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UP FRONT News October 24, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."


By Tom Weiss

If I were a real estate developer desirous of building luxury housing and accelerating the gentrification of working class neighborhoods such as Stapleton, S.I., with the accompanying "if necessary" displacement of poor people and small businesses and I was registered to vote in Staten Island, I'd probably vote for the Democratic Party machine congressional candidate, City Councilman Michael McMahon.

If I were someone hostile to the concept of self-determination for African-American neighborhoods, including those, such as Bedford-Stuyvesant, which seek to honor community heroes such as the controversial black nationalist Sonny Abubadika Carson, I'd vote for the Carson-denouncing Michael McMahon.

If I were someone who cared not a whit about the over half century of a racist Chinese Communist-perpetrated Genocide in Tibet and chose not to support the Councilman Tony Avella-introduced NYC Coucil resolution #1299, which cited the Tibet Genocide and called for the removal of the 2008 Olympic games from Beijing, I would vote for Mr. McMahon.

If I generally ignored African-American communities such as Stapleton except at election time, and then parachuted into black churches Hillary Clinton-style at politically fortuitous moments, I'd vote for Mr. McMahon.

If I received major campaign donations from the over-development and gentrification-profiting construction industry and its associated labor moguls, I'd vote for Mr. McMahon.

If thought it was right for a Councilman to deny his services to a constituent because that constituent (me) criticized his political boss City Council Speaker Christine Quinn ("The Marie Antoinette of City Hall") I'd vote for Michael McMahon.

If I chose to ignore the incontrovertible reality of a politically incestuous relationship between this politician and the "racist" (I am quoting a well-known African-American political activist from Staten Island, who is a Sonny Carson supporter, with whom I agree on the Carson and Staten Island Advance issues) clique that slants and censors the news at a multi-billionaire (Donald Newhouse)-owned Advance, properly described as "controlled" by civil rights leader Rev. Demetrius Carolina of the First Central Baptist Church, I would vote for Michael McMahon.

Michael McMahon, like many of his colleagues at City Hall (considering the abject quality of governance there, I think the term limits should be perhaps 3 minutes) is what I call a Limited Liability Councilman, who seeks to become a Limited Liability Congressman, in both cases a de facto "LLC."

A LLC, or limited liability company, is a profit-making entity that under politician-created laws, gets various tax breaks and, according to Wikipedia, protects owners, known as members, from "some liability for acts and debts" of the LLC. From this definition voters can get some idea of the political biology of the financial crisis, caused by the corporate mega-rich and greedy, and the bailout which rewards them.

Mike McMahon is, as suggested above, guilty of a host of what can fairly be described in political and religious terms as "sins." Most if not all of those sins derive from his apparent and willfull ignorance of one of Jesus' most political teachings, succinctly reported in Timothy I chapter 6, verse 10, no doubt one of the most misquoted lines in the Bible. It is not the money that is "a root of all sorts of evil." It is the "love of money" that is to blame.

It is McMahon favorite Hillary Clinton (McMahon has had to have Obama pretty much politically jammed down his Republicrat throat) whose pathological love of money and power that keeps her silent about the Genocide in Tibet. After all she makes huge money selling her narcissistic books in the slave state known as Communist China.

It is McMahon favorite Quinn who spouts populism at tenants rights meetings and takes oodles of campaign contributions from the landlord lobby.

And the majority of term limit-favoring New Yorkers should not be fooled for one minute by McMahon's outward show of pseudo-independence from the Bloomberg term limits extension coup d'etat by voting "no" on Bloomberg's bill, which attempts to make New York the only city to be governed by a monarchy. McMahon has learned his Hillary Clinton legislative tactics well. The chronically pro-Iraq War militarist Clinton, as she recognized that the country was anti-War, in order to curry favor with progressives, would repeatedly vote against pro-War bills that she knew would pass anyway. Michael McMahon did not get the endorsement of the increasingly Guilianiesque Bloomberg for nothing. McMahon is a major soldier in what I refer to as the Quinnberg Administration, which has been a disaster for poor and working class people.

Some weeks ago, making certain to keep his political parachute hidden, Michael McMahon paid a visit to Rev. Carolina's First Central Baptist Church, of which I am a member. I stifled to urge to roll my eyes as McMahon, opting not to express his views on Sonny Carson, politically flirted about the old days with one of the leading church gospel vocalists.

Fortunately many churchmembers do not rely for their news on the Staten Island Advance, which has to be the most censored paper in New York. Political Editor Tom Wrobleski, who continues to suppress oodles of stories about my campaign, about negligence and corruption in the lily-white Staten Island political establishment and who protected the very belatedly disgraced Vito Fossella for decades and who told my Communications Director Frank De Luca that he doesn't care what I have to say about the racist genocide in Tibet, really should be working for a Chinese Communist newspaper, although the commute to his Stapleton home might be tough. Wrobleski is certainly a candidate for the Pulitzer Prize for Censorship - maybe even a Nobel.

UP FRONT News has a great many readers around New York and beyond. Although I am certain that Michael Bloomberg enjoys the generally obsequeous coverage he gets in a paper increasingly widely known as the Staten Island Retreat, the Advance is not a political or cultural factor north of the Whitehall Ferry terminal. My impression is that the Advance - which I am told is experiencing a circulation drop - is read mainly for its crime and local sports coverage - and for its advertising. Also corporate executives should like it.

Among the places in Staten Island where UP FRONT News is well known is in arts and cultural circles ("The Cup" and "Martini Red" in Stapleton, Everything Goes Bookstore Cafe in Tompkinsville, et. al.) and in some religious places such as the First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton and Temple Emanu-El in Port Richmond and hopefully at the College of Staten Island. I've got lots of readers in the NYC City Council, much to McMahon's and Quinn's chagrin.

Mike McMahon, like Hillary Clinton and John McCain, is known for bending the rules and sometimes playing dirty. A few weeks ago, one of his aides, Bill Tate, literally forced his way between me and a reporter with whom I was talking at a "Million Fathers" school opening day event and told her not to talk to me. McMahon is also in the habit of handing out money to low income people, including at least one rather gullible member of First Central Baptist Church, to hand out his campaign literature in off-limits supermarket parking lots. Had the volunteer victim been arrested as he told me he feared, would McMahon have gotten him out of jail?

Like Emperor Bloomberg, Councilman McMahon bestows political gifts, including a couple of spots on the Bloomberg-compliant Staten Island Community Board 1, to FCBC members. In fact one member last April at a so-called "peace" event that I helped arrange in the FCBC parking lot went somewhat ballistic at me in his Bloomberg defense when I asked a polite question about speaker invitations. On the rare occasions when I have been rude to someone, I make it a practice to apologize. It's all a part of the Judeo-Christian teachings about atonement and repentance. I have yet to receive an apology from CB1 guy and churchmember Larry Beslow, who apparently operates under a different standard.

Bloomberg and McMahon are well aware of the political influence of Rev. Carolina, although the pastor does not live in New York. I suppose that is why, quite a number of months ago, Mayor Bloomberg "dined" (I don't know about the "wine" part, as this was dinner on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, not a wedding at Cana) Rev. Carolina at his East 79th St mansion. (Rumors that the mayor's residence is Section 8 housing are false!) I understand that the Mayor-King has promised to visit the church.

Michael McMahon had his several minutes of political speaking as a candidate time at the church. I look forward to my time.

In any case, vote for human rights and vote for me.
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