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UP FRONT News December 5, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

Quite a number of years ago, there was a large story in the Columbia Journalism Review reporting the details of how very well politically camouflaged agents of the mega-fascist
megalomaniac cult leader Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. had becoming embedded at the highest levels of NBC News. When discovered, they were summarily dismissed. Also some years ago, when it was discovered that two "Democrats" (LaRouche is a registered Democrat) elected to two of the top three statewide offices in Illinois were camouflaged LaRoucheites, that became a big headlined front page story in The New York Times and elsewhere.

New Hampshire born and Massachusetts raised LaRouche, a convicted felon with long ties to the ultra-left (e.g.Maoists) and the ultra-right (KKK), started out as a very socially malad-
justed leftist with ties to both Stalinists and Trotskyites. In his strategy of achieving what he refers to as "hegemony over the left" LaRouche's agents sowed factional dissension which often involved violence, as his people infiltrated CPUSA meetings and, at the appointed moments pulled clubs out of their pants legs (a la Geoffrey Blank pal and St. Mark's in-the-Bowery Church "9/11 Truth" hanger-on Karl Rosenstein) and pummeled the Reds. He called it "Operation Mop-up."

In the 1970's LaRouche became very well known as "Lyn Marcus", a "marxist" faculty member at City College, living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It was while at City College he met and began to collaborate with a faculty colleague, Fred Newman. It was "psychotherapist" Newman who created the sex-with-your-therapist cult known as "social therapy" and who politically spawned the African-American racist Lenora Fulani and their pseudo-left New Alliance Party.

As far as I am aware, the first journalist to expose this hoax was me. Based on information provided by me to then Village Voice journalist Joe Conason (now with the New York Observer) the Voice did a story on the NAP in 1981 (without acknowledging that the story was first reported in UP FRONT News).

As is chronicled by investigative reporter Dennis King in his very unauthorized biography of LaRouche "The New American Fascism", LaRouche played an important behind the scenes violence-encouraging role in the Columbia University anti-Viet Nam War Mark Rudd "led" demonstrations in the 1960's.

Although the kleptomanaical LaRouche got convicted in the 1980's for credit card and mail fraud in a front page trial in Boston and did about seven years in federal penitentiaries in Massachusetts and Minnesota, he never gave up his dreams of total power. LaRouche, a worshiper of things German (who created the teutonic Schiller Institute, which has spawned ideologues like "9/11 Truth" favorite Webster Tarpley) fully believes that only he is fit to rule and leads a cult of followers who slavishly regard him as a god. He developed a violent brainwashing technique known as "ego stripping."

LaRouche has for decades made major use of the Mussolini and Hitler tactic known as the "fifth column", which involves agents camouflaging themselves in leftist disguise, often in populist Lenora Fulani Geoffrey Blank-style rhetoric. It invariably involves outlefting the small "d" democratic left. The populism and Black Power-spouting New Alliance Party was a classic LaRouche fifth column operation.

Mussolini and Hitler (Hitler, remember, called himself a "socialist") first applied the fifth col- umn tactic internationally in Spain before and during the Spanish Civil war by infiltrating the large and politically diverse Spanish left (Communists, Socialists, and many anarchists) causing major factionalization and ultimately contributing to Francisco Franco's victory.

In recent years LaRouche has been actively fifth columning his way into the left via embedding his people in the peace movement and the Green Party. Key operatives, all loyal to Lenora Fulani (who won't talk about LaRouche), include outwardly articulate and recurrently rational frauds such as Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz, who got himself deeply embedded in the peace movement, the Ralph Nader for president campaigns, and with the extraordinarily politically gullible peace mom Cindy Sheehan. Zulkowitz was exposed in UP FRONT News for his 2005 "Camp Casey" hoax in Union Square in Manhattan, in which he attempted to precipitate the arrest of an unknowing Cindy Sheehan and in fact staged his own arrest, (which led to my arrest), a classic LaRouche ploy recurrently used by his pal the violent and psychopathic Geoffrey Blank, the deposed self-appointed dictator of the No Police State Coalitiion and the Saddam Hussein of Union Square. Other such Green crypto-fascists include the violent George Tatevosyan (who in April, 2004 physically assaulted me to prevent my attending a Ralph Nader news conference in Manhattan) and buddy Gerald Kann (twice a Long Island City, Queens resident and twice Green Party candidate for the City Council).

The LaRouche split-the-left-strategy was played out to politically lethal effect in 2000 when the Nader candidacy helped to elect Cheney/Bush. Nader is apparently a slow learner as he ran again in 2004 and 2008, each time drawing fewer votes. UP FRONT News, noting that the excremental Kann served as Nader's voice in New York, vigorously opposed Nader's candidacies.
LaRouche fifth columnists such as in particular Les ("Less") Jamieson took dictatorial control of the St. Mark's in-the-Bowery Church in Manhattan-based "9/11 Truth" group, co-led by a very dubious populism-spouting Episcopalian "pastor"-squatter named "Father" Frank Morales and threatened people such as myself who asked questions about La Rouche ties. One young "9/11 Truth" participant named Dan Wallace, who had witnessed Jamieson/Morales harassments of me, wound up prematurely dead in his bed in Queens a couple of weeks after he had done a video-interview with me. on the LaRouche/"9/11 Truth." Jamieson, also connected to a "Christian" cult calling itself Urantia, is as tightlipped about all this as Dick Cheney habitually is about just about anything.

