McKinney. As far as I am aware the Green Party remains an essentially very non-proletarian almost lily-white group running an African-American for president. Ms. McKinney, with whom I've spoken on several occasions, is to be credited with raising important questions about the official story on 9/11 and for her support for self-determination for Tibet, perhaps among other issues. She has remained silent as to the nature of her political ties to Fulani & Co.

At a recent Union Square speakout Robert Hernandez spent a few minutes at the bullhorn waxing proletarian and singing the praises of Ms. McKinney. He was so enthralled with his wisdom that he didn't even bother to listen to my rebuttal dealing with the Fulani/LaRouche link. He was too busy screaming at a speakout observer.

A vote for Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney is a vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin!
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