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UP FRONT News October 25, 2012
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Media representative and Economic Advisor - Andrew Mazzone
Literary Editor - Maria Loginova
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
Some years ago as I was at the public photocopy machine at a social service agency agency in Staten Island, an African-American man approached me and began whispering racial and ethnic insults at me, coupled with profanity-laced explicit threats of violence. I immediately informed agency administration and he was directed to leave. A few days later, an African-American lady sitting next to me at the in the computer lab at the agency did the same thing. An adminstrator admonished me. I later learned that the woman and the male (whose name, as I later learned, is Allen Dawson) are personally acquainted. Mr. Dawson turned up at the agency again and again quietly but explictly threatened me in the same racist manner. Again he was directed to leave, but did manage to tell me that he would wait for me outside. I therefore contacted a police officer I know, with whom I coincidentally had an appointment, who then met me in front of the agency as Dawson scurried off in the direction of the St. George S.I. Ferry terminal.
Some years ago, I attended a film showing sponsored by Peace Action of Staten Island (PASI) at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island. The subject of the documentary was the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The film was very critical of Israel, indeed expressing views similar to those of Hamas and Hezbollah, both violent organizations that deny the right of the state of Israel to exist. During the post-film discussion I expressed a view that was critical of the right-wing Zionist settlement policy and what I consider to be other Israeli violations of Palestinian rights, but clearly stated my view that Israel has a right to exist and that there is no justification for the terrorism utilized by groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. As I sat down it was hard not for me to notice Peace Action of Staten Island activist David Jones glaring at me with eyes blazing with anger. Mr. Jones, an African-American, is married to the Caucasian Sally Jones, the leader of PASI. Mr. Jones is also a member of the Staten Island Democratic Association (SIDA) and was (s)elected)
NYC City Councilmember Debi Rose's campaign manager.
On two occasions at PASI meetings Mr. Jones has whispered explicit threats of violence against me. Both have been reported to the NYPD. Mr. Jones is a serial criminal harasser.
Several years ago, during a Democratic primary campaign I received a call from Mrs. Jones asking if I could arrange for PASI to hold a candidates forum at the First Central Baptist Church (FCBC) in Stapleton, of which I've been a member for several years. I replied that if she sent me a request e-mail I would discuss the request with church pastor Rev. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr. She sent the e-mail and I spoke to Rev. Carolina, who gave his okay for the event to take place in the church parking lot on the south side of wright St, across the street from the church building.
When I saw the speaker's list I was surprised to find only two names; Democratic
congresional candidate Steve Harrison and Rev. Carolina. There was no mention of Democratic congressional candidate City Councilman Domenic Recchia or of the
U.S. Senate race in which Sen. Hillary Clinton was running for re-election and I was challenging her as a Democratic write-in candidate. I approached Mrs. Jones, who was in the parking lot with some other PASI people, including the recurrently explosive self-
described "green anarchist" Mike May. I did not mention the omission of the U.S.
Senate candidates but asked her why Mr. Recchia was not listed as a speaker.
Mrs. Jones sort of mumbled something suggesting that PASI did not know his position on the Iraq War. As I asked Mrs. Jones for some clarification (had PASI contacted Mr. Recchia?) FCBC member (and David Jones/Debi Rose pal and FCBC member) Larry Breslow began to loudly insult me. For perhaps a minute I tolerated Breslow's bombast and then suggested to him that he reminded me of Mayor Bloomberg (who has become a Debi Rose political pal).
At that point someone said "Look out!." I turned around and there was David Jones on the north side of Wright Street eyes blazing (I call the look "Hitler Eyes") as they had at the film event, bellowing an accusation that I have sexual relations with my mother, being literally restrained by FCBC member (also a Debi Rose pal) Marilyn Averett. Jones was unable to consummate his near assault on me and satisfied himself by bellowing a string of un-churchy profanities in the presence of some presumably shocked churchladies Someone wisely called the cops, with whom I spoke before I left. Rev. Carolina had not arrived.
It was a day or so later that I received a mild admonishment from Rev. Carolina. implying that I had started an argument. That action by Rev. Carolina, whereby he renders judgement on an event involving me that he did not witness, has become a pattern with him. Some Catholics believe in what is called "papal infallibilty." That is one reason why there are so many Protestants. Rev. (now Dr. Rev.) Carolina is not a pope, although some of his churchmembers and employees seem to misunderstand that fact.
Several months ago I attended a meeting of the Staten Island branch of the NAACP,
which holds its meetings at the FCBC Central Family Life Center (CFLC), a short distance down the hill on Wright Street. Although the meetings are chaired by the amiable NAACP S.I. branch President Ed Josey, the de facto dictatortial and blatantly rude sergeant-at-arms is branch secretary Helen Settles. The Taliban have better manners than Settles. Ms. Settles did everything possible to prevent me from speaking (I had previously arranged with Mr. Josey for some speaking time about civil rights abuses against me by police at the 120th precinct). As I was speaking near the very end of the meeting (after a series of filibusters by Settles) CFLC maintenance man Mark Givens entered the room and, magically taking over the chairmanship, announced the meeting over. When I attempted to complete my remarks Givens went berserk - making David Jones' meltdown seem like a Quaker speech by comparison. Apparently there is some obsession regarding mother-son incest among some FCBC-connected people, as Givens hurled the same accusation at me as David Jones had. As he was ranting psychotically, Givens attempted to pick up a table to throw at me. At that point, Mr. Josey assumed the role that Marilyn Averett had with Jones and put his body between Givens and me. And when I left, Givens, evidently auditioning for a reality show, followed me out bellowing obscenities at me.