LaRouche has been known to deal lethally with followers who go astray. Google "Jeremiah Duggan", who died suddenly in Europe not too long after separating from LaRouche's Schiller Institute.

The LaRouche infiltration gets little mention in the established media here. In fact the reality of the LaRouche infiltration is knowinglly suppressed in the mainstream media. LaRouche-ite Geoffrey Blank regularly got air-time on WBAI as well as recurrently fawning coverage in the Villager, a newspaper with a "populist" bent also known for some censorship (certainly in its coverage of the UP FRONT News-exposed and now thoroughly discredited Blank).

The absence of mainstream media coverage (although Florida-based Vyzygoth's "Grassy Knoll" and the California-based "Ministry of Truth" internet talk shows have had me on their programs) suggests to me that LaRouche (who survives by his "inside-outside" tactics that involve camouflage) in fact has his agents in the mainstream media who willfully slant and censor the news.

One of the most politically censored newspapers anywhere is the billionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance, the corporate and political establishment-protecting
daily whose political editor is the dour Tom Wrobleski. I live in Staten Island and, as a journalist and political activist, I have been fighting Staten Island Advance political censorhip for several years. For example Wrobleski sat on the story of my candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton for months until he had no choice other than to report it when he allowed the Advance to get scooped by Newsday on August 26, 2005.

Wrobleski is perhaps the only journalist anywhere to actually report a genocide (Tibet, because of my information) and then not follow it up. One reason he suppresses that heavy story is because he is in the business of protecting the entire political establishment in Staten Island, which is controlled by a Westchester County resident named Hillary Clinton. In fact Bill and Hillary Clinton are directly involved in the coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. Indeed, while I was running as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Congress in 2008 Wrobleski told my campaign Communications Director Frank De Luca that he didn't "care" what I said about Tibet and Hillary Clinton. As I have said, Tom Wrobleski should be the bureau chief at the Staten Island Advance's hypothetical Beijing bureau.

One of the those running in the recent congressional race was Carmine Morano, the candidate of the Independence Party of New York. The IPNY was created some years ago by none other than Lenora Fulani, who set herself up as its dictator. Using her considerable camouflage and populist rhetorical skills and her appeal to "third party" sentiment among voters unhappy with the "choices" offered by the Democrats and Republicans, Fulani helped the IPNY become the third largest party in New York State. In that capacity she twice endorsed Michael Bloomberg, who would not have been elected mayor on 2001 had it not been for the votes he got on the IPNY ballot line.

Fulani got herself into big trouble with others in the IPNY and elsewhere because of her irrepressible distaste for Jewish people, which parallels that of her mentors, the Jewish
Newman and the non-Jewish LaRouche. Fulani is on record as describing the Jews en masse as "the murderers of people of color." Newman once labeled Jews as "the stormtroopers of decadent capitalism." Fulani's anti-Jewish outbursts got her disempowered somewhat in the IPNY but she remains an active member with her loyalists such as lawyer Harry Kresky in key official positions in the IPNY. After defending her comments for years, Fulani, aware that she was politically sinking in a city with lots of Jewish people, apologized - a very belated and I am certain insincere surface epiphany.

One of Fulani's long time political allies is IPNY official Sara Lyons, of Staten Island. I don't know if Ms. Lyons has ever met Lyndon LaRouche, who lives in Hitler-style near isolation with his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche in a large estate in Loudoun County (Leesburg), Va.
As far as I am concerned, Fulani/Lyons & Co. are at the very least the voice (and perhaps money) of Lyndon LaRouche in Staten Island.

Tom Wrobleski has occasionally reported on the IPNY and indeed has mentioned the anti-Jewish rhetoric of Fulani. It's not easy to cover up a story reported by other media; indeed the New York Post has done some thorough coverage of the nefarious Fulani. (Wrobleski for years protected the machination-practicing Congressman Vito Fossella, some of whose corrupt behavior was reported in other New York media. In fact it was the Virginia police that broke the story of Fossella's May 1, 2008 DUI arrest and the fact of his adulterous child-producing affair with his lover in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. And now, if Fossella narcissistically fantasizes about a political comeback, Wrobleski is right there to report it.)

I have made Tom Wrobleski fully aware of the Fulani/LaRouche link and of its relationship to for example the Carmine Morano candidacy. Indeed I made it a campaign issue in an article at Not a syllable about that in the Staten Island Advance.

I don't know if media mogul Donald Newhouse or his employee Tom Wrobleski have ever met Lyndon LaRouche. But why are they protecting him?
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