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UP FRONT News February 2, 2013 (Initial release)
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Maria Loginova
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or the contributing writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of staff.
For years in this newspaper I've been writing about the notorious, albeit aging,
megalomaniac racist conspiracy theorist and convicted felon cult leader Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. famous for his dramatic ultra-left/ ultra right/ultra-left switches and
his surrogates who spread his often populism-disguised message. Inasmuch as for years (certainly since the 1990's) LaRouche has gone "left", his focus and that of his surrogates - many of them in his former home city of New York (where he was on the economics faculty at CCNY known as the Marxist "Lyn Marcus", while living on Manhattan's Upper West Side) - has been on infiltrating - and taking over - progressive organizations and networks. It's all part of what LaRpuche has described as gaining "hegemony over the left", a key strategic ingredient in his unquenched desire for a fascist America with him as the fuehrer.
Very much like a metastasizing cancer, various pseudo-ultra-"left" LaRouche ideologues (many connected to the African-American racist Lenora Fulani and her mentor LaRouche CCNY faculty colleague "psychotherapist", the late "Dr." Fred Newman) have tapewormed their insidiuous way into a wide range of groups and networks that attract progressives. Such groups and networks include: the Green Party, Occupy Wall Street, the peace movement, the tenants rights movement, the "Georgist" mini-movement made of up of followers of the economically democratic anti-monopolist reforms proposed by 19th century economist/activist and 1886 candidate for mayor of New York City Henry George, the anti-fracking movement, the poetry community, the No Police State Coalition, the "9/11 Truth"/"We Are Change" group, et. al.
Among the political characteristics that distinguish LaRouche-style crypto-fascists are: an ultra "out-left the left" rhetoric (very much like the populist message blasted forth in post-World War I economically devastated Germany by that great "socialist" Adolf Hitler), the utilization of threats and violence and defamation to get their way, taking over the leadership (or, in modern lingo, "facilitatorship") of groups infiltrated, and the imposition of autocracy in such groups.
What follows is a partial list or "perps."
Geoffrey Blank, a Queens resident exposed in UP FRONT News as "The Jewzi" (Jewish nazi) and "The Demogogue of Union Square", spouting a conspiracy-laden ultra-left rap, originating with LaRouche, that George W. Bush had personal prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, infiltrated and attempted to hijack the No Police State Coalition, a truly leaderless group that organized post 9/11 speakouts in Union Square in Manhattan. Blank habitually responded with threats and actual violence against anyone (particularly me) who disagreed wth him. The definition of a "terrorist" is a person who uses threats, intimidation and violence for political purposes. Geoffrey Blank is a terrorist.
Karl Rosenstein is a Lower East Side "squatter" often seen in his trademark tilted beret (evidence of the staying power his delusion of being the Che Guevara of the LES), describes himself as an "anarchist/communist." He smokes much, much too much pot. (He should be on different medication.) Rosenstein is a pal of Geoffrey Blank and also of another populism-spouting violence-prone Union Square-habituating fraud, LES "squatter" Eric ("The Irascible") Rassi an (erstwhile?) Blank ally. Rosenstein is a reportedly occasionally knife-wielding potentially James Holmes-style psychopath who often responds to political opposition by physically assaulting dissidents (such as me). By virtue of his connection with felon LaRouche-apostle Geoffrey Blank, Karl Rosenstein, by his own violent admission, this serial offender is being watched by the FBI.