Last September 7 Republican NYS Senate candidate Lisa Grey, taking advantage of Rev. Carolina's (now politivally discriminatory) policy of allowing (certain) candidates for elective office to speak briefly at services. Before the service began I introduced myself to Ms. Grey (to whom I had some weeks previously sent an e-mail through the link on her website). As I introduced myself, the man sitting next to her, Bill Taitt, a former staffer for ex-City Councilmember andf ex-Congressman Michael McMahon, got in my face and attempted (unsuccessfully) to prevent my from speaking to her. It seems that Bill Taitt, who used to hassle me in my communications with the Democrat McMahon, is emerging as a de facto hired gun, working first for a right-wing Democrat and now a right-wing Republican. He recently became a member of Rev. Carolina's FCBC. Praise the lord!
After the service, Lisa Grey was in the Church lobby. As I approached her to give her
an envelope containing several political articles about me in various mainstream and alternative newspapers, FCBC Dean Alphonso Britt (a fellow with a Breslow-style history of rudeness to me) literally blocked my way and twice rather vigorously poked me in the chest. Anyone nearby (but not Rev. Carolina, who was stll in the chapel) heard me tell Britt, whose physique somewhat resembles that of an over-age football left tackle), to keep his hands to himself.
Rev. Carolina seems to be in the habit of hiring people who not only complain about him when he is not present but are also willfully inept and given to lying - to me and to him.
Such a person is his appointments secretary Vanina Melendez, who some months ago voiced to me considerable resentment against Rev. Carolina that she wasn't being paid for her work at FCBC. Well, the way Ms. Melendez handles appointments, she has some nerve asking for remuneration. To fully explain her willful mishandling of my most recent appointment - to include UP FRONT News Media Representative and Economics Advisor Andrew Mazzone scheduled for October 11 at 4:30 PM - would take several pages to describe in detail.
In any event, when Mr. Mazzone and I arrived at the church, perhaps 20 minutes late (we got stuck in traffic elsewhere in Staten Island and left messages on Rev. Carolina's two FCBC voice-mails and on his cellphone) no one was there. We therefore drove down the Wright St. hill to the CFLC. At the desk was none other than Larry Breslow. When I told him of the appointment and that no one was at the Church, his brilliant instruction was to tell us to go to the Church, After he pointlessly repeated that instruction, he agreed at my insistence to call Rev. Carolina. At that point CFLC staffer Ms. North emerged from hiding to tell me she is calling 911. Words were exchanged between Breslow and me, at which point who should appear but the combustible Mark Givens.
In fact Breslow & Co. followed Mr. Mazzone (who is sufficiently physically fit to handle a recurrently psychotic coward such a Mark Givens) out onto the street.
Rev. Carolina has responded by sending me a series of impulsive and belligerent e-mails blaming me for everything. Rev. Carolina has also vindictively refused my request to speak at FCBC inasmuch as I am a Democratic write-in candidate for the NYS Assembly in New York's 61st Assembly District (North Shore Staten Island) challenging one of the most corrupt politicians in already mega-corrupt Staten Island, Matthew Titone, who qualifies as the worst state legislator in what has properly been rated by the NYU Brennan Institute of Justice as "the worst state legislature in the country."
As the steadily increasing number of UP FRONT News readers (many of whom understandably refuse to read the politically controlled billionaire Donald Newhouse-
owned Staten Island Advance, which one well-known African-American poliitcal activist has correctly labeled as "the most racist paper in New York") are aware, neo-fascist anti- Semitism of the pseudo-ultra-"left" Lyndon LaRouche/Lenora Fulani variety has reared its racist head in the Occupy movement. And, not at all surprisingly, a focal point is Staten Island, a borough where code numbers "8-8" (for eighth letter "H", as in "Heil Hitler") have appeared in local graffiti and where a swastika appeared in a synagogue a few years ago. Staten Island is also where David Jones and Mike May of "Peace Action of Staten
Island" have circulated fliers protecting Iranian Hitler wannabe and Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmeainejad, suggesting that Iran is peace-loving and the Israelis are entirely at fault for the nuclear gamesmanship by Iran.
And Staten Island is the home of what is now the hopelessly politically tattered Occupy Staten Island (OSI) in which violent ultra-leftis such as Ugo Duran, Julene Garcia, and the insufferable Mike May (all from the Port Richmond neighbborhood) have directed their threats and violence against me. And judging from the content of a May 22, 2012 e-mail Garcia sent me, she has apparently absobed the teachings contained in Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf."
Rev. Carolina has, certainly with the help of the historically favorable and substantial coverage in UP FRONT News (as distingished from the superficial "coverage" in the
highly censored Advance, increasingly well-knwn by its UP FRONT News-bestowed nickname, "The Staten Island Retreat) emerged as an important civil rights leader.
He has spoken out eloquently on racism against African-Americans, whether in Louisiana
("The Jena Six") and in Staten Island. He is one of the relatively few African-Americans to have openly denounced the racist Genocide being perpedrated agaionst the dark-
complexioned people and nation of Tibet by the light-complexioned rulers of totalitarian
"Communist" China. Indeed, Rev. Carolina's advocacy for a Free Tibet only came after several discussions with me and his reading of UP FRONT News.
Rev. Carolina, for al his spiritual and rhetorical strengths has a very serious weakness.
He (sometimes) believes people who lie and who lie to me and about me. Those
people include Debi Rose, David Jones, Vanina Melendez, Larry Breslow, Alphonse Britt, Mark Givens, and probably Helen Settles, presumably among others.
And that may well explaint why, when it comes to anti-Semitism in Staten Island and anti-Semitic threats ands violence against this Judeo-ChristianFCBC member, Rev.
Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr, has been as silent as the proverbial lamb.
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