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UP FRONT News January 11, 2011 (Reprint - April 30, 2013)
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold"
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Advisor
Maria Loginova - Literary Editor
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of staff.
Karl Rosenstein is a self-defined "Trotskyite" radical who has seen fit to
explicitly threaten me with violence on several occasions - most recently in
front of a bunch of witnesses attending a January 8 meeting of a group calling itself the NYS Liberty Coalition (LC) at the Odessa Restaurant in Manhattan's East Village, focusing on planning for a demonstration protesting the attempts of the U.S. government to prosecute Wikileaks founder and leader Julian Assange and the military
incarceration of Pvt. Bradley Manning. In a September, 2008 interview with
street reporter Jessica Hall that was published in "L" Magazine, acting as a
self-appointed spokesperson for the Lower East Side squatter community,
Rosenstein boasted that, "We're back in the headlines again!" He's right. Only
this time he is once again in the headlines of UP FRONT News.
As I mentioned in the minutes of the last two LC meetings, part of my
responsibility as the group's very temporary secretary, during a discussion of planning for a Wikileaks march/demonstration, I expressed some doubts about the wisdom of including the case of U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman in the issues to be addressed in the publicity for the march. Tillman gave up a lucrative career as a professional football player to enter military service and died in Afghanistan. The U.S. Army portrayed his death as that of a hero fighting the enemy and terrorism. In fact he had voiced to his family and
friends his opposition to President George W. Bush and the Iraq War and, as
reported in Wikipedia, had made an appointment with the very anti-War writer
Noam Chomsky. What followed his supposed death as a result of enemy fire was a
full-scale U.S. Army cover-up of the facts. Tillman's parents immediately
recognized the scheme and, over a period of months, succeeded in having the
truth, i.e. that he was killed by U.S. soldiers, also known as "friendly fire",
covered up. Given the realities about his changed political views, there is
considerable reason to believe that Tillman, who received three bullets to the
head, was assassinated.
At the LC meeting I expressed the view that, for one thing, the legal issues
in the Tillman and Assange/Manning cases are fundamentally different. I also
said that, before we start bringing Tillman's name into the march, it would be
wise to at least check with his family inasmuch as their views on the Wikileaks
issue are not to be assumed. Indeed, according to the Wikileaks account, Tillman,
"Despite his fame, did not want to be used for propaganda purposes."
Well, Karl Rosenstein, who was sitting perhaps a foot away to my left in the
rear area at the Odessa, became very agitated. He suddenly burst from his chair,
made a move in my direction, and challenged me to a fight, leading me to get out of my chair and move backwards, and challenged me to a fight. LC facilitator Eric Rassi, who as a Lower East Side squatter has known Rosenstein for years, quickly moved between
us and had to restrain the by now quite out-of-control Rosenstein, who tried to
lunge in my direction. Rosenstein, who has at least perhaps the worst table
manners since the evolutionary disappearance of the Cro-Magnon Man, then sat
down, and said to me, "Call the cops. I don't care." If I were to call the NYPD,
the chances are that the initial NYPD reaction might be, "Rosenstein again?"
Among the times that it has been necessary for me to call the NYPD with a
complaint against Rosenstein of, at the very least, harassment, occurred some
years ago when I was having something to eat at the counter at the Odessa. I
heard a noise at the entrance and there was Rosenstein literally charging
towards me, only to be intercepted by the very alert manager/cashier at the
time, who forcibly bear-hugged Rosenstein and threw him out of the restaurant.
Another memorable occasion occurred in the hallway at Manhattan Criminal Court
during a brief recess in the trail of one the thoroughly UP FRONT News-exposed
pseudo-ultra-"left" Lyndon LaRouche-linked psychopathic conspiracy theorist and "Demagogue of Union Square" Geoffrey Blank, one of Rosenstein's
political love objects. Rosenstein approached me and asked "Do you want a piece
of me?" I quickly re-entered the courtroom and got a uniformed staffer and
Rosenstein was escorted from the premises. About Blank, suffice it to say for
now that he became notorious over a period of years at the Union Square
speakouts conducted after a fashion by a very loosely organized group called the
No Police State Coalition. Blank's notoriety, superficially covered in the
mainstream and the so-called "alternative" media, and for a time at radio
station WBAI, but much more thoroughly covered in UP FRONT News at, stemmed from his demagogic use of left wing
rhetoric (not difficult when the principal target was George W. Bush) and his
sermons about the sanctity of "free speech" coupled with blatant efforts
at denying free speech at speakouts to others, (particularly me) and a
pathological obsession with "cult of personality" theatrics. Although I can only
remember Blank making physical contact with me on one occasion when, garbed as
usual in one of his "Colonel Klink" Nazi full-length coats that some of us
recall from "Hogan's Heroes", he draped his body over me, leading me to shed him
as one might pigeon droppings. Blank usually had others do his violent dirty
work for him. (Indeed there is little evidence that Adolf Hitler personally
killed anyone.)
Rosenstein's pathological loyalty to Blank (not unlike Joseph Goebbels'
worship of Adolf Hitler) almost had a chance to play out one evening at a "9/11
Truth" meeting at St. Mark's on the Bowery Church in the East Village. The guest
speaker, who is giving conspiracy theorists a bad name, was none other than
Geoffrey Blank. Blank cut a deal with the non-elected leaders of "9/11 Truth",
who had a less than democratic way of running the meetings, to deny me admission
to this historic event. And so, there were several border guards at the
door. At one point the door was opened and several of the border guards,
including another deeply impaired Blank Brownshirt Staten Islander named Gary
Phaneuf (who has since, following UP FRONT News exposure, politically thrown in the towel, rejected totalitarian Marxism and rejected Geoffrey Blank) a missing-link type character who, at the door, shook his fist at me, screaming "Cointelpro!" as he impersonated one of the risen-deceased from "Night of the Living Dead" chasing me across the St. Mark's Church lawn.
