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UP FRONT News December 13, 2013
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Consultant
Lehman Weichselbaum - Arts Editor and Reporter
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of staff.
Although questions have been raised as to the true identity "Dr. Lawrence Britt", named on the internet as the author of an article headlined "Fourteen Definiing Characteristics Of Fascism", his description of the philosophical and political essence of fascism is very relevant. Although "Britt" accurately applied his list of fascism's characteristics to totalitarian regimes on the political right (Hitler and the Nazis in Germany, et. al., Mussolini and the Fascists in Italy, Franco and the Phalangists in Spain), much, if not all, of the list applies to such "left" regimes as now rule China and North Korea.
"Britt's" list of characteristics: 1.) "Powerful and Continuing Nationalism", 2.) "Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights", 3.) "Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause", 4.) "Supremacy of the Military", 5.) "Rampant Sexism", 6.) "Controlled Mass Media", 7.) "Obsession with National Security"; 8. "Religion and Government are Intertwined", 9.) "Corporate Power is Protected", 10.) Labor Power is Suppressed", 11.) "Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts", 12.) "Obsession with Crime and Punishment", 13.) "Rampant Cronyism and Corruption", and 14.) "Fraudulent Elections".
Britt left out racism as a component of some fascisms, Nazi Germany being one case example where Jews in particular were regarded as inferior and also served as scapegoats. Communist China, run by the light-complexioned Han Chinese, is thoroughly racist in its genocidal oppression of the relatively dark-complexioned ethnically distinct Tibetans.
Britt also views the "intertwining" of religion and the state too narrowly as, in the case of the avowedly atheistic Communist regimes, the state is entwined with anti-religion, although Stalin, Mao, the Kim dynasty in North Korea all wilfully claim the authority of The Almighty.
Also, while implied in all fourteen characteristics but not mentioned explicitly is the fact that central to fascism is the persistent practice of lying. Lying was a central feature of Hitler's politics, much of it based on the lie that accused the Jews of lying in blaming the German militarists for the disaster of World War I. Indeed, when Hitler accused others (the Jews as a conspicuous example) of lying, he was utilizing the ultimate fascist irony of The Big Lie.
And that explains why true post-World War II fascists, e.g. Stalin, Mao and the most dedicated American fascist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. - well aware that fascism has fallen into disrepute - consistently refer to those who dissent from their views as "fascists." Indeed, I've encountered members of fthe autocratically run pseudo-ultra-"left" pro-Communist China cult calling itself the International Actionm Center (IAC), refer to the pacifist Dalai Lama of Tibet as a "fascist" and libeling me in similar terms for my support of a Free Tibet. An expert at that kind of demonization is an IAC troll camouflaged as a "poet" named ("Pistol") Pete Dolack, who has employed the rather fascistic tactic of calling the cops to have me arrested at a poetry reading to prevent me from exercizing my rights of free speech, a right that is anathema to fascists "left" or "right."
There is no question that partial democracies such as the United States to a degree employ some of the Fourteen Characteristics. The notion of "American Exceptionalism" is used as a rationale for economically and politically lording it over other lands that lack America's economic and military might. America has hardly done away with sexism. Cronyism and corruption in America are at epidemic levels; just check out the politics in the New York State legislature and in the New York City borough of Staten Island as examples. Corporate power in America, exercized with particular virulence by the military industrial complex and in New York City by the real estate developers and the banksters, are real threats to the quality of the lives of the 99%-ers. While America boasts of a "free press", the fact remains that the media is owned by mega corporations, a good example again being in Staten Island, where the multi-billionaire Newhouse Empire-owned Staten Island Advance has a history of news suppression and protecting political corruption.
The folks on the pseudo-ultra-"left" have the not at all surprising pattern of describing the U.S. government as "fascist." Geoffrey Blank, the camouflaged LaRouche-ite conspiracy theorist and pseudo-ultra-"left" demagogue from Queens, referred to America as a "police state." At the post 9/11 public speakouts in Union Square in Manhattan, where Blank was busy promoting LaRouche's totally unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that George W. Bush had personal prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and allowed the attacks to happen, would rant about "free speech" (for Geoffrey Blank) while physically threatening me for exercizing my First Amendment rights.
Pistol Pete Dolack has written poorly researched articles about "fascism" in America. LaRouche labels anyone who disagrees with him as a "fascist."
Anti-democratic government actions in America - perpetrated by the likes of Big Dick Cheney and Michael Bloomberg (who as mayor has used the NYPD as a force to suppress dissent as in the case of Occupy Wall Street and to discriminate against African-Americans and Latinos) - are real.
For anyone to suggest, however, that America is a fascist state is a lie.
As far as I can tell, while dictatorial governments abound (e.g. Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Zimbabwe, et. al.) the two most totalitarian regimes, incorporating most of the Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism, are Communist China (the euphemism is "People's Republic of China) and North Korea (euphemism: the Democratic Republic of Korea). In China, if one only considers the brutalities suffered by the people of illegally occupied Tibet and also by the Falun Gong, it is appropriate to compare Communist China with Nazi Germany. Torture, politcal imprisonment, political executions, a total absence of freedom of speech, press, assembly, are basic to Chinese Communist rule. Communist China's expansionist nationalism is understandably viewed with distrust and fear by neighbors such as Viet Nam and previously imperialistic Japan. Journalists who do not toe the government line are forced out of jobs and sometimes into jails. Corruption is rampant and explains the noxious power of a politically connected economic elite, some of whose members are closely connected to American herads of multi-national corporations. The "Communist" Chinese government is fascist!
North Korea continues to be ruled by the dangerously paranoid Kim dynasty. The Kims spend most of the money under the goverment's control on military expenditures, willfully ignoring the fact that over the years thousands of North Koreans have died of starvation. The North Korean ruling clique has followed Stalin's totalitarian agricultural policies which led to the starvation deaths of vast numbers of Russian. Stalin's mass murder policies were apparently exceeded only by Mao's land collectivization which killed millions of Chinese. There is no evidence that Stalin, Mao or any of the Kims missed a meal.
The current dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, is so paranoid that, according to reports, he ordered the recent execution of his own uncle, Jang Song-thaek, whose crimes included "womanizing" and possessing a "wild ambition to grab supreme power of our party and state." The execution reportedly took place a very few days after Mr. Jang was photographed being hauled out of a govenment meeting. So much for a fair trial. (That great Amercan diplomat, Kim pal Dennis Rodman, might want to reconsider his plans to return to Kim's land to help out the North Korean basketball team. I'd hate to think of the consequeces for a player who misses a foul shot in an international contest.)
Fascism is alive in China, North Korea and, thanks to Lyndon LaRouche and his followers (camouflaged as "leftists", or out in the open, in America.
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