George Tatevosyan is a (Fred) "Newmanite" who, along with his wife Cathy Sadell and pal Jerry ("Can't") Kann infiltrated the Green Party to exercize totalitarian control of the NYC Ralph Nader for President NYC "meet up" group. As reported (exclusively as far as I am aware) in UP FRONT News LaRouche/Newman/Fulani ideologues infiltrated and took over critical power centers in the Green Party, autocratically controlled the divisive 2000 Nader for president campaign which enabled the Cheney/Bush gang to get close enough electorally to steal that election. Nader, whose solid command of economic issues was pretty much negated by his political ignorance (he did not understand the LaRouche-ite pseudo-ultra-"left" threat) ignored the infiltration. Tatevosyan, typical of the violent thugs who populate the cult-like pseudo-ultra-"left" world, physically assaulted me as I arrived with in the lobby of a Manhattan office building for a Ralph Nader/Lenora Fulani news conference to which I had been officially invited by Nader's press secretary Kevin Zeese. I later learned that the attack had been ordered personally by Fulani and presumably agreed to by another LaRouche-connected Greenie, Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz, an extraordinarily manipulative one-time Hollywood film industry staffer whose glib populist "peace" rhetoric politically seduced lots of people personally including Nader and "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan
"Pistol" Pete Dolack, parading as a "poet", is a close personal and political pal of Karl Rosenstein and was recurrently present in support of the neo-fascist Blank at Blank's Hitler-impersonating often anti-Jewish rants in Union Square. Dolack has - at least until recently - achieved some success as a "leftist" and as a poet. Among America's best known poets is Bob Holman, formerly with the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club, who conceived and popularized the international phenomenon known as the "poetry slam", and who serves as a de facto world-wide ambassador of poetry. Bob Holman is also a human rights advocate, who, some years ago at my invitation, expressed himself concisely and eloquently to the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on the genocide in Chinese Communist-occupied Tibet. As is the case with some human rights advocates, however, politival naivete can be a problem. The absolutely nefarious Pete Dolack - who has on several occasions attempted to have me arrested at poetry events - first became known to me along with another ultra-left poet, Veronica Golos, who, like me, was involved in organizing a protest against then Republican Party fuehrer Newt Gingrich's reactionary 1994 "Contract with America." Well, the left-glib Dolack sucked me in also and he signed up as a supporter of a group I started called APOP (the "A" is for "Artists" and I do not recall the substance of the rest of the acronym). A fine article in appeared in (no longer published) Downtown Magazine by poet-journalist Ellen Aug-Lytle about the protest event I organized in Lower Manhattan. Things soon started to come apart when I made what turned out to be a political mistake and arranged for Ms. Golos, connected to the ultra-left International Action Center (IAC), to be interviewed by Ms. Aug-Lytle and at the meeting Golos started issuing orders to the journalist as to what she could report and should not report. In the subsequent years, as Dolack tapewormed his way into New York's large and diverse poetry community and got organizationally close to poetry event producers such Bob Holman and Bruce Weber, Dolack launched an insidious and obviously defamatory campaign against me which generated incidents of serious harassments against me at the Bowery Poetry Club and other venues. Indeed, on one occasion Dolack (who complains about the NYPD and "stop and frisk" and once appeared at City Hall demonstration with a sign calling NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly a "Ray-cist")) called 911 to ask the cops to enter a New Year's Day event organized by Mr. Weber with a complaint about me. The cops arrived, politely asked me a few questions, and then left after somewhat apologetically expressing their annoyance with the caller (whom I learned was Dolack) for bothering the NYPD. I do not want to speculate on what the cops might come up with if they were to "stop and frisk" Pete Dolack. Maybe nothing more than some ultra-left propaganda (pro-China and anti-Tibet, which goes a long way towards explaining Dolack's years long political assault on me) and possibly some really bad poetry. And it was Pete Dolack who was chatting with the violent wacko Karl Rosenstein at the recent New Year's Day "Black Blizzard" performance event at Dixon Place. Consider Dolack's close association with violent psychopaths, "Pistol" Pete Dolack is an argument for stronger gun control legislation. He should not invite Rosentein to any poetry events that may be held in Newtown, Conn. or Aurora, Colo.