As fate would have it, a professional photographer and bicycle enthusiast then from
New Jersey named "Tomas", took several pictures of the audience. Unfortunately he didn't get a good angle on Rosenstein or he might have noticed that, as reported to me by another person there, Rosenstein had a not completely concealed club secreted in his pants leg.
Probably the most well known practitioner of the concealed-club-in-the-pants-leg ploy
has self-proclaimed once-upon-a-time leftist, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., a pure and unadulterated fascist who continues to masquerade as a Franklin Delano Roosevelt-worshiping New Deal Democrat. LaRouche agents used it during his "Operation Mop Up" in which his people infiltrated meetings of competiong leftist organizations, e.g. the Communist Party, and, upon a signal, whipped out the clubs and beat the crap our of the Reds as LaRouche used fascist thuggery to gain what he called "hegemony over the left."
Geoffrey Blank habitually employed LaRouche's practices - e.g. left wing harangues often zeroing in on easy targets such as Republicans, terrorizing others who choose to dissent from his views, the employment of political violence, and the use of disturbed
"radical" hitmen like Karl Rosenstein. That may explain why Geoffrey Blank's
obsequeous younger brother Jason, when asked at a Union Square speakout by the
aforementioned Tomas whether his older brother had any connections to LaRouche,
a possibility suggested on multiple occasions in UP FRONT News, responded, "I'd
rather not answer that question." Probably the best source of information about
the megalomaniac Jew and Black-hater LaRouche is the writer Dennis King,
whose very unauthorized biography of LaRouche titled "The New American Fascism",
can be accessed at King, and with whom I have exchanged
meaningful e-mails. Mr. King, an UP FRONT News reader, is also an authority on LaRouche political offspring such as the late psycho-psychotherapist "Dr." Fred Newman and his protege and co-cult leader the racist "Dr." Lenora Fulani, a woman of considerable rhetorical gifts, who has managed to cut important deals with Jews with whom she can
exchange rewards such as Michael Bloomberg.
Rosenstein, often written off as nothing more than a hotheaded crackpot, is
more than that. He is a ticking time bomb with a quite thoroughly fascist outlook on life.It is always useful to remember that Adolf Hitler was the founder of National Socialism. It
is also useful to recall that Benito Mussolini built his fascist movement with
the rhetoric of the working classes. Argentina's Juan Peron, Hitler's main ally
in South America, did the same.
There is no way that and Karl Rosenstein(and his criminally linked pseudo-ultra "left" pals, such as "poet" "Pistol" Pete Dolack, are going to intimidate me. As a writer I must
remind them that "The pen is mightier than the turd."
Rosenstein and Pete Dolack are living example of the continuing strategy known as the Fifth Column, employed by fascists since the time of Adolf Hitler, a strategy that has
been (often successfully) employed by the likes of Lyndon LaRouche, Fred Newman,
and others. The Fifth Column involves the use of usually left-spewing
crypto-fascists who, using the rhetorical disguises, embed themselves in truly
progressive organizations and political parties (e.g. the Greens, the peace movement, the anti-fracking movement)). Hitler first used it very successfully during the Spanish Civil War, which was a major part of the Nazi foreplay to World War II. Fascists disguised as left radicals infiltrated the anti-fascist parties and military fighting to save Spain from
the already Hitler/Mussolini-allied forces of Generalissimo Fransisco Franco,
who, helped in a major way by the Fifth Columnists who tapewormed their way into
the anti-Franco coalition, won that war and became the dictator of Spain, ruling
that country from 1939 until his death in 1975.
As I have reported and will continue to do, the Fifth Column is alive and
kicking in American politics. De facto LaRouchites working for the Cult leader
Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani, basically took over the New York
Green Party during Ralph Nader's presidential campaigns. The principal agents
were a devious husband and wife team of George Tatevosyan and Cathy Sadell.
There was significant LaRouche-ite involvement in the so-called "9/11 Truth"/"We Are Change" outfit that ran its political gamesmanship at St. Mark's Church. Why else would
the invited frauds like Geoffrey Blank and veteran LaRouche officers such as
Webster Tarpley (check out the Germany-worshiping LaRouche-created and Berlin-
based Schiller Institute) to speak at their events? And when I on one occasion,
after checking out an "anti-Bush" book by LaRouche ideologue Anton Chaitkin
(sp.?) for sale at at "9/11 Truth"/"We Are Change" event, suggested to one of the self-appointed leaders, Les ("Less") Jamieson, that perhaps the group should be made aware of the LaRouche connection, he whispered to me, verbatim, "You better keep your mouth shut about that." Maybe he didn't want anyone to know that, among other things,
LaRouche's history of collaboration with the Ku Klux Klan (and, believe it or not, the
Nation of Islam) and that LaRouche was convicted of federal charges of mail and credit
card fraud and spent about seven years in federal penitentiaries.
Fifth column infiltration (not necessarily LaRouche-ite, the Maoists are pretty good at it too) is a problem for progressive political efforts - e.g. the developing movement to end the
dangerous process known as "fracking", through which the gas and oil companies
expect to enrich themselves further through accessing vast deposits of natural
Watch out for people who persistently try to "outleft" progressives and even
each other.
And watch out for Karl Rosenstein, who, in that interview published in "L"
magazine, bragged that he believes in "armed insurrection" - apparently even at
St. Mark's Church and the Odessa Restaurant.
* * * * * * *

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