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Will State Senator Savino Fall Due to Corruption?

UP FRONT News May 15, 2015
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representatiuve and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Consultant
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
    At the rate that New York State legislators are being dethroned because of political corruption, the U.S. government may have to budget money for a special federal penitentiary for crooks such as former NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D.-Manh.), Former NYS Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R.-L.I.) NYS Senate Deputy Majority Leader Thomas Libous (R.-Binghamton), et. al.
Largely because Staten Island is essentially a political fiefdom run by the almost hopelessly corrupt Democratic Party machine in the North Shore and by the right wing Republican Party Machine everywhere else in "the forgotten borough", and because their house organ, the multibillionaire Donald Newhouse- owned Staten Island Advance, via Publisher Caroline Diamond Harrison, Editor-in-Chief Brian Laline and reporters such as Tom ("Wrongleski") Wrobleski and Rachel Shapiro, have been covering up political corruption for years, Staten Island state legislators have escaped exposure - except of course in UP FRONT News.I
    I will again cover Assemblymember Matthew Titone, the fundamentally dishonest and inept and paranoid Hillary Clinton/Sheldon Silver/Christine Quinn puppet with the bizarre "gay" sense of humor, again in future issues of UP FRONT News. There have been "Matthews" who have qualified for sainthood. Mr. Titone is most certainly not among them. And it has nothing to do with the fact that Assemblymember Titone is gay and everything to do with the fact that he is a liar. Numbers of NYS legislators tend to lie to themselves, to each other and to the public almost habitually. Matthew Titone has lied to (and, I am certain, about) me!
    NYS Senator Diane Savino, one of those I call the "professional liberals" in politics, continues to protect her Chief Staff Robert Cataldo, who is guilty of a literal act of terroism against me, which he perpetrated in 2006 at my scheduled appointment with him in Ms. Savino's district office on an emergency matter when I was homeless, warranting Sen. Savino's immediate intervention. When I arrived for my scheduled appointment with Robert Cataldo the door to her one flight up at 36 Richmond Terrace, a short distance from the St. George Staten Island Ferry Terminal, was open and I found myself in an apparently unoccupied office. I waited for about two minutes and then announced my presence. With a nanosecond, a man, Robert Cataldo, came charging out of a rear room, doing a convincing imitation of one of the bulls of Pamplona, as he hurled profanities at me, repeatedly bellowing the accusation that I was having sexual relations with my mother. He forced me to back up against a wall as her came within a few millimeters of my face and spit at me, bellowing threats of violence and arrest. He refused my request to photocopy an important Social Security documemt as he shrieked that Sen. Savino's office was not a photocopy establishment.
    It became apparent that if I did not leave he might kill me, that there would be no witnesses, and and I made my way out.
    When I subsequently called Sen. Savino's office, to my surprise she picked up the phone. When I told her what had occurred she replied blithely, "Oh, don't worry about Cataldo" - and then she proceeded to mishandle the emergency Social Security-relater matter completely.
A few days later I went to the 120th precinct, which is less than a five minute walk from Savino's office on Richmond Terrace. The precinct refused to take my complaint.
I therefore contacted Sgt. Det. Al Fiore, then with the NYPD's Intelligence Division, who had assisted me on a number of very political law enforcement matters, starting with ending the paranoid NYC Public Advocate ex-CIA agent spouse Betsy Gotbaum's attempt to have me arrested because my work as a free lance investigative journalist made her so nervous that she developed the quite psychotic delusion that I was "stalking" her as she blurted out during a televised campaign debafe in August, 2005. (I set the record straight as my story was correctly reported in NYC Newsday by Dan Janison on August 26, 2005 and by Celeste Katz in the Daily News and by Jonathan Hicks in The New York Times on August 27, 2005. Among the reasons why the awful Staten Island Advance is facing a possible lawsuit from me is because Tom Wrobleski's falsehood-riddled article published with a front page lead on August 27, 2005 libeled me.) At my request Sgt. Fiore traveled from his office in Brooklyn to meet me in Staten Island and then went to the precinct and filed my complainy for.
The complaint, euphemistically classified as "criminal harassment" when in fact Robert Cataldo's actions against me fall under the dictionary definition of "terrorism" (the use of threats/intimidation/violence against others for political purposes), is NYPD #2006-120-8244. Robert Cataldo's act of de facto terrorism against me was politically motivated because, even as I was homeless at the time, I was already well known politically and I was in fact a Democratic write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate against Wall Street favorite and human rights adversary Hillary Clinton
Since then Diane Savino, while politely promising to assist me with a number of very serious constituent matters (that the awful Titone had willfully mishandled), reneged on those promises and has continued to protect Robert Cataldo, who, on the basis of his behavior with me, is clearly, at least episodically, psychotic. And rest assured that in my capacity as a retired professional social worker with much experience with psychiatric cases, I understand a lot more about psychopathology than does Diane Savino.