Fran ("Bad") Luck is Pete Dolack's date at various political and arts events. Among Ms. Luck's contributions to New York's cultural life is doing her diabolical best some years ago during Mayor Giuliani's reign of terror on the Lower Est Side to precipitate the threatened eviction of the arts collective ABC No Rio. It was Fran Luck, who at a resistance meeting at ABC No Rio jumped up and denounced me as a "sellout" when I urged that, in light of a reported NYC Council irregularity in awarding a developer-benefiting "variance", I urged an approach to the Speaker of the City Council, Pete Vallone, Sr. (D.-Queens). Fortunately ABC No Rio Director Steve Englander ignored "Bad" Luck and in fact accompanied me on a visit to Vallone's office at City Hall. It was only a few days following my discussion with a top level Vallone aide - who, until then, was unaware of the irregularity - that Mr. Englander called me to report that he had heard from the Dept of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) that the eviction had been canceled and that ABC No Rio could stay. Luck was looking for a martyred ABC No Rio. I was looking for a living ABC No Rio.
Mike ("Dismay") May, from the Port Richmond neighborhood of Staten Island, is a self defined "Green anarchist" and de facto mebmer of of the LaRouche-generated Geoffrey Blank cult. I became politically acquainted with May in 2005-06 when, while I was running as an anti-War Democratic writer-in candidate for the U.S. Senate against war-hawk Sen. Hillary Clinton, my acquaintance economist-activist Giovanni Marinelli suggested that I contact May to so that I might speak at an anti-Iraq War event being organized by May for a group calling itself Peace Action of Staten Island (PASI). May ignored all my calls. But when I saw posters for the event announcing that among the guest speakers was Geoffrey Blank, I resumed my calls, all ignored. A few days before the event, I encountered May - whom I had never met - handling out event fliers (most of which found their way into trash receptacles) at the St. George, Staten Island Ferry Terminal. I approached him and, introduced myself and asked him about not responding to any of my messages left on the PASI voice-mail. May's response was explosively loud and threatening that a cop from the other end of the terminal waiting area rushed over to warn the combustible may that if he didn't cool down, he'd be preaching for peace from a cell at the nearby 120th precinct. And so it was no surprise to me that Mike May turned up at the first meeting of Occupy Staten Island (OSI) held in the food court at the Staten Island Mall. May's self control had not improved. When I sat down in a vacant seat that, unknown to everyone, had been secretly privatized by May, he physically attacked me. As I warned May that, although I am for peace I am not a pacifist, OSI activist and Viet Nam War vet Bill Johnsen, a fellow in very good physical shape, got between May and me and May backed off as I went to another seat so that the dangerously infantile May could sit where he wanted. May is directly linked to another pseudo-ultra-leftist such as self-advertised "angry pacifist" Richard Lynch, who pulled a classic LaRouche-taught publicity-seeking "disruption" at then presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's speech last year at the Hilton Garden Inn in S.I. Another May political associate is the disturbingly ubiquitous - NAACP, PASI, Staten Island Democratic Association (SIDA) - and quite violent and anti-Jewish Iran dictatorship-defending Democratic Party Machine hack David Jones, whose explicit physical threats against me have earned hin a place of honor as a repeat criminal harassment perpetrator with the NYPD. And David Jones is a close political associate and former campaign manager to City Councilmember Debi Rose, a political clone of the imperial Speaker and mayoral aspirant Christine Quinn, and who is rapidly emerging at one of the more corrupt members of an already corruption-riddled City Council.
The Staten Island connection may constitute the tip of a poltical iceberg of anti-Semitism, a pathology for which S.I. has become recurrently notorious (e.g. an incident some years ago of a swastika daubed on an S.I. synagogue accompanied by the number "8 8". designating the eighth letter of the alphabet and thereby "Heil Hitler." There is enough pseudo-left anti-Semitism in S.I. some perpetratred by Lenora Fulani-style African- Americans to warrant public concern. (Maybe not so) suprisingly, from the recognized African-American civil rights leadership, e.g. the often quite eloquent and vocal Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr., pastor of the First Central Baptist Church - which seems to include some Jew-dislikers in its membership and on its payroll - as far as I am aware, what has emerged is nothing more than what Simon & Garfunkel would call the "sounds of silence."
