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UP FRONT News April 17, 2011
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial advisor - Yanni Czelig
Literary Editor - Maria Loginova
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of
the publisher and do not necessarily represent the views
of staff or of contributing writers.
In 2004, as most of the world's people know, one of
history's more memorable comebacks took place. The Boston Red Sox
trailed the baseball version of the Wehrmacht, known as the
New York Yankees, 3-0 in games in the American League
Championship Series, with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner's
swaggering, grossly overpaid athletes needing only one more
game to win the ALCS and go onto the World Series.
The Red Sox won the next four games and Steinbrenner
had to accept the reality that his prize possession was not
The Chinese Communists - who also have illusions of
invincibility and give every indication that they feel they
should rule the world - started on their road to their anticipated
world domination within a year of Mao Zedong's taking power in
China, by invading their peaceful and independent neighbor, Tibet.
Although it was not a fair fight, against a nation with a sparse
population, lots of monks and nuns, and led by the pacifist
Dalai Lama, it took the invaders almost 10 years to fully occupy
their Himalayan neighbor.
Since then the totalitarian government that rules the Chinese,
a light-complexioned people, have inflicted a racist Genocide
on the relatively dark-complexioned Tibetans. The Tibetans in
fact speak a language believed to be derived from Aramaic-
Hebrew and Sanskrit, tongues unrelated to Mandarin and
The Tibetans are Tibetan! THE TIBETANS ARE NOT
Like the Boston Red Sox of 2004, the Tibetans, helped
by free people everywhere - including New York and Boston -
are coming back.
I recently made the arduous trek from Staten Island to
Manhattan to the Himalayan Yak Restaurant in Jackson Heights,
Queens, to what was a well-attended poetry reading, titled
"Written in Exile", featuring the Tibetan poets Tsering Wangmo
Dhompa, Tsering Lama, Tenzing Rigdol and Tenzin Dickyi,
none of whom are at this point household names in America.
What seems to come naturally to them is the capacity to
create verse that is often deeply romantic and, simultaneously,
all about freedom and is thereby (in China subversively) "political."
The reading was hosted by Tenzin Dolkar, the USA Grassroots
Director of the NYC-based Students for a Free Tibet, which
is one of a number of organizations working to liberate one
of the last of the "captive nations" on earth.
I am very glad to say that Ms. Dolkar, who is obviously very
comfortable with the very American civil rights practice of
peaceful-and-yet-confrontational protesting in the Martin Luther
King tradition, and the activist poetry fans gathered at the
Himalayan Yak Restaurant were very receptive to my urging
that the growing Free Tibet movement reach out in particular
to the African-American and the Jewish communities, who
know from bitter experience a great deal about racism,
oppression, and Genocide.
With that in mind, I was also glad to report that one of the
(relatively) few African-American leaders to speak out about
the oppression of the nation of Tibet is my pastor, Rev. Dr.
Demetrius, Sr. of the steadily increasing in size First Central
Baptist Church in Staten Island. Rev. Carolina's release to
UP FRONT News includes the following: "The Tibetan
independence movement is a movement for the independence
of the lands from the People's Republic of China. This freedom
movement is profoundly important to freedom everywhere. To
paraphrase Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King: intolerance anywhere
impedes tolerance everywhere. I along with the Tibetan
Diaspora and millions of well intended people throughout the
world appeal to the humanity of the powers that be in China to
do [that] which is humane and right. Afford the Tibetan people
what is rightfully theirs: independence and freedom to control
their own destiny and place in the world today!"
That statement in fact places Dr. Carolina politically and
human rights-wise way ahead of President Barack Obama,
who is on record as promoting a historical fiction when he
said that Tibet is part of China. (What are they teaching at
those expensive Ivy League universities such as Columbia
and Harvard where Obama studied?)
In May, 2008 I attended an Obama for president campaign
event at the Our Children's Foundation in Harlem featuring
Michelle Obama. I stuck around for awhile after the TV people
and autograph seekers left. That gave me the opportunity to
speak directly for perhaps two minutes to the First Lady-to-be
about Tibet. With New York State Senator Bill Perkins (the first
major African-American elected official to resist what was
at the time the Hillary Clinton juggernaut) standing right
nexy to me, I spoke quickly to a clearly intently listening
Michelle Obama. I most certainly did not avoid using the
darkly magic word, "Genocide", to characterize Chinese
Communist policies and practices in Occupied Tibet.
Mrs. Obama accepted from me a modest-sized pile of
documents, including several UP FRONT News articles
focusing on some of the more ghoulishly gruesome
features (e.g. tortures of monks and nuns) utilized by
the Chinese imperalists in Tibet. Mrs. Obama thanked me
and assured me that she would discuss this with her
husband and that she would give him the documents
I gave her.
Although I have no reason to believe that she didn't keep
her word as regards bringing my message and documents
directly to her husband, there is every reason to believe
that, at least in this case, Barack Obama ignored his wife.
And in so doing, he emulated the Clintons' mantra, i.e.
wax eloquent in public about "human rights" but, when
push comes to shove, bow to the power of the corporate
titans who compose the "China Lobby", even if Tibet
is sacrificed to Mammon.
I, for one, cut Obama some slack and voted for him in
2010. Unless, however, President stands up to the
corporations and for the fundamentally victimized Tibetan
people and recognizes Tibet for what that occupied land
in fact is, i.e. a nation, (just as in the cases of Palestine
and Kosovo) my vote will go to someone else - maybe
even the former member of Congress from Georgia, and
2008 Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia
McKinney, who, in response to my question, told me
directly when I attended her November, 2007
presidential candidacy announcement at Baruch College
in Manhattan, that she is in favor of "self-determination"
for the Tibetan people.
As far as I am concerned Tibet may well be the "sleeper"
issue of the upcoming 2012 presidential campaign. Barack
Obama needs to wake up.
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