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UP FRONT News April 24, 2013
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Advisor
Maria Loginova - Literary Editor
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
Some years ago I picked up a copy of "Indykids", a publication of the Manhattan-based Independent Media Center, which seems to be in the business of gently politically brainwashing the minds of children. The paper, in referring to the murderous Maoists who have slaughtered thousands in Nepal on behalf of the government of Communist China whicn continues its illegal and genocidal occupation of Nepal-neighboring Tibet, described the Nepalese Maoists as "People who believe in creating a society where all resources are shared equally by the people." Yeesh!
A number of public libraries, citing news coverage in Indykids and its parent publication, The Indypendent" as "unbalanced" have refused to have those rags in their facilities. Among the outlets that makes these phony newspaper available to an unsuspecting public is a cult-owned joint called the Everything Goes Bookstore Cafe (ETG) in the Tompkinsville section of North Shore Staten Island. The "New Age" - impersonating hipster-oriented ETG is owned by a sinister cult named "Ganas", which advertises itself as an "intentional community" (newspeak for "free love commune"). Ganas was much in the news late in the last millenium when, prior and during the trial of Rebekkah Johnsen, an ex-Ganas resident who was acquitted of the charge of shooting ex-Ganas CEO Jeff Gross, the Staten Island-based organization was exposed as a sex cult. ETG is run by Steve Jones, a member of the Ganas "inner core." Mr. Jones now has a police record for criminal harassment for physically bullying me at a Beatles-oriented show I attended there in March, 2011. One good cult (Ganas) helping out another (Indypendent/Indykids).
On September 15, 2008 Indykids published an interview with a little Chinese (Communist?) boy who said that the 2008 Beijing Olympics was a good thing. In fact, the corporate playground of the Olympios was essentially a political replay of the 1936 "Hitler Olympics", the one in which the African-American track star Jesse Owens left Hitler's "Aryan" runners in the dust on his way to four gold medals. It was also the Olympics in which Hitler and Avery Brundage, the profoundly anti-Semitic President of the International Olympic Committee, reluctantly allowed Mr. Owens to compete but absolutely refused a Bronx-born Jewish-American speedster named Marty Glickman to participate. Mr. Glickman later became a very prominent sportscaster announcing basketball games of then hoops powerhouse City College of New York.
On September 19, 2005, the Indypendent - where John Tarleton some years ago refused to publish my article by me submitted to the paper at his request on the real estate industry and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton-buried Bringing America Home Act introduced into the congress by the late U.S. Rep. Julia Carson (D.-Indiana) - published an article by Pete Dolack in which he reports that a "permitted" speech by "peace mo
m" Cindy Sheehan in Union Square was broken up by the police. Dolack lied! The event, the organization of which I was directly involved in and which I attended, standing maybe eight feet from Ms. Sheehan, was NOT "permitted."
Because chief event organizer, a closet Lyndon LaRouche/Fred Newman/Lenora Fulani/Geoffrey Blank infiltrator into the Green Party named Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz, had arranged for a large sound system, two permits were required: one issued by the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, and also a second permit, issued by the NYPD, for the use of a sound device. "Zool" got the Parks Department permit. When, in the days and hours preceding the event, I asked Zool and his "Camp Casey" (named after Ms. Sheehan's son, killed in Iraq) assistants, a violent thief-drunk who called himself "Totay" and a LaRouche apologist and LaRouche plant Geoffrey Blank ally, the explosive squatter migrant from Cleveland, Eric Rassi, about the NYPD permit, the reply was "Don't worry about the permit."
A few minutes after Ms. Sheehan began her talk, a sizeable contingent of police from the 13th precinct, led by the white-shirted precinct commander, already familiar with the history of neo-fascist Blank's antics at No Police State Coalition post-9/11 speakouts in Union Square, showed up. They in no way interfered with Ms. Sheehan's talk. Within an nano-second of the completion of her speech, they busted Paul Zulkowitz, a smallish Jewish man from Long Island, whose impersonation of a Black Panther being brutalized by the police was unconvincing.
A few people in the crowd of perhaps 300 people began to shout "Let him go!" and a
few idiots threw missiles at the cops. I was standing right next to Ms. Sheehan. I introduced myself and she replied by expressing her complete surprise at what was happening. She was soon spirited to safety by some of her friends that were accompanying her on a nationwide speaking tour.
The next day, during my conversation with a surprsingly sober Totay (who has since passed away), he told me what I already knew to be the case, i.e. that Zulkowitz & Co., unbeknownst to Ms. Sheehan or anyone else, had no intention of getting the absolutely required NYPD sound device permit. The idea - a classic LaRouche-taught police "incident" - was to precipitate Cindy Sheehan's arrest in New York City, generating a media splash, with Zulkowitz emerging as a hero of the peace movement.
I've twice sent my "letter to the editor" to Elizabeth Henderson, the Senior Editor of the Indypendent. No response.
Pete Dolack is very closely connected to a pro-Communist China dictatorially ultra-left cult called the International Action Center (IAC) that shares an office in Manhattan with its sister Maoist cult, the Workers World Party (WWP).
Dolack, like Josef Goebbels and the racist Ezra Pound (who one called Adolf Hitler a "saint"), is a "poet." Dolack, sometimes collaborating with a shifty "leftie" poetess named Su Polo, has harassed me at poetry events for years, indeed once calling the cops to have me arrested at a New Year's Day poetry event some years ago. Dolack is an apologist for the totalitarian Chinese Communist regime that continues to perpetrate Nazi-style racist Genocide in illegally occupied Tibet. Dolack does not like my very public advocacy of a free Tibet, including "A Limerick for His Holiness", written by me and often recited my me at poetry readings. And do, neo-fascist that he is, Pete Dolack calls he cops to have me arrested.
And the Indypendent may be the only "left' publication to publish a lie-riddled article by a fascist.
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