    It is a well established fact that psychopaths, some with considerable intellectual gifts, are notorious for camouflaging their malevolence by acting "normally" in public. For a time, Adolf Hitler succeeded in doing that - until he fell apart. There are more than a few psychopaths employed as police officers. The juries are still out on the "cannibal cop." A jury did however convict a psychopathic police officer named Francis X. Livoti, who some years ago choked young Anthony Baez to death with his nightstick because Mr. Baez had bounced a football off a police vehicle at Livoti's Bronx precinct.
    And the evidence suggests that Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who chokehold-killed Eric Garner and then lied about it to a grand jury (psychopath are by definition, habitual liars) is a psychopath.
    While psychopaths tend to be liars, Not all liars are necessarily psychopaths. Sen. Diane Savino seems to fit into this category and as such is unfit to be an elected official.
    Several months ago at my request Rev. Dr. Tony Baker, Pastor of the St. Philips Baptist Church in Staten Island, a largely African-American chuch, of which I am a member, at my request, arranged a meeting for me with Sen,. Savino in his Church office, primarily to discuss constituent matters that have remained unresolved. I assured Dr. Baker that during the meeting I would not bring up the Robert Cataldo matter. That assurance no doubt pleased Dr. Baker because of his personal relationship with both Sen. Savino and, at least as important, Robert Cataldo, as Dr. Baker had already told me that he had presided over Robert Cataldo's wedding - as I later learned to an Egyptian lady. That may explain why Robert Cataldo may have a Pharoah Complex. I guess that makes me a contemporary Moses!
    At the meeting Diane Savino blew it totally by, without any prodding from me or from Dr. Baker, bringing up the Cataldo matter and blatantly lying about the entire thing. I could understand Dr. Baker's discomfort as I recounted some quotations from Robert Cataldo's XXXXXXX-rated outburst against me, not the type of language usually heard in a house of worship. What Diane Savino does not understand is that psychopaths habitually lie and that Robert Cataldo has been lying to her for years. She is also in denial of the reality that, unless she has some secret credentials regarding expertise in mental health matters, she has no way of knowing (at this point except from me) that her of Staff is a dangerous lunatic.
   There is no question that Robert Catado's behavior vis a vis me, e.g. emptying Savino's office of all staff prior to my scheduled arrival to assure that there would be no witnesses to his planned act of terrorism, and then literally terrorizing me to the point that I thought he was going to kill me, is Mob-style behavior.
    And so the report that I've received from a respected political source in Staten Island's Jewish community that "Robert Cataldo is a member of the Sicilian Mob", who has terrorized others, will be of interest to Staten Island new District Attorney Daniel Master, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, to Sgt. Det. Al Fiore, and of course to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch (who already has my initial complaint about Cataldo/Savino). The report that Diane Savino's Chief of Staff is a mobster should be of interest to religious leaders such as Dr. Baker; St. Philips Baptist Church Assistant Pastor Rev. Agnes McBeth; Deacons Beatrice Alleyne; Robert Tubbs; Jr., and Paul Gilliiam; the Mississippi-based National Baptist Convention President Jerry Young; Rabbi Gerald and Boni Sussman of Temple Emanu-el, a few blocks north of St. Philips Baptist Church in Port Richmond, S.I.; Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr. of the First Central Baptist Church in S.I.; and the clergy and members of The Church That Never Closes in Prince's Bay, S.I. and of course all the members of the NYS Legislature and the New York City Council as well as all members of Congress from New York.
    This article is being sent to the media. If the history repeats itself, the Staten Island Advance will continue to protect political criminals.  Like I said, it's a "Ferry True Story."
* * * * * * *
Daniel Master - Staten Island District Attorney
William Bratton, NYPD Commissioner
Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney General
Robert Bocchino - Commanding Officer, 120th precinct
P.O. Quania Rios - Community Affairs, 120th precinct
Sgt. Det. Al Fiore
Hon. James Oddo - S.I. Borough President
Hon. Andrew Lanza - NYS Senate
Hon. Michael Cusick - NYS Assembly
Hon. Nicole Malliotakis - NYS Assembly
Erica Garner
National Baptist Convention
NAACP - Staten Island Branch
New York Urban League - Staten Island Branch
Council of Jewish Organizations of S.I.
Dr. William Fritz - President, College of S.I.
The Banner - College of S.I.
Geraldo Rivera
NY Times, Newsday, Daily News, NY Post, Our Time Press, The Jewish Week, Courier-Life News, City and State NY

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