Scott ("The Faker") Baker may still be parading as the "president" of a relatively obscure group known as Common Ground-NYC (CGNYC), the local branch of Common Ground-USA (CGUSA), which purports to advocate the tax reform ideas put forth by the 19th century economist/activist and 1886 candidate for mayor (and surprise second place finisher, ahead of candidate Theodore Roosevelt) Henry George. Mr. George in a book titled "Progress and Poverty" proposed a tax based on land value as a means to democratize taxation and to stop the accumulation of monopolistic accumulation of what "neo-Georgist" (and UP FRONT News Media Representative and Economics Advisor) Andrew Mazzone calls "unearned income" - such as is gathered by avaricious real estate developers in the form of rent-gouging. Scott Baker, who claims to be an economist and who in typical psuedo-ultra-left style mouths and writes lots of polysyllabic populist rhetoric had himself secretly anointed as "president" of CGNYC, something of which I was unaware when, while I was taking a class at the Henry George School of Social Science in Manhattan. I joined CGNYC. Taking into account my considerable experience in doing political work, Baker asked me to
handle CGNYC's effort at getting some proposed "Georgist" bills passed in the NYC City Council and the NYS Legislature. As soon as I began on that effort, by inviting then newly elected NYS Senator Tony Avella (D.-Queens), an advocate of economic democracy, to a CGNYC meeting, Baker began to sabotage my efforts, as a result of which the Avella meeting with CGNYC never happened. Baker, evidently harboring notions that I was desirous of replacing him as president, (a position in which I have absolutely no interest), began campaign of demonizing me culmiting with his Feb., 2012 e-mail to me advsing me that I had been "de-certified" as a member of CGNYC anc claiming that he had gotten the "blessing" for that step from CGUSA. His lie was immediately exposed during my telephone conversation with CGUSA President Nadine Stoner, who told me that she was totally unaware of the "de-certification" move. (Ms. Stoner, "president" of what is evidently the somewhat secretive and indeed cultish
CGUSA, has since tried to coverup for Baker with a whitewash "investigation" and doing nothing to force Baker to step back from his refusal to release copies of the CGUSA
Constitution to CGNYC members. Baker is a carrier of what I have referred to in UP FRONT News as "The Hosni Mubarak Syndrome", named after an ousted Egyptian dictator who didn't know when to throw in the proverbial towel. Baker even went so far as, having economist-activist and UP FRONT News reader Yanni Czelig "banned" from a June, 2011 CGNYC meeting at the Vanderbilt Y in midtown manhattan at which he declared that he had been relected as CGNYC president, a good trick in liight of the fact that he had not been elected in the first place. Stephen Zarlenga, a prominent economist and upstate New York-based expert on currency and finance, after a lecture he gave at the Henry George School, during which he referred to the Green Party's interest in being associated with his "Georgist"-friendly propsals on monetary reform. At a post-lecture dinner after I had made mention of Lyndon LaRouche, Mr.
Zarlenga became somewhat agitated as he described how he has been hounded by
LaRouche people in seeking to "support" his proposals. Hmmm. Interestingly my first awareness of the Henry George School of Social Science came in the from its mention in one of the very few pieces of useful information emanating fromn the "revolutionary" Union Square rantingsd of LaRouche apologist Eric ("The Irascible") Rassi.
In the coming weeks, I will publish articles naming the names of the pseudo-left crypto-fascists among us. Stay tuned.
* * * * * * *

MeUP FRONT News February 2, 2013 (Initial release) "The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold." Published by Tom Weiss Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor Maria Loginova htt
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Me--- On Sat, 2/2/13, Tom Weiss wrote: From: Tom Weiss Subject: THE PSEUDO-LEFT CRYPTO-FASCIST NETWORK IN NEW YORK CITY To: "Ron K" ,, "s
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